We are all Washington University: Thoughts on discourse, privilege and responsibility

We are the lifeblood of this University, and we need to remember that fact when our University responds to challenges.

| Staff Writer

Internet vigilantes: With great power comes great responsibility

While the legal system in place is almost certainly flawed, too much power in the hands of common people can create chaos. Everybody wants to become a hero, but a self-proclaimed protector of people can create victims as well.

| Staff Writer

Bigger isn’t always better

After the last crisp, clean sheet is stretched onto the bed and all the appliances find their own little corners to nestle, the place starts looking less like a dorm room and more like a home. The family has nearly an entire moment to appreciate their creation before a yell rings out through the hall. “Yo bro, can you help me with this box?”

Jacob Shapiro | Contributing Writer

Michael Brown: A victim of a racist system

Michael Brown died because police forces are not designed to protect people like him. They are designed to imprison people like him.

| Senior Forum Editor

Lessons learned from the Students Against Peabody sit-in

Even though the protests against Peabody Energy ended last week without achieving any of the protesters’ initially expressed goals, I think the sit-in was one of the best things to have happened to the school during my four years here at Washington University.

| Senior Forum Editor

A call to end felon disenfranchisement in the U.S.

TThe 2012 elections marked a momentous time in my life. I had just become eligible to vote, and I was eager to participate politically as an adult in society. Now, in high school I had learned about the fight for equal voting rights, and the way it was taught to me was that now all people have the right to vote regardless of gender, race or property ownership.

Aaron Hall | Staff Writer

Eternal life made easy: How the Internet never forgets and why we should remember that

Hi, my name is John Schmidt, and with this sentence, I’ve gained immortality. This column is, so to speak, my philosopher’s stone, my Great American Novel, my legacy. Each time a future employer, romantic interest or curious acquaintance Googles my name, somewhere in the search results this’ll be there, and I’ll be reviewed on Yelp! accordingly because of it.

Give America’s children a shot

Over the course of the past month there have been outbreaks of both measles and mumps in the states of Missouri and Ohio.

Rachel Multz | Staff Columnist

Dear Chancellor Wrighton and the board of trustees: Let’s talk about priorities

Dear Chancellor Wrighton (and the board of trustees): Have you been inside the new Bauer Hall? It’s pretty impressive—six stories of soaring glass-and-steel atrium, state-of-the-art classrooms and impeccable modern decor. But what am I talking about—of course you’ve been inside; you’re the ones who run this school.

Let’s talk about Peabody

From the Kent State protests to the Kony 2012 campaign, there is an undeniable trend that April showers bring a little more than May flowers: zealous youth with enough energy to fight literally any type of “injustice.

Aaron Hall | Staff Writer