Bring more contraceptive choices to Student Health Services

Such accomplishments make it even harder to ignore that sometimes, Wash. U.’s Student Health Services lags far behind our cutting-edge research.

Fighting misrepresentation begins with students, not the administration

Understandably so, the photo stuck a nerve amongst members of the Wash. U. community. The insensitivity displayed by the two girls shocked and angered many, while others called for action from University administrators.

Reflecting one year after the socioeconomic diversity special issue

It’s no secret that Washington University has long lagged far behind its peer institutions in terms of socioeconomic diversity. With a paltry 6.2 percent of students qualifying for a federal Pell Grant in 2015, a number a full 4 percentage points below the next closest four-year research university, Wash. U. rightfully earned the deplorable distinction of the least financially diverse university in the country.

To the survivor in the spin room: We stand with you

The video, shared on Twitter by Kansas City journalist Christa Dubill, has been retweeted almost 13,000 times. It is one minute and 52 seconds long.

Students engage with the political process, but the politics refuse to engage with students

If any member of the Washington University community had worries that students would not demonstrate their commitment to the political process, this weekend showed just how invested we are in voicing and developing our opinions. From watching the debate our University hosted last night, you would assume we don’t have any opinions.

Volunteering at Wash. U. for the debate

As the second presidential debate quickly approaches, students have scrambled for opportunities to enter the debate hall.

Intriguing questions for the Wash. U. presidential debate

The editorial board at Student Life hopes to see an intellectually stimulating conversation at our upcoming debate on Sunday between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Communication of debate logistics needs to improve

The past two weeks of preparation for the debate have seen an incredible lack of communication between the administration and students. While Student Life understands that this is partly a function of rapidly changing logistics, we are disappointed by Washington University’s lack of transparency in explaining how the day-to-day operations of the debate will directly impact students.

Better ideas for where the national news should set up camp

Next week, multiple media outlets will swarm our campus in preparation for debate No. 2. Seeing as we hardly have dorm space for our freshmen, we can’t help but wonder where exactly the Big League Chews like CNN and Fox News will spend their on-and off-hours.

With parking problems ahead, don’t shut out students’ input

The Washington University administration will drastically alter its parking policies in anticipation of East End expansion construction, and the potential consequences of this decision, while expected, need to be considered.