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VIDEO: Flash Mob Dance at library


Gathered students burst into a choreographed “flash mob dance” in front of Olin library at noon this Wednesday, Nov. 18th. The purpose of the dance remains unclear.

  • D

    Typical boring washU crud. Copying an idea that was vaguely funny 2 years ago and thinking you’re original. Way to dance to a medley of boring pop hits, everyone is really impressed.

  • Dani


  • anonymous

    Love it! Even though the surprise was clearly leaked ahead of time, this was great! I wish I could have been there.

  • also anonymous

    nah you’re wrong…
    it was still probably one of the coolest things that has happened on campus in a long time.

  • anonymous

    Who cares? It was something done just because it would be fun and silly, and it made what would be another otherwise crappy day on campus a little bit brighter and goofier. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pro fun, smiling, and puppies, which I think this little display of tomfoolery embodies.

  • Anonymous

    there’s something less than genuine that seems to exist when it’s supposed to be a secret or a surprise or something and half of campus is waiting outside of the library for “something” to happen.

  • UStudent

    I can’t believe I watched this. How pathetic. Is this some plee for attention from that embezzling tool of the archdiocese Dance Marathon.

  • Very cool. Thanks for documenting it for all to see.

  • If my name were less distinct i would post it

    i applaud the kid who was wearing the helmet. i see so many people riding their bikes on campus without helmets that beyond the fashion statement that he was clearly making, it was a great social statement as well.

    do you hear that kids? wearing helmets can be cool… especially if you have a sweet beard to go with it.

  • Katie

    i thought there would be naked people.

  • This is awesome – reminds me of similar shenanigans in England and Belgium.

    T-Mobile Dance:

    Sound of Music Dance:

  • nadia


  • iHeartCait

    who’s the blonde hottie with the green scarf and fancy rain boots in the front/middle at 2:34?!?

    ow oww