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Op-ed: Our Uber nightmare

No one should ever feel afraid and threatened to the extent that they have to run away from their Uber and hide in an empty Ikea, wondering if help will arrive.

Elana Greenberg and Zoe Engels | Class of 2020 and 2021

Comic: Alexa this is so sad

On the struggles of predicting the weather in St. Louis

Henry Lin | Editorial Cartoonist

Staff editorial: Let Kavanaugh be a wake up call

It hurts to feel ignored, and it hurts even more to feel ignored and not have the ability to do anything about it. Even though as voters, we may not have the ability to directly influence Supreme Court decisions, there are other ways to fight for what we believe in.

Op-ed: Class canceled over police brutality

Deadly force is an unacceptable option against black children, and the system cannot be allowed to proceed uninterrupted so long as black lives are disregarded.

Brandon Wilson | TA and Ph.D. Candidate in the History Department

Staff editorial: Midterms matter

As undergraduates at Washington University, we are plugged in to national politics in a variety of ways, including student publications, courses and various on-campus events. With the upcoming midterm election quickly approaching, it is important that we transfer this same level of enthusiasm to state and local politics.

It’s time for $15 per hour for everyone

Today I want to ask you a personal question:

How much money do you make?

| Staff Writer

Op-ed: $15 for all campus workers

I support my union because, while the intellectual benefits of working at Wash. U. have been inestimable, workers at Wash. U. do not currently have the power to ask for meaningful improvements to their work environment. I hope that my story will help my superiors, colleagues and students understand what it means to live on low wages with an inadequate healthcare plan.

Lacy Murphy | Washington University Graduate Workers Union Member

On Olympic ‘pride’ and bad statues

Lately, Washington University discovered a rekindled pride in the 1904 Olympic Games, choosing to display this pride with an obnoxiously large “Olympic Spectacular” statue.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

Staff editorial: WU doesn’t just have a crime problem, it has a communication problem

Not only should the University alert the student body when these crimes occur, many would appreciate continual updates afterward.

Stop asking if Brett Kavanaugh should be held accountable for his actions

When Christine Blasey Ford came forward Sept. 16, one question seemed to rise to national prominence along with her: Should people be held accountable for mistakes they made years ago?

Ali Gold | Staff Writer