You can still send your kid to an Ivy League school–or Wash. U.

Trust me, I’ve spent plenty of Holden Caulfield-motivated evenings lamenting the perils of, if you will, “the system.” It saddens me when I encounter passionless flesh-sacks, whose primary goals are to make six figures and die in some beautiful suburban fantasy. I wish that academic institutions placed less emphasis on conventional success and career preparation. I wish that there were less pressure on students to become passionless flesh-sacks in the first place.

Rima Parikh | Contributing Writer

A pathway to engagement with St. Louis

As students, it is imperative that we first put ourselves on trial before looking to correct the faults in any institution. Once we have exhausted our own abilities, we can then turn to pressuring administration for help.

Clark Randall | Contributing Writer

‘The Date’ generates valuable thought, discourse

This year’s Bear Beginnings, or freshman orientation, was loaded with programming to help first-year students like me adapt to college life. One feature definitely spoke to me the most—a skit called “The Date,” which educates students about rape and sexual assault.

Gavin Rackoff | Contributing Writer

Celeb nudes, weird dudes and victim blaming

We as a society seem to be under the impression that a woman’s body is not her own, especially if the woman happens to be an attractive celebrity. If Jennifer Lawrence walks out in public wearing sweats and a bare face, her picture is everywhere. If Kirsten Dunst gains five pounds and decides to do something drastic like, I don’t know, wear a swimsuit, her picture is everywhere. If Hope Solo takes a private picture of herself meant for the eyes of a specific person, well, you can guess the rest.

| Staff Writer

Why modern dorms work

It wasn’t the food, the academics or the beautiful campus that sold me first; it was the appeal of “modern dorms.”

Peter Dissinger | Contributing Writer

Missouri is poster child for out-of-control death penalty

The death penalty is wrong under any circumstance in a modern criminal justice system, and public officials from both sides of the aisle keep defending it anyway.

| Senior Forum Editor

Why you should love your traditional dorm

You got a traditional double? You panic. “I—I didn’t even tour a traditional! It was my fourth choice after all of the moderns! Why do bad things only happen to me?”

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Writer

RE: “An open letter from Wash. U. College Republicans to Provost Holden Thorp”

Having a police officer who is not affiliated with the University would not “balance” perspectives. Rather, his or her presence would confuse the entire point of the panel, which was to discuss racial inequality across a breadth of academic disciplines.

June Jennings | Contributing Writer

We are all Washington University: Thoughts on discourse, privilege and responsibility

We are the lifeblood of this University, and we need to remember that fact when our University responds to challenges.

| Staff Writer

Internet vigilantes: With great power comes great responsibility

While the legal system in place is almost certainly flawed, too much power in the hands of common people can create chaos. Everybody wants to become a hero, but a self-proclaimed protector of people can create victims as well.

| Staff Writer