There’s always an answer

Whether it be because of financial burden, social stigma or any other reason, seeking out professional help presets a major barrier for many suffering from mental health issues.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

A case against playing devil’s advocate

The term “devil’s advocate” now disguises people’s real intentions. Instead of creating better arguments and discussions, this term is used by people wanting to say problematic things and see where the arguments lead as entertainment.

Dakotah Jennifer | Contributing Writer

Increased security can be harmful for black and brown students

Many have called for an increased police presence to patrol the neighborhoods to make students feel safe. But which students would actually feel safer?

| Staff Writer

On fear of doing things (and missing out)

I have diagnosed myself with Fear of Doing Things, FODT. FODT is the unsexy cousin of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). She is almost as unappealing linguistically as she is in practice.

Mia LaBarge | Contributing Writer

A letter to pre-meds: Calm down

As a pre-med student, you shouldn’t feel obligated to help every struggling person who crosses your path. However, as a pre-med student, I shouldn’t feel as though looking to other students for assistance or questions will be met with avoidance.

Kya Vaughn | Staff Writer

If you blame Ariana Grande, you’re part of the problem

The unfortunate and untimely death of rapper Mac Miller shook the world when news spread that he had passed from an apparent drug overdose.

Kya Vaughn | Staff Writer

Students studying abroad should not pay Wash. U. tuition

Wash. U. encourages students to study abroad, but does not match that enthusiasm with appropriate financial policies. If the University wants to live up to its word of ensuring that students have a well-rounded college experience and compete with other peer institutions, Wash. U. should not force students to pay University tuition while studying abroad.

Anjali Vishwanath | Staff Writer

Don’t believe your professors, you will change the world

There is immense value in studying what has happened before and applying it to the present. But this does not mean that history is bound to repeat itself or that we must follow the same paths as those who have preceded us.

| Staff Writer

Here’s an idea: Let’s talk to each other

On Tuesday, Washington University released the much-anticipated report responding to recommendations made by organizers of the Title Mine rally, a call to action demanding reform to the Title IX reporting process for sexual violence. While reading the University’s report, I felt that the school is moving in the right direction and working to equip the Title IX Office with the resources to improve the process for everyone involved.

Megha Uberoi | Contributing Writer

Shared vocabulary: The first step toward progress

Because facts are constantly under attack, it is important that we all have a shared basis of understanding and agreement on what the words we say actually mean.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer