Media doesn’t need to be social: The case for talking less about entertainment

The spread of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, video-sharing websites like YouTube and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix have allowed huge numbers of people to consume and discuss media in new ways—not all of them healthy.

Jen McLish | Staff Writer

Things to talk about at Thanksgiving dinner with your family

Holidays just wouldn’t be holidays without the quintessential passive-aggressive family debate, and Thanksgiving is no exception.

Forum Staff

Letter to the Editor: Wash. U. grad workers union is still here, still fighting

From the beginning, the Wash. U. administration has chosen to hide behind union-busting lawyers in the courtroom rather than to listen to us.

Washington University Graduate Workers Union

Op-ed submission: The proof is in the pudding, Mia Hamernik is no saint

[Gregg] Adams deserved to be exposed, and some may argue that he should have expected it, by posting it in a public group chat, but Hamernik exposed him for the wrong reasons.

Tyrin Truong | SU Senator

Zombieland: The curse of Wash. U.’s slow walkers

Everywhere I look, it seems like everyone is in a zombie-like trance. Either glued to their phones or simply lacking urgency, everyone seems to be moving incredibly slowly.

| Senior Forum Editor

Staff ed: Make time for charity this holiday season

Whether community service means a short-lived stint on the Burning Kumquat farm or an intensive hands-on experience in a St. Louis neighborhood, any time donated to the community through the form of service is a plus.

Letter to the Editor: America’s unchanging role in the world

Instead of more of the same, how about spending the next $3 trillion on providing everyone on Earth with a glass of water and a place to s—?

Jose Madero | Ph.D. Candidate

Our chancellor is more important than you think

A chancellor needs to be a jack of all trades for their university. With Mark Wrighton retiring, here’s a list of candidates who could be that for Wash. U.

Mathew Wallace | Staff Writer

On bicycle angst

Strap on your helmet, look both ways and pass on the left because Washington University has a transportation problem that’s not going away anytime soon.

Thanks, but no thanks

It is perfectly fine to be nice to strangers, but what happens when they don’t deserve it?

Lauren Alley | Contributing Writer