Social injustice on social media

Since the killing of Mike Brown over a month ago, Twitter has driven worldwide attention to protests and ongoing abuse by law enforcement. The feeds of activists, including Antonio French and the Lost Voices, have kept focus and dialogue on Ferguson alive.

| Senior Forum Editor

Fixing the fetishization of pain

Rather than splitting their time evenly, students trade their sleeping hours for working hours as a way to demonstrate their commitment to achievement. Students here compete to see who can make their life the most miserable and then brag to their friends about their supposed accomplishments.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Author

Stop discouraging electric car driving with tax hikes

Transferring the tax burden onto the small, progressive part of our society that owns electric cars or hybrids is illogical and ineffective. The green car tax won’t raise enough money to make back the money lost by normal drivers and it will stunt growth of the fledgling industry.

Aaron Hall | Contributing Writer

A letter to depressed students on “Wash U Confessions”

Despite the smiling faces that grace the covers of our brochures and viewbooks, unhappiness certainly has an ominous presence on campus. I guess it isn’t completely surprising that this is such a common sentiment—after all, Washington University is an intensely high-pressure environment. It’s almost too easy to fall into the clutches of feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, lonely and everything in between.

Rima Parikh | Contributing Writer

Blowback: A lesson in American exceptionalism

Do we know we are falling into a trap? Do we have some alternate, possibly profitable, scheme of which I am unaware? Or are we simply backed too far into this corner of exceptionalism that demands we continue our pursuit to police the world?

Clark Randall | Contributing Writer

Toward repairing a broken college application process

The first semester of senior year in high school is completely consumed by the college process, and while there is a certain holistic aspect to the final product that applicants send to colleges, the college process is socioeconomically biased, egotistical and dishonest.

Peter Dissinger | Contributing Writer

Guilty or not, questions remain about Oscar Pistorius’ trial

Pistorius attracted widespread support with his feel-good story, but as the saying goes, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” And Pistorius fell. Hard.

Zach Epstein | Contributing Writer

Wash. U. is more than a set of statistics

I am starting to feel less like an ant and more like individual: someone who potentially matters here.

Peter Dissinger | Contributing Writer

You can still send your kid to an Ivy League school–or Wash. U.

Trust me, I’ve spent plenty of Holden Caulfield-motivated evenings lamenting the perils of, if you will, “the system.” It saddens me when I encounter passionless flesh-sacks, whose primary goals are to make six figures and die in some beautiful suburban fantasy. I wish that academic institutions placed less emphasis on conventional success and career preparation. I wish that there were less pressure on students to become passionless flesh-sacks in the first place.

Rima Parikh | Contributing Writer

A pathway to engagement with St. Louis

As students, it is imperative that we first put ourselves on trial before looking to correct the faults in any institution. Once we have exhausted our own abilities, we can then turn to pressuring administration for help.

Clark Randall | Contributing Writer