Unlike other breaks, spring’s scheduling comes at perfect time

In several of our previous staff editorials, we have criticized the University’s scheduling, from the lengths of fall and Thanksgiving breaks to the timing of Parent and Family Weekend. However, spring break comes at just the right moment.

SU candidates bring strong qualifications without slates

Without the slate system in effect this election cycle and with candidates accordingly running solo as opposed to as part of a unified cabinet, the candidates themselves seem to be fulfilling the goal of giving SU a more experienced, capable governing body.

SU in review: No slates, Speaker Series and PR efforts

Earlier this week, Student Union Exec released a report detailing its accomplishments and general review information for its 2014-15 tenure. We offer our independent review of Student Union’s past year.

Farragut school playground project is a plan worth sustaining

In prioritizing the playground, Beta and KD position themselves with the implicit mission of ThurtenE’s carnival: to provide resources, financial or otherwise, to a local charity.

For commuters, in class was ‘snow’ place to be on Monday

While we would have loved to spend a day at home in our pajamas too, we believe Wash. U. needs to do a better job of considering the safety of professors and workers who live farther away from Wash. U. and must navigate slick, snowy roads.

For unhealthy food, we wonder: Students’ choice or Connie’s?

Ensuring that such healthy options are available in all walks of the student dining experience—most relevantly, including grab-n-go the selection for students in a rush to eat between classes—is still a step that Dining Services needs to take.

Relationship deal breakers: Our Valentine’s don’ts

Love is in the air for Valentine’s Day, but it’s difficult to find the perfect match. Occasionally, there are ways to know from the start that a supposedly special someone won’t make the cut. Here is the editorial board’s relationship deal breakers:

Keep turning up support to cultural shows, start turning down Yik Yak abuse

In the past few weeks, students have put aside their studies to showcase their singing, dancing, poetry and acting talents, and they have been rewarded with significant support from fellow students.

Housing changes for sophomores mean the rent is too high

By moving more students to the Village or off-campus housing such as the Lofts, overall housing costs will increase. Inexpensive options will be a challenge to secure, leaving economically strapped students to foot the bill.

On Groundhog Day, let’s revisit key University problems

It’s Groundhog Day this Monday, and in honor of the Bill Murray classic, we’re using this staff editorial to revisit some of the themes that have popped up again and again over the past year(s). We look to address the Washington University community’s progress with the following big-picture problems.