Our holiday wish list for Wash. U.

Student Life’s Editorial Board is always looking for ways to help our beloved school be a better institution for the undergraduate student body, and this year is no different. With such a hectic and riveting semester behind us, here are some things we would like Wash. U. to improve in the spring semester and beyond.

The Chancellor’s DACA letter should only be a beginning, not end

Today, Chancellor Wrighton and the administration released a letter declaring Washington University’s support for the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Washington University Police Department’s desire to not involve itself with students’ immigration status and the need for an accepting, discrimination-free environment on our campus. His words are a welcome assurance from the University that they are committed to undocumented students (and families) across the United States, but there is much to be done in the coming months when the president-elect takes office.

Looking toward a healthier campus climate

We commend the University for responding concretely to the prevailing issue of sexual violence on campus.

What we’re thankful for at Wash. U.

With the holiday season fast approaching, and Thanksgiving just days away, the Student Life editorial board wanted to take a pause from this hectic, challenging and frustrating semester to offer thanks to our favorite things about Washington University.

University should heed students’ calls for longer Ursa’s hours

Currently, a petition on Change.org is circulating amongst the student body, urging the University and Danforth University Center Event Management to re-open Ursa’s for studying as the space is only used currently for events.

A guide to the registration panic

Was your entire schedule constructed around the Kanye West class so you have to rearrange everything because being 44th on the waitlist for a 40-person class seems bleak? Well fear not, because our editorial board has their favorite classes (with room left) for you to look into:

We’re tired too, but this isn’t the end

When Washington University students woke up on Wednesday morning, they were living in a different America than they thought they would be. They woke up confused, they woke up in disbelief, they woke up angry.

Thinking down ballot (and in the ‘Show me State’)

For those who are voting in Missouri, we urge you to think equally hard on all of the down ballot elections and amendment proposals facing the state this year.

Sumers opening highlights new University focus, commitment to student health

When creating Sumers, Washington University took much more into account than just the need to update the space for athletic teams to practice. It created a place accessible to all students—regardless of their athletic status.

University’s opposition to Amendment 3 should encourage future political action

Washington University has stepped into the political arena this election with their staunch opposition to Amendment 3.