Op-ed: Thank you from the women’s soccer family

Jim Conlon | Women's Soccer Coach

Washington University community, as the head coach of the Wash. U. women’s soccer team, I wanted to thank you for the endless support. With your help, 2018 has been a very successful year. We won the UAA title, played in the NCAA semifinals, had an undefeated regular season, four named All-Americans, one Academic All-American, five All-Region athletes, two Academic All-District student-athletes, 12 UAA Athletes of the Week, two Final Four All-Tournament Team members and 12 Academic All-UAA Scholar-Champions. Most importantly, we had 25 individuals that came together as one family.

Belief is a powerful thing. We have a group of women that believe in each other. A group that makes each other better. A group that embraces each other’s imperfections. A group that embodies what it is to be not only student-athletes, but more accurately, scholar-champions.

We are also fortunate to have a community that believes in us. At Wash. U., we have a campus community that makes the high achievements of a scholar-champion attainable. Thank you to the professors for working with our busy schedule and for providing a world-class education, despite our conflicts. Thank you for believing that athletics are a worthwhile supplement to academia and challenging our women to be their best. Thank you to Student Life making the trip to North Carolina, and the quality coverage of our program. Thank you to the athletics community for rallying in fandom and facilitating two weekends of the NCAA tournament on Francis Field.

Finally, to the entire Wash. U. family, anyone who tweeted, emailed, wished us luck, cleared snow from Francis, packed the stands, watched online, screamed encouragement to their computer or TV or even traveled to North Carolina, your passion helps us strive towards greatness. We are proud to wear “Washington University” across our jerseys and represent this university with respect, integrity and class!


The Women’s Soccer Family