How to prepare for the presidential debate apocalypse

If that’s how wild St. Louis got for a measly couple of hours hosting Biden and Trump, just imagine what the security is going to be like around campus during the presidential debate on Oct. 9.

SAT scores don’t tell an objective story

As you have probably heard, Washington University was recently listed by Business Insider as the college with the eighth-highest SAT scores in the nation. While that’s undeniably something to celebrate, the continued emphasis on test scores in college admissions highlights a number of issues in the admissions process.

The LouFest bubble: Why LouFest 2016 will discourage community engagement

While SPB’s partnership with LouFest has some benefits (both from the perspective of Wash. U. students and the festival itself), the creation of an area exclusive to Wash. U. students at the festival only perpetuates the troubling image of a “Wash. U. Bubble.”

Administration wants you to talk about ‘Swamp Creature Friends with your real friends

The Student Life Editorial Board assesses the benefits and problems with the Art on Campus Policy and it’s newest addition to campus—”Swamp Creature Friends.”

Textbook prices are too darn high

The Student Life Editorial Board argues that prices for textbooks are too high.

Welcome back: Our staff’s advice for incoming freshmen

With the start of school comes a lot of unsolicited advice from parents, professors and peers alike. And just like the rest of them, we at Student Life know a lot about campus and how to navigate it.

Meal point policy only hurts students

With the year drawing to a close and finals stress descending, there’s an anxious buzz around as students prepare for summer, say goodbye to their friends and still try their best to pass their classes. Piling on top of the dozens of other worries students carry with them is a new uncertainty created this year by the revised meal plan policy.

Student Union needs to reorganize speaker funding, selection

Every year, Student Union puts aside an inordinate amount of money to give students the opportunity to hear from a wide range of speakers on a number of topics—from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights to feminism to global health.

University emergency alerts leave students confused and underprepared

It has become abundantly clear over the past few weeks that Washington University is a long way from being fully prepared for a campus emergency.

Shifting venues, shifting goals for SPB’s concert series

Social Programming Board moved its spring concert, traditionally held at the Gargoyle, to the Pageant. Read our Editorial Board’s thoughts on the venue change.