Keep WILD weird, but always ask consent

These are aspects of the WILD experience that we simply must accept. Here is what we won’t accept this year: weird WILD touching.

| Managing Editor

Point: Without consistency, Writing 1 is irrelevant

One such view is that Writing 1 is not an enjoyable class but still necessary in the college education framework. Another such view—my view—is that the entire course is irrelevant and should be done away with entirely.

| Senior Forum Editor

Counterpoint: Writing 1 is flawed, but necessary

However, in practice, College Writing 1 has become a pariah of subjective grading scales and teachers with terrible reputations. As someone who has now taken the class, I would argue against the stigma and say that the class actually benefits the majority of students by giving all students valuable writing experience.

| Staff Columnist

Educating schools on the costs of education

When Washington University announced earlier this year that it would be attempting to increase the amount of Pell Grant-eligible students to 13 percent by 2020, the administration signaled a continuing commitment to expanding socioeconomic diversity on campus. Recently, however, Stanford University announced that it would be providing free tuition to families whose yearly income is less than $125,000.

| Senior Forum Editor

Media makes spectacle of mental illness, Germanwings tragedy

Germanwings Flight 9525 was not supposed to crash—there were no thunderstorms in the area, no unexpected missile strikes, nor international terrorists on board.

| Staff Columnist

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Homophobes

The Indiana bill, which protects the free right of religious expression for all private entities against all other private entities, is egregiously problematic. On the most basic level, it introduces a loophole into the state’s legalese allowing for any business to discriminate against other groups, most notably the LGBTQIA community, on a religious basis.

| Senior Forum Editor

Economic anxiety affects mental health on campuses

A body of evidence reveals that current economic turmoil, rising student debt and an increasingly competitive job market have a significant impact on students’ mental health.

| Staff Columnist

Whose history do we select?

The topic is certainly heated, but institutions must make an honest effort to handle it, and that includes Wash. U. The question is whether we are capable of listening to voices in a context that also represents their narrative.

| Senior Forum Editor

Starbucks campaign wasn’t perfect, but at least they’re trying

If, last week, you were politely confused as to why your Starbucks double-tall-no-whip mocha came with a side of race theory, you’re not alone. The launch of Starbucks’ latest campaign, “Race Together,” garnered a mixed reaction among customers.

| Staff Writer

Junk food era is not coming to a close

While I would love to think that processed food could finally claim its rightful place at the bottom of the food chain, I’m highly skeptical of these results.

| Staff Columnist