Finding ‘wholeness’ during freshman year

In the Jewish tradition, the Hebrew word “shalom” is both a greeting and a blessing. The term is usually translated as “peace.” While it is commonly used as a means of saying “hello,” it can also mean “goodbye.” Implicit in the greeting is a wish for the person you are talking to be at peace, as they enter or leave.

Rabbi Hershey Novack | Director of Chabad

The smear campaign has started

Earlier this week, an opinion—“To Be Middle Eastern at Wash. U.”—was published in Student Life. The letter begins by announcing the start of a smear campaign, but it was the false, unclear and misleading allegations that appeared within the letter itself that were both offensive and deeply disturbing.

Kaity Shea Cullen | Class of 2016

There’s more to Writing 1 than meets the eye

As an instructor of Writing 1, among other courses, I firmly believe in the benefit of my profession to the students whom it is my job and my privilege to teach. As another academic year wraps up, I’d like to address some common misconceptions about CWP 1 in recent Student Life editorials, which represent opinions that I hear more generally.

Michael O'Bryan | Writing 1 Professor

Carnaval in Student Life: the crisis of representation for Latino students

Months of work putting together Carnaval were lost in a single headline as I sat in my advisor’s office, infuriated. I had devoted months of my time and energy to helping put together a show that was meant to express some of my sentiments and experiences as a Latino student on campus.

Daniel Kennedy | President of External Relations, Association of Latin American Students

Say yes to peace

I wish I could focus on how great the program was, but instead I must address anti-Israel protesters who came to the event with the intent to cancel it. A member of the Washington University faculty, graduate students and others from the St. Louis community came to the event late and began yelling at the speakers.

Paul Felder | Students for Israel

To be Middle Eastern at Wash. U.

This afternoon on April 12, I and five others (all people of color) gathered outside of Seigle Hall to peacefully protest the exclusion and erasure of Palestinian voices at an event run by Wash U Students for Israel. Although we were entirely respectful and peaceful, we were immediately harassed and threatened by the event’s organizers and attendees.

Stephanie Aria | Class of 2016

Taboo memory: The solidarity that selective history tries to erase

With growing ties between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestine, the Anti-Defamation League and other groups are reviving a deliberate campaign of selective history: relegating the solidarity between black and Palestinian liberation movements—past and present— to taboo memory.

Ayah Abo-Basha | Class of 2014

Shame on the Missouri History Museum

How cruelly ironic that a museum of history would deny a voice to those who have been continuously expunged from the historical record.

Henry Clements | Class of 2014

Eating Disorders Awareness Week misses its mark

With each passing of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I find I am increasingly disappointed with what the school has planned.

Katarina Schultz | Class of 2017

Tyler and Biswas endorse Hunter Malasky for VP of administration

We both enthusiastically and confidently endorse Hunter Malasky for the position of vice president of administration for SU Exec. Hunter has demonstrated a capability for hard work and a vision for improvement in his time as Budget Committee chair that we believe clearly sets him apart for this position.

Emma Tyler & Vivek Biswas | Student Union President & Vice President of Administration