Aim for more socioeconomic diversity needs concrete goals

We view the given explanation as logical but insufficient, failing to mask the administration’s attempt to beat around the bush when it comes to the pressing issues of socioeconomic diversity at this school that have been ignored for several years.

Parent and Family Weekend should end weak scheduling

If you were annoyed by the timing of Parent and Family Weekend, you weren’t alone. Traditionally, the First Year Center has held this weekend either the week before or after fall break, which we believe is an inopportune time for students, who are held down by school and club obligations, to host their parents for a weekend.

Sam Fox Fest not a fun freshman replacement for Bauhaus

Just like that, without any prior conversations involving ASC, Bauhaus was no more. The funding cut was a strong-armed move by SU and a clear abuse of its power over smaller student organizations, but ASC has been forced to adapt with the sudden change. Instead of Bauhaus this year, expect an all-new and entirely revamped weeklong Sam Fox Fest.

Alcohol ban an ineffective solution to a bigger problem

What perhaps seems on the surface to be a reasonable measure to curb the abuse of alcohol on the South 40 instead reeks of heavy-handed forcefulness on the part of Residential Life administration, to likely little effect.

10 activities you have to do before it gets really cold

Winter is not so far away. And in St. Louis, that means anything from endless rainy days to snow to freezing temperatures. Before you bundle up in a North Face jacket and bring snow boots out of storage, try these 10 outdoor activities in the weeks before the cold arrives.

Alert! (Red) Alert! Bearing witness to Wash. U. sports

If you ask the average Washington University student whether he or she regularly attends athletic events to support the Bears, your odds of getting “yes” as an answer will likely be slim. Being in NCAA Division III, our athletics get much less media or national attention compared to any big university like the University of Alabama and the University of Florida. This doesn’t mean our teams don’t deserve attention.

Speaker Series selections provide for wide range of talks

With the help of carry-forward funds from last year, Student Union devoted its most significant budget in several years to its 2014-15 Speaker Series. Assuming that the funded speakers have schedules amenable to coming, this year’s selection promises to end up as one of the best in recent memory.

Chancellor sidesteps larger issues in State of the University

If you missed the chancellor’s State of the University Address on Monday, you aren’t alone—only about 50 students were in Tisch Commons during the speech, and a hearty portion of those were Student Union members whose attendance was expected.
Then again, if you missed the address, you didn’t miss much.

A year later, Wash. U. lacking in economic diversity

By remaining the only top-20 school in the U.S. News & World Report rankings that is need-aware, Wash. U. is signaling an apathetic stance on the issue.

SU’s removal of freshman slates shows encouraging signs

The dissolution of the slate system removes a cumbersome barrier to entry for freshmen, allowing more interested students to run and fostering a more competitive environment that should lead to stronger slates overall and greater voter participation. The new electoral system, in turn, will lead to better Freshman Class Council-sponsored events and activities while nurturing a culture of political commitment on campus.