To Rudy Giuliani and anybody else weirdly offended by Beyonce

On Super Bowl Sunday, Beyonce Knowles shocked and offended angry white people everywhere when she dared to remind the world that she is, in fact, black. But perhaps that’s an oversimplification of the criticism she’s received in light of her new “Formation” music video and halftime performance, so I’ll take a minute to examine the charges.

| Managing Editor

Clinton: Emailing in her acceptance of the Democratic nomination

With Washington University hosting the presidential debate next fall (R.I.P. fall WILD), Forum staff has decided to profile each of the leading presidential candidates. This week we turn to Amy Poehler’s lookalike, Hillary Clinton, after breaking down the chances of Jeb! and Marco Ru-bae-o.

| Senior Forum Editor

Rubio: The Republicans’ electable dark horse

Every Monday before Super Tuesday on March 1, Forum will be running a profile of a leading presidential candidate. Last week, we met Jeb!—everyone’s favorite exclamation point. Today, we are taking a closer look at Marco Rubio, arguably the most attractive remaining potential nominee.

| Staff Writer

The pressure to be undecided at a liberal arts university

Not too long ago, young people went to college to become more educated, plain and simple. That goal hasn’t changed, but the purpose of this education has morphed over time. Before, students studied in a particular field so that they would be ready for a career in that field. Now, students go to college hoping to figure out what they want to do.

| Staff Writer

Sean Penn’s message overlooked amidst journalism critiques

Sean Penn earned the ire of journalists around the world when Rolling Stone published his article “El Chapo Speaks,” in which he told the story of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Journalists take issue with the article largely on the grounds of journalistic ethics: a condition of the article’s publication was Guzman’s approval.

Ethan Kerns | Staff Writer

The probable fall of Spotify streaming

As a jazz musician and a lover of music, I was predestined to be the music hipster in my family. But for most of my teenage years, my limited iTunes budget and the unstoppable and addictive force of pop stars’ record producers kept me from really discovering what kind of music was out there.

| Staff Writer

VA’s problems necessitate elimination, not restructuring

It’s a harsh reality that in war, many of our soldiers end up making the ultimate sacrifice. Yet, even those who are able to come home are not given the proper resources to deal with the wounds, both mental and physical, that occurred while they were serving overseas.

| Staff Writer

Recognizing terror, remembering Ezra Schwartz

Ezra Schwartz was just a boy. He was a boy who started food fights at camp and organized cabin mischief. A boy who sought to make others happy and brighten the lives of those around him. He was just a boy—an 18-year-old boy shot dead in his car by Palestinian terrorists on his way home from bringing food to Israeli soldiers.

Rachel Katzin | Contributing Writer

Giving thanks to Thanksgiving’s underappreciated sides

Dear Thanksgiving Break,
First, I’d like to thank you for allowing me to break away from Washington University for just a few days. For giving me the chance to eat a home-cooked meal, have a fleeting visit with my closest at-home friends and get some rest in preparation for these two final weeks.

| Staff Columnist

The degradation of quality sports journalism

Within the deluge of programming, ESPN’s content becomes endlessly repetitive and lacks quality.

| Contributing Reporter