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Student Life endorses Elevate! for SU exec

Student Union executive elections will be held this Wednesday and Thursday, and for the first time in four years, the election is contested. The candidates of both slates—Elevate! and Connection—are coming into the election with a great deal of experience, enthusiasm and ideas. However, after interviewing both slates, Student Life came to the decision that Elevate!

SU displays abuse of power in Bauhaus cut

On March 4, Student Union put a damper on the impending spring breaks of architecture students. In a stunning move, Treasury and Senate passed a general budget that eliminated direct funding for Bauhaus. The general budget increased funding for class councils and Social Programming Board, both of which are very visible spenders of the student activities fee.

Return of sociology would be a boon to social sciences

Washington University has not offered a sociology degree to its students since the department closed in 1991, but that may change as administrators contemplate bringing the major back. As one of the only top universities that don’t offer sociology as a major, Washington University is, for once, behind the curve.

‘What is the The Hot 12?’ and other epistemological concerns

As the 11 hottest members of the Student Life editorial board, we take this bit of broadsheet reserved for our weekly pith and pontification to announce our displeasure (read: lack of pleasure) with the recent campus-wide infatuation with “The Hot 12.

ResLife deserves more credit, but changes should be made

A month ago, four freshman students sent a proposal to the Office of Residential Life asking for gender-neutral housing on the South 40. Although their petition included letters of support from their resident advisors and many additional signatures, they were contacted Feb.

Sochi falls short of Olympic expectations

The Sochi Olympics came to a close Sunday with the host nation celebrating a win in the overall medal count, buoyed by strong (if not marred by judging controversy) finishes in figure skating.

Proposed treasury amendment is good first step

The proposed amendment to the Treasury seat allocation process that is up for a vote Thursday is an excellent first step in creating a better-engaged student government at Washington University. We applaud Student Union for taking steps to ensure that students from every school are represented in student government and the allocation of our student activity fee.

250 years later, St. Louis still matters

St. Louis may not be the most important city west of the Mississippi River like it was in the days of westward expansion and, later, the 1904 World’s Fair. In fact, the rest of the country probably considers us little more than another midsize city in “flyover country.

The best and worst of Valentine’s Day

Wash. U. students are pretty terrible at this whole romance thing. In case your best idea for a perfect Valentine’s date involves six textbooks and a Kit Mao lecture, your friendly neighborhood StudLife senior staff is here with some excellent (and terrible) date ideas for Valentine’s Day.

ResLife completely bungles housing situation

As each new class entering Washington University grows larger, the residential life housing options become increasingly contested. While this is a necessary side effect of a growing University community, this is also a problem that should have been solved.

Student Life | The independent newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis since 1878