Why we need you for SU

Student Union elections are coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Student Union’s mission is to advocate for student needs and interests, allocate the student activities fee and program for the entire student body. Above all of this, however, Student Union is your official undergraduate student government.

Student Union

Stay classy at WILD, Wash. U.

With WILD coming up on Friday, everyone on campus is looking forward to a fun weekend. But as we know, things can sometimes get out of hand. Worst of all, every year some students make mistakes that haunt them the rest of their time at Washington University.

Lora Zuo | Student Conduct Ambassador | Office of Student Conduct

My experience with sexual harassment

He didn’t break eye contact until I did, until I had to straighten out and put the car into drive. Then I heard it again: Slut, Bitch. His voice, then two more voices.

Kea Wilson | MFA 2013

Professors’ endorsement of Israel boycott deserves condemnation

Every nation has policies that should be challenged, but holding one country to a higher standard is not legitimate criticism. A call for an academic boycott of Israel, the only free democracy in the Middle East, perpetuates an anti-Semitic double standard.

Paul Felder | Class of 2018

An open letter from Wash. U. College Republicans to Provost Holden Thorp

Wash. U. College Republicans believes that open and candid discourse on these matters is crucial to making progress toward a solution. But to truly take steps towards mutual understanding, it is important that all perspectives be presented, heard and validated.

Wash. U. College Republicans

Feeling like a failure? You’re not as alone as you think

I felt a lot of pressure. It wasn’t just a pressure to get good grades, although that was certainly part of it. It was, for lack of a better way of describing it, a pressure not to “fail.”

| Managing Editor

Hands down, don’t shoot

If society can only mobilize over the Trayvon Martins, Eric Garners and Jordan Davises of the world, we are living in a time when absolute innocence is the one condition that demands we value black life.

Clark Randall | Class of 2016

Turn off your phone and live your life

As a new chapter begins, I challenge Wash. U. students to consciously unplug from social media on a regular basis in order to create space in their own lives.

Ballpark Village dress policies deserve (further) criticism

Major League Baseball is back in St. Louis for 2014, and Busch Stadium has new neighbors. Ballpark Village, a new district in downtown St. Louis for dining, drinking, shopping and partaking in St. Louis sports culture, represents the completed first step in developing land left over by the 2006 construction of Busch Stadium III.

| Charlie Beard | Class of 2015

Alumni: Divest from Wash. U. until Wash. U. divests from Peabody

As alumni, we write to express our support for the student movement demanding that Washington University break ties with Peabody Energy. Despite a dirty reputation of social injustice and scientific misrepresentation, our alma mater continues to propagate the myth of clean coal and Peabody’s CEO Greg Boyce continues to sit on the University’s board of trustees.

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