Taboo memory: The solidarity that selective history tries to erase

With growing ties between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestine, the Anti-Defamation League and other groups are reviving a deliberate campaign of selective history: relegating the solidarity between black and Palestinian liberation movements—past and present— to taboo memory.

Ayah Abo-Basha | Class of 2014

Shame on the Missouri History Museum

How cruelly ironic that a museum of history would deny a voice to those who have been continuously expunged from the historical record.

Henry Clements | Class of 2014

Eating Disorders Awareness Week misses its mark

With each passing of Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I find I am increasingly disappointed with what the school has planned.

Katarina Schultz | Class of 2017

Tyler and Biswas endorse Hunter Malasky for VP of administration

We both enthusiastically and confidently endorse Hunter Malasky for the position of vice president of administration for SU Exec. Hunter has demonstrated a capability for hard work and a vision for improvement in his time as Budget Committee chair that we believe clearly sets him apart for this position.

Emma Tyler & Vivek Biswas | Student Union President & Vice President of Administration

Adjuncts deserve living wage, and University would benefit from paying it

Education, my parents always said, is everything. Neither graduated from college themselves: my father left community college after a semester and, for lack of money, my mother never went. There’s no higher calling than academia, they told me, and there’s no better way to move up in the world.

Erik Strobl | College Writing Instructor

It’s on us to get consent

While pop culture gives us an influential and problematic script, it’s not pop culture’s fault when we don’t seek consent. It’s on us as individuals to take that one moment to seek clear and enthusiastic consent; we as individuals have the power to flip the script on the media’s norms.

Austin Sweeney | Sexual & Relationship Violence Prevention Specialist

The writing is on the walls: A response from those responsible

At this time, we must clarify that we are not and cannot speak on behalf of the entire black community. We are but one section of it, and we have something to say.

Guest Contributers

We’re no different: Sexual assault on the Wash. U. campus

It’s often the case that, as Washington University students, we look at various issues that happen at other schools and dismiss them. We say, “That doesn’t happen at Wash. U.” Maybe it’s because we think that Wash. U. students are a different breed of college student—we’re studious, we’re hardworking and we’re oh-so-nice!—that we think that sexual assault isn’t an issue.

Sexual Assault and Rape Anonymous Hotline (SARAH)

Re-envisioning ‘Youth, Voter Registration’ in our communities, piece by piece

Ferguson has challenged us all to reflect on our responsibilities as citizens. It can be argued that one of the most important and cherished right of Americans is the right to vote. Voting empowers the citizenry and strengthens communities. So what is one way that we can prevent another Ferguson?

Cheryl Holland | Washington University Education and Library Science Librarian

Administrative commitment brings cautious optimism about future of socioeconomic diversity at University

On Jan. 15, Washington University announced a plan to increase the number of Pell-eligible students it supports to 13 percent of the student body by 2020. This commitment, which partially fulfills the demands of our November petition, is long overdue, and WU/FUSED commends the administration’s efforts in this area.

Washington University for Undergraduate Socioeconomic Diversity