Saying thanks this holiday season

Thanksgiving is upon us again, and in honor of the season, our editorial board has compiled a list of things we’re truly thankful for in our lives and at Washington University.

Channeling the power of the student voice

Students in this day and age are taking the credo of John Lewis—“Get in the way”—to heart and it’s working. But what is it working towards?

Balancing photojournalistic rights and responsibility at Mizzou

In light of recent altercations between journalists and community members at Mizzou working to protect protesters, Student Life finds it necessary to address the differences between the rights of photojournalists and our ethical responsibilities.

Stop worrying about the wait-list, take these classes instead

Registration season is here again, meaning many students will be rushing to their computers every morning to check the wait-list for that one class everybody wants to take. Student Life would like to offer an alternative to all that hoping and waiting: a list of classes you can wedge into your schedule that we think will give you some great experiences.

FYC decision detrimental to freshman experience, breaks trust with student leaders

In an announcement to student pre-orientation leaders, the First Year Center made it known that for the upcoming year they plan to cut any pre-orientation program that does not have 20 students signed up by June 15, 2016. We at Student Life can’t help but wonder why the FYC is going to such great lengths to limit student experience, something that the center supposedly champions.

Service-learning classes offer education through community engagement

Student Life encourages its readers to seriously consider community-based teaching and learning (CBTL) classes when preparing for registration next week and in future semesters. We also urge administrators to continue promoting and improving these service-learning courses.

Students revitalize Ursa’s, take control of programming

After establishing itself as a prime dining and hangout space for South 40 residents in the 1990s and early 2000s, Ursa’s Nite Life (formerly Ursa’s Cafe) has been forced to downsize in recent years. Following the 2008 expansion of Bear’s Den, the cafe began to face mounting deficits as students flocked to the larger dining hall for their early and late-night dining needs.

A few Halloween tips from your friendly campus newspaper

As we all know from Facebook, Halloween is just around the corner. Ah, what a lovely time to hang up spooky decorations, bake those Pillsbury Halloween-themed sugar cookies that definitely don’t taste like glorified construction paper and stockpile candy corn. Also, what a lovely time to not wear a racist/sexist/transphobic Halloween costume that undermines the personhood of marginalized individuals.

An introduction to Student Life’s first Socioeconomic Issue

Welcome to Student Life’s first-ever Socioeconomic Issue. The staff at Student Life has put countless hours into the pages of this issue, from design to editing to statistical analysis to writing and more.

Because of magnitude, SPB owes students transparency

Transparency among student groups is a tricky subject. Most students neither need to know, nor would they care, about the inner workings of almost any regular group on campus.