Op-ed submission: Response to Jonathan Katz

How dare Professor Jonathan Katz minimize the very real experiences of my nonwhite or nonmale colleagues who have braved incredible obstacles and curmudgeonly old professors—Katz most certainly included—to come to and thrive at Washington University.

Dick Powis | PhD candidate, anthropology

Op-ed submission: New evidence in light of recent op-ed battle

Studies have shown that Jonathan Katz may, in fact, be a steaming pile of trash.

Elaine Emmerich and Xandi Barrett | Class of 2017

Op-ed submission: Why J Street U is bringing Breaking the Silence to campus

In a few days, J Street U WashU will be hosting an exhibition on campus produced by Breaking the Silence, an Israeli organization led by veteran Israel Defense Force soldiers who work to share their experiences of everyday life in the occupied territories.

Aitan Groener

Op-ed submission: Response to Jonathan Katz’s April 16 Submission

I don’t have much of a place commenting on the status of discrimination in the physics department as a student in another department, so I’m not going to do that with this piece.

Joshua Landman, Rachael Holloway | Class of 2017

Op-ed submission: Support our Bon Appetit workers

On Thursday and Friday, dining staff workers will vote on whether or not to organize under United Food & Commercial Workers. This election marks the second unionization effort for Bon Appetit workers at Washington University in two years.

Student Worker Alliance

Op-ed submission: Why we don’t like Holmes Lounge

Eventually, we stopped going to Holmes Lounge, not just because of the nausea that accompanied every visit, but because we had some qualms with the meal as a whole.

Gabe Hoffman and Daniel Cohen | Class of 2017

Op-ed submission: “We don’t have a democracy”: A response to Chancellor Wrighton

On April 14, Fossil Free WashU met with Chancellor Wrighton for the second time this semester.

Alexandra Lindstrom, Jessie Thornton, Kristen Riedinger | Class of 2020 and 2019

Op-ed submission: In response to April 13 article

“Studies have shown” without bibliographic details has no weight as evidence; Jen McLish does this twice in her article.

Jonathan Katz | Professor of Physics

Op-ed submission: In response to ‘Conversion in Bear’s Den’

In a recently published op-ed, Grace Kavinsky accused WU Students for Life and the Abortion Dialogue Academyof lacking empathy toward rape survivors and denying the humanity of women. Although her intentions are surely well-meaning, as a woman, I am hurt by her overreaching and inaccurate claims, and I would like to refute these unfair allegations.

Liz Murphy | Vice President, WU Students for Life

Op-ed submission: Imposed Limites

We were allocated $0 out of $4251.25 appealed for buses, speaker, food and DJ. We watched for over an hour as our event was shredded to pieces.

Itzel Lopez | Class of 2018