Course listings need more substance

The editorial board of Student Life urges the Wash. U. administration to put better policies into place that require professors and departments to list more detailed descriptions of how classes will be run, whether through previous syllabi or a document outlining what the class will be structured like (effectively a less finished syllabus).

SU exec compensation needs more research, better plan

The amendment on executive compensation put forward in the Student Union spring elections became a viral issue on our campus this past Tuesday when students urged their peers to reject the amendment and condemned SU for proposing to pay their highest ranking officers.

Student Life endorses Robinson, Adler, Ragnone, Jeter, Hyder

From successful initiatives to investigation and scandal to resignations, Student Union has attracted much attention this year. When students vote this Tuesday, they will have the opportunity to decide how they want their student government to function moving forward, specifically in response to actions and a culture created in the past year.

Student Life endorses Antonio French for mayor of St. Louis

The future of St. Louis, and of our University community, depends on our city’s commitment to breaking down the racial and economic boundaries that have so fractured it. The editorial board sees only one mayoral candidate both devoted to this cause and armed with the attitude to accomplish it: Antonio French.

Reflecting on the recent internal SU controversy

For the past few weeks, the Student Life editorial board has addressed issues within Student Union like accountability and apathy, not as a planned series, but in reaction to a slew of unexpected resignations and conflicts. Now, we are faced with a new issue: transparency.

Keep SU accountable, pay attention to upcoming elections

SU officials have failed to fulfill their obligation of accountability to the student body through their conduct and their work ethic. But no one has posted in outrage on social media. No conversations are calling for change.

Staff editorial: Budget prioritizes student experience, hurt by apathy

Despite standing for nearly 16 hours, senior and Vice President of Finance Vikram Biswas has finalized and balanced Student Union’s 2017-2018 budget, which includes a 100 percent increase in Trending Topics funding and the return of two WILDs. Our editorial board commends SU for increasing their focus on enriching the student experience inside and outside of the classroom.

Allow students to elect SPB Exec, create accountability

With yet another white male brought to campus as part of Social Programming Board’s comedy series, it is now abundantly apparent that SPB’s survey system does not favor diverse acts. To counter this trend our editorial board recommends that positions on Social Programming Board become an elected instead of appointed.

Finding the perfect on-campus date spot

Every year, the editorial board of Student Life takes to a staff list to dole out sexual wisdom to the student body of Washington University. This year, keeping with tradition, we would like to help our romantically taken, but still chronically lazy peers who are looking to spice things up.

University should be cognizant of investigation procedures and impacts

With the recent reinstatement of the men’s soccer team following a Washington University investigation into allegations of derogatory statements made by the men’s team toward the women’s team, there are still many questions that must be answered moving forward. While we commend the University for acting swiftly and efficiently in the investigation process, we caution them against acting passively from here on out.