Op-ed submission: The unsung heroes of Wash. U.

You might not always see them, but the staff at Washington University and all college campuses allow students to thrive and do their best every day.

Jack Zuckerman | Class of 2020

Op-ed submission: ‘Enhancing Lives’ starts with valuing lives: Wash. U. worker’s right to living wage

he Student Worker Alliance (SWA) has found that the wages workers earn are not enough to cover living expenses as basic as food, rent and medical bills. At a University with one of the largest endowments in the country ($6.5 billion), the workers who maintain the campus’s day-to-day operations deserve a living wage. SWA urges Wash. U. to offer its workers the living wage they deserve.

Student Worker Alliance

Op-ed submission: A call for sanctuary: Student letter to the administration

After a public show of support from faculty and graduate employees, students met with Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori White on Monday March 6. Our next scheduled meeting, when we expect to hear back about implementation, is March 23.

Concerned and affected students

Op-ed submission: Faculty letter of support for sanctuary organizing

We present this letter as faculty and graduate employees concerned about the safety and security of members of our Washington University community affected by the Trump administration’s attacks on Muslims specifically and undocumented people generally.

Supportive Faculty and Graduate Employees of Wash. U.

Breaking barriers: Establishing the Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund is a student-led initiative that aims to reduce the financial barriers faced by undergraduates of lower socioeconomic backgrounds, provide a source of reliable funding for extracurricular activities and thereby empower students with the opportunity to attain an equitable and fulfilling college experience.

Opportunity Fund Task Force

SU wants you; Wash. U. needs you

The 2017 Spring Elections are coming up and we would like to encourage all students to run for Student Union. Now, more than ever, there is a need for passionate student leaders to serve in the Student Union to help drive positive change both on campus and in the greater Washington University community.

Kenneth Sng | President of Student Union, Class of 2017

Op-ed submission: Love in Christ

I am a student leader in progressive organizations on campus, former president of Wash. U. for Bernie and a queer woman. I am also a sweet-tea drinkin’, y’all sayin’, church-goin’, Arkansan founding president of a Christian Campus Ministry.

Deborah Rookey | Class of 2018

Op-ed submission: Nothing but Love: A demonstration of inclusivity in response to Jonathan Fisk

As students walked through their dorms this past week, they likely encountered a flyer entitled “The Original Diversity: Man & Woman in Christ,” which advertised a discussion led by Jonathan Fisk and hosted by the Lutheran Student Fellowship. Many of us probably passed this flyer by without digesting its hateful message.

Noah Heilenbach and Grace Kavinsky | Class of 2020

Op-ed submission: Wash. U.’s normalization of violent foreign policy

This Wednesday, on Feb. 8, Washington University and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting hosted former Secretary of State and U.N. ambassador Madeleine Albright and former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley in Graham Chapel to discuss “A New Approach to the Middle East,” and the Atlantic Council’s Middle East Strategy Task Force, which Albright and Hadley co-chair. These speakers are war criminals who carry violent and bloody legacies.

Chelsea Birchmier, Zunaira Komal, Krishna Melnattur, Theaivin Gaber and Anika Kabani

Op-ed submission: Neutrality is a choice

In the days since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the sections on Civil Rights, Climate Change and LGBTQ Rights have all been removed from the White House website.

Jessie Thornton and Elaine Emmerich | Class of 2019/Class of 2017