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The best and worst of Valentine’s Day

Wash. U. students are pretty terrible at this whole romance thing. In case your best idea for a perfect Valentine’s date involves six textbooks and a Kit Mao lecture, your friendly neighborhood StudLife senior staff is here with some excellent (and terrible) date ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Sahil Patel

Best: Go ice skating in Forest Park, holding hands during endless laps as the snow lightly falls on your shoulders.

Worst: Cross the river and enjoy an East St. Louis strip club. Maybe your date will dance along!

Leah Kucera

Best: A romantic threesome with Michael Tabb and a large plate of hot wings.

Worst: Going through all the effort of making small talk and still having to pay for my half of dinner.

John Schmidt

Best: Providing fodder for a Taylor Swift song.

Worst: Showing up at a renaissance fair dressed for a disco party.

Derek Shyr

Best: Get a deep-tissue couple’s massage with scented oils and lotions at MassageLuXe to set the mood for a perfect night.

Worst: Go on a romantic walk around Forest Park and watch a rom-com afterward.

Emily Sybrant

Best: Staying in and cooking for each other and watching a movie.

Worst: Infusing your lube with habanero extract to spice up your V-Day sex.

Zach Kram

Best: As long as it involves a punny Hallmark card, I’ll be happy.

Worst: Any date from “Fever Pitch,” or any date involving 40,000 people in pink Red Sox hats singing “Sweet Caroline.”

Scott Haber

Best: Watching the entirety of the second season of “House of Cards” after we order in crappy Chinese food. There might also be scotch.

Worst: Ken Ham speaking at a Genesis First fundraiser. There is nowhere else in America I’d rather not be.

Katharine Jaruzelski

Best: Go to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar for some of the best desserts in St. Louis.

Worst: Go to the “Conquest: A Tribute to Metal Gods” concert at Pop’s. (Unless you and your significant other are really into Iron Maiden.)

Georgie Morvis

Best: We either get a really nice dinner at a Clayton restaurant or get Taco Bell, and then we cuddle in bed and watch “30 Rock” or a very serious documentary on Netflix.

Worst: We go to a movie and you talk during an important scene. And walk slow.

Claudia Vaughan

Best: Cooking a romantic dinner together.

Worst: Going to a rave or some wild concert thing.

Will Wilder

Best: A romantic dinner and Peter Frampton comes and sings to us.

Worst: Ice skating. It makes me really nervous and uncomfortable.


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