Re: Wind power

To the editor:

Wind power is a key component to a healthy, prosperous Missouri. Wind energy not only provides a viable source of clean power but also ensures long-term economic opportunities that can give us the local jobs and financial support our state needs.

Wind turbine installation in Missouri has tripled from 2009 to 2010. With wind energy production and manufacturing already in place, Missouri is on the path to a clean, sustainable future. However, Congressional leaders like Senator McCaskill must extend the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) before it expires at the end of this year to protect the economic and environmental future of our state.

These tax credits support American jobs and local businesses. By extending these credits and harnessing Missouri’s wind power, we can ensure the health, wellbeing and prosperity of our families and neighbors.


Sara Molinsky

  • ron felker

    It all sounds great until you realize that the wind doesn’t always blow and when that happens you have to rely on the non renewable sources to make up the difference. The only way to keep ahead of that game is to keep building non renewable back up for every KW of renewable. Doesn’t make sense to me…only to those selling and lobbying for so called wind power. Check out what is happening with wind in Europe!
    RDF Stockton

  • Kerry Kearney

    Sara – Good to see young people taking an interest in their future, and recognizing that politics plays a key role in getting there. I’m not exactly a young person… but have always been a green energy advocate. I’ve recently gone to the dark side however. Government handouts beget abuse. Greedy developers are siting wind turbines too close to people; it’s happening all over the world. In your quest to advance toward this goal, keep in mind that advocates have been turned into adversaries by improper siting. It feels terrible to fight the PTC, but I’ll do that as long as the Wind Industry continues to behave irresponsibly. If you find yourself in the business of wind, don’t sell your soul and hurt people. Turbines belong in open spaces, and you’ll meet unnecessary and rabid resistance if you believe otherwise.

    Kerry Kearney Plymouth MA