Op-ed submission: Propaganda and fear tactics

In true authoritarian fashion, the administration has taken advantage of its ability to communicate directly with the whole University in an attempt to sway students into voting against unionizing.

Jose Madero | Ph.D. Candidate

Op-ed submission: Our needs cannot be overlooked

Mental health resources are severely lacking and are made even more inaccessible by restrictions set in place by Washington University.

Carolyn Perlmutter | Class of 2020

Op-ed submission: An appreciation for observant teachers

From just that one email checking in with me, I told him everything that was going on, and we met for an hour in person over coffee later that week to discuss how I was feeling.

Sofia Miranda-Fred | Class of 2020

Op-ed submission: Wash. U., we need to talk

The black community has waited far too long for this conversation, but it is not our duty to begin your racial education.

Wash. U. Black Organizers

Op-ed submission: Statement from black leadership on WILD

For these reasons, the Sept. 14 announcement that Lil Dicky, the San Francisco-based white rapper, would be headlining fall WILD was deeply disappointing and troubling. Blatantly put, Lil Dicky is problematic under the guise of a satirical millennial rapper.

Black leaders and SU Senators

Op-ed submission: Undergraduates: Stand with your graduate student workers

This administration has displayed a stunning lack of awareness of the graduate student work that goes into planning, preparing and guiding undergraduate education.

The Washington University Graduate Workers Organizing Committee

Op-ed submission: It’s OK to not be OK

The biggest issue is that we’re scared of mental health. We’re scared of mental health because being open about stress, anxiety and sadness requires us to be vulnerable.

Joe Ludmir | Class of 2018

Op-ed submission: Failure at the top

Last Friday’s tragedy was a shock to everyone, especially those who knew Shayel Patnaik. To his friends and family, this loss is devastating and incomprehensible.

Anonymous | Class of 2019

Op-ed submission: Stay safe

Although the University works hard to keep students safe, we want to remind you of the many resources offered so you can be even more secure.

Campus Safety Task Force

Op-ed submission: An open letter to ALAS

As members of the Washington University community, we find ourselves heartbroken and disappointed in the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)–the one resource designed for students like us.

Laura Delgado and Mario Davila | Class of 2018