#23 – The Spirit of the Beehive

April 29, 2013 |

The Spirit of the Beehive (El espíritu de la colmena) (1973) – directed by Victor Erice Country: Spain Runtime: 97 mins Availability: Hulu Plus   A friend of mine asked me the other day if I was going to talk about some of the aspects of the films on the list that I don’t really […]

Cadenza Q&A: Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings

April 24, 2013 |

Two years ago, Dylan Baldi was stuck on the outskirts of the indie scene. Though his first two albums (released under the name Cloud Nothings) were well-received, his brand of lo-fi power pop failed to distinguish him from his peers. That all changed last year with the release of “Attack on Memory,” which signaled a […]

#24 – Come and See

April 21, 2013 |

Come and See (Idi i smotri) (1985) – directed by Elem Klimov Country: Russia Runtime: 136 mins Availability: Good luck finding this one   Elem Klimov’s 1985 Soviet war drama, Come and See, had a profound effect on me and left me visibly shaken. This film is set in World War II and follows a young […]

#25 – Das Boot

April 14, 2013 |

Das Boot (1981) – directed by Wolfgang Petersen Country: Germany Runtime: 209 mins Availability: YouTube is awesome   Let me preface this review by saying you should never watch a movie in multiple parts. It is detrimental to the effect the movie will have on you and it hurts the natural viewing process. Any film professor/major will […]

Around the World in 25 Movies

April 14, 2013 |

British film magazine Empire is widely considered one of the best mainstream film magazines in circulation today. In 2010, writers for the magazine put together a list titled “The 100 Best Films of World Cinema.” For the record, world cinema is defined here as any and all non-English films. Now, I’m a film and media […]

Who Runs the World? GIRLS.

October 16, 2012 |

Lots of awesome news for women these days. First off, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are hosting the Golden Globes. This is perfection. They’re funny, they had great chemistry together on Weekend Update, and they aren’t Ricky Gervais. Second, Beyonce is the halftime performer at the 2013 Super Bowl. This will obviously go down as […]

NEW MUSIC POST: Skyfall, by Adele

October 04, 2012 |

Sure, Adele is pregnant. But that didn’t stop her from releasing a new song today for the James Bond movie of the same name, Skyfall. And it’s typically brilliant. Her already-legendary-and-single-handedly-saved-the-music-industry voice soars over a 77-piece orchestra, and it is the right balance of sultry and mystery. It sounds exactly like I expected it to, […]

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Oath, by Cher Lloyd feat. Becky G.

October 04, 2012 |

Earlier today I reviewed Cher Lloyd’s new album, Sticks and Stones. The new music video for one of my favorite songs off the album, Oath, was just released.. It’s a very average music video, but Lloyd pulls off a number of extremely different looks, which speaks margins about her beauty. This is only the second […]

Um… So… Yeah…

October 04, 2012 |

…I…so, I…guys… — Silent Jim Lehrer (@SilentJimLehrer) October 4, 2012 Maybe you saw the debate last night between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney. Apparently there was a moderator, PBS’ Jim Lehrer, but I certainly couldn’t tell. The Twitterverse was on it almost immediately. Here’s our new favorite parody account, Silent Jim Lehrer.

Review: “Once Upon a Time” Season Two Premiere

October 03, 2012 |

It’s not surprising that a show like “Once Upon a Time,” which aired its season premiere this past Sunday, is popular; fairytales never really go out of style. The cast is impressive: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison and Eion Bailey, to name a few, (speaking of which, what did they do to Pinocchio???) and Goodwin’s real-life […]