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Imagine being forced to leave school for two years

Every year, a number of your international friends will suddenly disappear and return two years later. Did they take a gap year? Were they sick? More often than not, no: those students are South Koreans who are obliged to serve in the military for 21 months or more.

Bright Chong | Contributing Writer

Op-ed: Washington University is not a climate leader, yet

While committed to operational sustainability and fostering city-wide progress towards a low-carbon future, Wash. U. cannot become a genuine climate leader until it divests from fossil fuels, ceases its close relationship with the coal industry and commits to greater reliance on renewable energy to power our campus.

Hannah Schanzer, Emma Waltman, Dugan Marieb and Allie Lindstorm | Members of the Student Environmental Council

Op-ed: WU’s Olympic rings: A ‘spectacular’ commemoration of racism

The Olympics rings sculpture will serve as a permanent, tangible reminder of St. Louis’ and Washington University’s deeply racist past and present.

Natalie Geismar | Class of 2019

Staff editorial: Support WU sports

Attending a collegiate athletic event, then, is as much about community and a sense of belonging as it is about cheering for first downs. That’s uniquely true at Washington University, where by nature of size, we share a far more intimate setting than that of a 100,000-seat stadium.

Op-ed: Rejecting policing and dismantling the Washington University ‘bubble’

There exists a multifaceted explanation as to why there is an uptick of violence surrounding Washington University, but many of its factors have been ever-present and are continually reinforced by the University.

Christian Ralph | Graduate School of Engineering Class of 2020

Op-ed: Is the Wash. U. bubble getting safer or smaller?

Washington University is a bubble. Students hardly get off campus, except for the Delmar Loop, and frequently their only knowledge of the St. Louis area consists of “don’t go north of Delmar Boulevard,” “the Metro is unsafe,” “don’t cross the river” or “stay in the county.”

Sarah Dyott | Class of 2019

Staff editorial: Uber service further improved due to student requests

Following a string of violent crime in the neighborhoods around Washington University, administrators announced a partnership with Uber to provide free rides to students for the fall semester.

There’s always an answer

Whether it be because of financial burden, social stigma or any other reason, seeking out professional help presets a major barrier for many suffering from mental health issues.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

A case against playing devil’s advocate

The term “devil’s advocate” now disguises people’s real intentions. Instead of creating better arguments and discussions, this term is used by people wanting to say problematic things and see where the arguments lead as entertainment.

Dakotah Jennifer | Contributing Writer

Op-ed: The shameful treatment of lefties

This lack of a basic student accommodation actively harms left-handed students every single day they don’t skip class.

Jack Ploshnick | Class of 2019