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Op-ed: No student in need of help should go without at a university bursting with abundance

No student in need of mental health treatment should go without at a university bursting with abundance. With this money, low-income students can request funds to cover the cost of therapy, psychiatry, testing, transportation to off-campus providers and other expenses related to mental health treatment.

Shelly Gupta, Carolyn Perlmutter and Tyler Tran | Class of 2019 and 2020

Op-ed: Our Uber nightmare

No one should ever feel afraid and threatened to the extent that they have to run away from their Uber and hide in an empty Ikea, wondering if help will arrive.

Elana Greenberg and Zoe Engels | Class of 2020 and 2021

Op-ed: Class canceled over police brutality

Deadly force is an unacceptable option against black children, and the system cannot be allowed to proceed uninterrupted so long as black lives are disregarded.

Brandon Wilson | TA and Ph.D. Candidate in the History Department

Op-ed: $15 for all campus workers

I support my union because, while the intellectual benefits of working at Wash. U. have been inestimable, workers at Wash. U. do not currently have the power to ask for meaningful improvements to their work environment. I hope that my story will help my superiors, colleagues and students understand what it means to live on low wages with an inadequate healthcare plan.

Lacy Murphy | Washington University Graduate Workers Union Member

Op-ed: Washington University is not a climate leader, yet

While committed to operational sustainability and fostering city-wide progress towards a low-carbon future, Wash. U. cannot become a genuine climate leader until it divests from fossil fuels, ceases its close relationship with the coal industry and commits to greater reliance on renewable energy to power our campus.

Hannah Schanzer, Emma Waltman, Dugan Marieb and Allie Lindstorm | Members of the Student Environmental Council

Op-ed: WU’s Olympic rings: A ‘spectacular’ commemoration of racism

The Olympics rings sculpture will serve as a permanent, tangible reminder of St. Louis’ and Washington University’s deeply racist past and present.

Natalie Geismar | Class of 2019

Op-ed: Rejecting policing and dismantling the Washington University ‘bubble’

There exists a multifaceted explanation as to why there is an uptick of violence surrounding Washington University, but many of its factors have been ever-present and are continually reinforced by the University.

Christian Ralph | Graduate School of Engineering Class of 2020

Op-ed: Is the Wash. U. bubble getting safer or smaller?

Washington University is a bubble. Students hardly get off campus, except for the Delmar Loop, and frequently their only knowledge of the St. Louis area consists of “don’t go north of Delmar Boulevard,” “the Metro is unsafe,” “don’t cross the river” or “stay in the county.”

Sarah Dyott | Class of 2019

Op-ed: The shameful treatment of lefties

This lack of a basic student accommodation actively harms left-handed students every single day they don’t skip class.

Jack Ploshnick | Class of 2019

Op-ed: The impending Israeli demolition of a Palestinian village threatens innocent families—and hopes for peace in the Middle East

Our record of organizing to stop these unjust demolitions shows that when we exercise our power and express our solidarity in unison, our voices can bring about change. Now more than ever, we must keep organizing and redouble our efforts.

Michael Berkowitz | Class of 2020