Not all legends are heroes

Kobe Bryant is one of the most skilled, competitive and hardworking players the NBA has ever seen. Even after a series of debilitating injuries, he dropped 60 points in his last game ever against the Utah Jazz—quite the way to go out.

| Staff Writer

Registration nightmare for freshmen, better than alternatives

While final papers are soon due and exams are just around the corner, Washington University students are first faced with another stressful (and perhaps more daunting) task: course registration for fall 2016.

| Staff Writer

Autism Speaks silences and stigmatizes people with autism

April is Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month, as you’ve likely seen somewhere in the wondrous land of social media. Since we are right in the midst of April, it’s a good time to look at what (good) awareness means, and why acceptance is an essential accompaniment to it.

| Senior Forum Editor

University should institute adviser procedure, optimize student benefit

All Wash. U. students should strive to take advantage of various opportunities that the school’s major departments offer.

Jeff Kang | Staff Writer

Counterpoint: Supplemental essays are unnecessary, disingenuous

I remember feeling overjoyed when I learned that at least one of the 10 colleges I applied to did not oblige applicants to write a supplemental essay.

Jeff Kang | Staff Writer

Point: Supplemental essays help demonstrate interest

While the process of writing supplements was difficult (read: tear-inducing) for me, it was also helpful. Many universities asked why I wanted to attend, forcing me to look beyond rankings and general prestige and to instead consider the academic programs and extracurriculars each school has to offer.

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Donate blood: Active philanthropies require active participation

Philanthropy at Washington University seems to follow a pattern of passive involvement. Generally, this passive philanthropy comprises of buying items to support charitable organizations, such as John’s Donuts or Seoul Taco.

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The rise of streaming services and the fall of cable TV

More so today than ever before, media companies outside the bounds of cable TV are stepping up their game and producing widely popular, intriguing, critically acclaimed content.

| Forum Editor

Using activism in moderation following the Emory protests

As November 2016 nears, the political climate on campus is going to escalate: there may not be protests or loud political opinions now, but there will be soon.

| Staff Writer

Combatting the dark side of Uber

Let’s face it: whenever it’s time to go out to dinner in Central West End or head out for a night in St. Louis, you’re probably going to call an Uber. It’s a cheap, fast alternative to traditional local taxi companies..

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