SU’s removal of freshman slates shows encouraging signs

The dissolution of the slate system removes a cumbersome barrier to entry for freshmen, allowing more interested students to run and fostering a more competitive environment that should lead to stronger slates overall and greater voter participation. The new electoral system, in turn, will lead to better Freshman Class Council-sponsored events and activities while nurturing a culture of political commitment on campus.

Lack of weekend food options will lead to unhealthy eating

Dining Services’ decision to cut the main dining options on main campus is rather problematic. While Cafe Bergson and Whispers Cafe remain open, most human beings—yes, even college students—require greater sustenance than packaged salad, pastries and turtle lattes.

End of Service First allows for fresh ideas and improvements

We do not intend to criticize Service First now that it has come to an end, but rather to use it as a learning experience to relaunch and rethink a different kind of Service First. We propose that more meaningful, enjoyable projects could be selected to not only add greater value to the overall experience but to also enlighten students about Washington University’s vast array of community service organizations.

Yik Yak attacks shouldn’t put freshmen on the wrong track

While posts about your excessively wonderful drinking adventures may seem harmless, Yik Yak definitely has an effect on perceptions of our University, especially to freshmen who don’t have fully formed opinions of campus yet.

Lofts demonstrate larger concern with Washington University’s place in the city

While we may tend to focus on micro-issues and grumbles with the building itself, like the strange accent walls or the exposed ceilings, the Lofts are indicative of a much larger and overlooked subject: how the Lofts represent Wash. U.’s desire to expand without consideration for the city that houses it.

Class shopping period needs a shift

Regardless of how you approach course registration and the initial shopping period at the beginning of a semester, the system here needs tinkering.

Bear Beginnings schedule was over-packed and stressful

While the FYC has good intentions of providing freshmen with a memorable and educational orientation experience, freshmen tend to be overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of Bear Beginnings, and there isn’t enough time to recover for the first day of classes.

Questions of civil liberties and social media

Freedom of the press and peaceful assembly are pillars of American society and clearly delineated in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Regular violations of these core American principles by law enforcement officials in Ferguson are deeply troubling to the editorial board of Student Life.

Ferguson tragedy begs discussion of St. Louis’ ongoing tensions

Most Washington University students are proud to call St. Louis home for at least nine months out of the year—as such, it is important for us to fully grasp the tension in Ferguson and the tragic events occurring so close to our adopted home.

Change W.U. can believe in

In our last staff editorial of the 2012-13 school year, we asked the Washington University administration for a number of changes on campus. And while some were perhaps a bit too ambitious, we did see our wishes for the return of the sociology department and a Starbucks in the new b-school buildings realized.