Lewis a strong choice, University should stay cognizant in future

For the second year in a row, Washington University will bring a man of history to serve as the commencement speaker. Rather than a student of history, however, we get someone who actually lived it. Representative and civil rights leader John Lewis of Georgia will be coming to campus for the second time this academic year—this time to speak to the graduating class.

It’s On Us training an important step for fraternities, needs strategic implementation

It’s spring again, which means not only another season of exams and blooming tulips on our fair campus, but another season of fraternity formals. Every year, fraternities head out on the road or find a local venue to hold their event, bringing along dates.

Focus on safety around The Lofts, stop trivializing student concerns

As the weight of the Office of Residential Life’s recent housing decisions begins to sink in for students, many are confronted with an unfamiliar path: life at The Lofts. A week after the results were made known, an alert went out to students who currently live in The Lofts warning of a carjacking incident that had taken place.

The presidential candidate’s guide to pandering to St. Louis millennials

The Missouri presidential primary is next Tuesday, March 15, which means that most Washington University students will have left St. Louis for warmer climates. But for those who will be in St. Louis, the candidates will have plenty of pandering to do to capture the millennial vote.

Student Life endorses Sng, Kapur, Biswas, Wu, Fong; hopes for more politically active community

This Tuesday, when students go to vote for Student Union executive positions, they will be faced with the most contested race in recent history.

Stop shouting into the void, attend the SU debate

Washington University students are beginning to realize the power SU has over their day-to-day experience and how they’ve relinquished their voices in the matter. Come this Friday, the student body has their chance to make their voice heard again by coming to the SU debates and making candidates answer the hard questions.

RA selection too delayed, interferes with housing

Last Friday, Residential College directors across campus announced resident adviser selections for the 2016-2017 academic year, throwing a proverbial wrench into the housing selection process. Groups of rising upperclassmen, that include RA candidates, now have to deal with the potential fallout of one of their own suddenly being plucked for a higher purpose.

SPB’s switch from Gargoyle to Pageant a risky and potentially costly move

The final SU-approved budget for Social Programming Board includes a fall concert that will be held at the Pageant rather than the Gargoyle, a change intended to attract and accommodate more students while reducing cost per head. Though we commend SPB for taking steps to upgrade its historically underappreciated concert series, we at Student Life are skeptical as to whether this move to the Pageant is the best way to do so.

With rise in Greek life numbers, financial aid options should increase

For years, freshman hallways have overflowed with tinsel, baked goods and a variety of wooden Greek letters. This year, the boxes of brownies and glitter-glue-decorated jewelry boxes have multiplied, leaving Student Life with concerns about the minimal number of Greek scholarships available to students.

Wash. U. should bring more female comedians, combat stigma

B.J. Novak’s performance on Wednesday marks the 12th semester in a row that a man has headlined Washington University’s comedy shows. Although Novak’s show was undeniably popular, it’s time to start considering whether picking the first comedian we recognize is the best approach.