Letter to the editor: In response to the anonymous op-ed submission about the RA selection process

The safety and well-being of our students is always our top priority, and our team of well-trained and carefully selected resident advisers are here to ensure that the students living with us feel safe and supported.

Kawanna Leggett, Rob Wild | Executive Director of Residential Life, Dean of Students

Op-ed: Dear ResLife, please stop protecting and hiring perpetrators of sexual violence

While the possibility that ResLife could hire an RA with Title IX complaints against them is appalling, this concern is neither hypothetical nor abstract.

Anonymous Student

Staff editorial: University-driven surveys hold promise

The Student Life Editorial Board commends the University for taking proactive steps to solicit feedback as they plan the future of the University.

Letter from the editor

Student Life typically does not permit submissions to be run anonymously, but due to the author’s personal connection to the events described, we have made an exception for this article.

| Editor-in-Chief

When someone dies, consider the bad and the good

I’m not here to say what is or isn’t appropriate, but instead to take a step back and look at the entirety of a person’s life, and not just the parts that fit your initial feelings.

| Staff Writer

Op-ed: We live in a purposefully undemocratic nation

In the Senate race, thousands of ballots were still uncounted, including absentee ballots and provisional ballots that were initially rejected due to mismatched signatures.

Jonathan Schneider | Class of 2020

Op-ed: Want to make change on campus? Join SU Senate!

As a senator, you are not only serving your peers by advocating for things that they want, you are also developing relevant life skills such as communication, patience and leadership.

Tyrin Truong | Speaker of SU Senate

Staff editorial: Be a good neighbor

Both students and administration should be cognizant of our impacts on neighboring communities and strive to collaborate with these communities respectfully in order to make the University’s relationship as mutually beneficial and harmonious as possible.

Op-ed: Argentina: A leap of faith

In 1945, with the rise to power of General Juan Domingo Peron, the Argentinean “economic miracle” ended.

Diego Herrera | Class of 2019

Letter from the editor

We at Student Life deeply regret the harm that the article inflicted upon those quoted by its publication as well as the resulting impact on the University’s larger LGBTQIA* community.

| Editor-in-Chief