The degradation of quality sports journalism

Within the deluge of programming, ESPN’s content becomes endlessly repetitive and lacks quality.

Max Bash | Contributing Reporter

KaBOOM! An embodiment of positive civic engagement

Last Saturday, the KaBOOM! organization made its way downtown, toward the Fox Park neighborhood, to build a playground for the newly established Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) Wisdom academy for elementary school students.

| Staff Writer

The real power of celebrity student athletes today

Discussing student athletes has always been a controversial conversation. I’ve personally always found it amazing that places of education give scholarships to those who are athletically inclined.

Ariel Kravitz | Contributing Writer

Who the anti-PC argument actually hurts

It seems time we set some things straight. Being “PC” is not the same thing as infringing people’s right to free speech. Furthermore, it’s not nitpicky political correctness to criticize overtly racist acts like dressing in blackface, yelling the n-word at a group of black students or drawing a swastika in feces on a dorm.

Sean Lundergan | Contributing Writer

Understanding in the wake of Yale and Mizzou

A few careful considerations may be in order in the wake of recent protests at Yale and the University of Missouri (Mizzou).

Harry Hall | Contributing Writer

News you can use: John Oliver and sexual education

In an age of ubiquitous social media, where everyone is glued to their smart devices, John Oliver manages to actually make people “smart” through his hilarious investigative reporting that goes beyond what Stewart and Colbert were able to accomplish on their own shows.

Max Bash | Contributing Writer

Trump needs to consider his words, be mindful of minorities

Recently, I came across a shared post on Facebook, which showed a video of a Korean American Harvard student asking Donald Trump a question regarding his comment as to why he feels that the United States should evacuate all troops from South Korea. Trump had mentioned that despite the fact that it receives protection from United States’ troops, South Korea pays nothing for the United States Forces Korea’s (USFK) expenses.

Jeff Kang | Contributing Writer

Natural sciences requirement should offer greater middle ground

At some point in their Washington University career, every undergraduate student will be required to fulfill a natural sciences (or natural sciences and mathematics, if you’re in the College of Arts and Sciences or Sam Fox School) requirement. Unfortunately for many, including myself, the process of finding the right class (and getting through it) is arduous and stressful.

| Staff Writer

The balancing act of midterms and family weekend

Wash. U. really does look out for its students. But that perpetual kindness and compassion does not mean they never falter, and they did so in regards to the scheduling of Parent and Family Weekend.

Zach Epstein | Contributing Writer

A feminist reaction to the Democratic debate

By the end of the debate, I knew I would be supporting Hillary Clinton in the race for November 2016. When advocating for her, I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have responded to me with: “You only like her because she’s a woman.”

Ariel Kravitz | Contributing Writer