Whose history do we select?

The topic is certainly heated, but institutions must make an honest effort to handle it, and that includes Wash. U. The question is whether we are capable of listening to voices in a context that also represents their narrative.

| Senior Forum Editor

Starbucks campaign wasn’t perfect, but at least they’re trying

If, last week, you were politely confused as to why your Starbucks double-tall-no-whip mocha came with a side of race theory, you’re not alone. The launch of Starbucks’ latest campaign, “Race Together,” garnered a mixed reaction among customers.

| Staff Writer

Junk food era is not coming to a close

While I would love to think that processed food could finally claim its rightful place at the bottom of the food chain, I’m highly skeptical of these results.

| Staff Columnist

Tips for spring break service trips for first-timers

Time to whip out your seasonal, rhinestone-encrusted jorts, everyone—it’s almost spring break. Some of us are staying on campus while others are going home to make sure their parents didn’t accidentally forget about them (at least, that was my intention). Some students are taking advantage of the week to go on a spring break service trip.

Rima Parikh | Staff Writer

An open letter to Dining Services: Or, why I now have trust issues

Listen up, Dining Services. I think it’s about time we had a chat. No, this isn’t about that weird meat in the case in Bear’s Den last week. And it’s not about the fact that there are never enough California Rolls at the sushi station. This is something a little more serious. Let’s talk about trust.

| Staff Writer

Campus speaker provides proof that prisoner torture isn’t needed

If Maddox was able to locate Hussein without needing torture, maybe this will be the proof needed to eliminate the ineffective method from the interrogation room for good. Recent studies and commentary have argued that torture is very ineffective for obtaining reliable information.

Zach Epstein | Contributing Writer

The Oscars problem: ‘Based on a true story’

The Academy plays favorites and has its prejudices—that’s pretty much common knowledge at this point. For the 2015 iteration of the Academy Awards, which air on Sunday, another controversy has consumed the mass media: what is the required historical accuracy for a story?

Wesley Jenkins | Staff Writer

Combating the stigma against asexuals and aromantics

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, I would like to remind everyone that it’s perfectly all right for the holiday to be all about the candy—in fact, for some people, it’s always been about the candy.

Hao-Han Pan | Contributing Writer

Take it easy on Brian Williams

Williams does not deserve the vilification he has received in the press. Did he deserve to be suspended? Yes. He made a mistake and deserves according punishment. But to viciously attack a man’s reputation for doing his job and doing it quite well is wrong, especially when the attack is led by a press corps that has made similar, if not worse, mistakes.

Wesley Jenkins | Staff Columnist

My spaghetti date with Tall Jerry: A church camp fling with a nice boy in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

For last year’s sex issue, I wrote about my first “real” date with “Dave,” a particularly smooth operator with a loaded duct-tape wallet. I specified “real” because, technically, my first sort-of date happened two years earlier.

| Staff Writer