Op-ed: It’s OK that liberals don’t feel welcome (in our business school)

Across the country at business schools like ours, college left-wingers say they face social isolation because of their beliefs.

Owen Auch and Ian DeMoura | Class of 2019

A clarification

I’ve made some people angry. Last week I wrote an article, which argued that we shouldn’t feel obligated to embrace certain ideas on campus, that has since been circulated through alumni networks, right-wing media outlets and the parts of the internet people are referring to when they say “the internet” derisively.

Sean Lundergan | Staff Writer

Letter from the editor

A letter from our editor-in-chief, Sam Seekings, responding to the backlash surrounding the article “It’s OK that conservatives don’t feel welcome.”

| Editor-in-Chief

Staff editorial: University messages require consistency, action in light of recent debate

If the University truly wants to establish itself permanently as the flourishing, vibrant, politically-active campus it becomes in the days preceding presidential debates or major elections, change starts from the top down.

Letter to the Editor

To the editors of Student Life: I am writing in response to an opinion column that appeared in your Feb. 6 edition. Since it ran, I have heard from several students that the column intensified their sense that they do not belong at our university. That is something I cannot allow to go without response.

Lori White | Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Staff editorial: Another year, another robbery, another carjacking

Communication is key: If students know more about what’s going on, they are better able to take safety precautions.

On 21 Savage: A man’s life is far more than just memes

Just because 21 Savage is rich and famous does not make his situation any less tragic.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

It’s OK that conservatives don’t feel welcome

Conservative ideas do not deserve equal consideration to that afforded liberal and left ideas, because conservative ideas are not equal to liberal and left ideas.

Sean Lundergan | Staff Writer

On the topic of renaming things: Let’s rename more things

How startling, another part of Washington University has been named after a wealthy white family.

Forum Staff

Chris Brown maliciously turns allegations into profit

Brown’s production of the shirts in and of itself is not only demeaning to the woman who made the accusations, but also to all women brave enough to speak out against their assaulters.

Kya Vaughn | Staff Writer