Op-ed: Tyrin Truong is a hypocrite

The proof is in his op-ed

Jada Gardner | Class of 2021

I had never considered writing an op-ed for Student Life—until now. Tyrin Truong clearly has nothing better to do with his time than attack people over an election he’s already won (hey, Tyrin? Aren’t you supposed to be busy representing us in Student Union or something?). Well that’s OK, Tyrin. I have two essays to put off and a chemistry exam to procrastinate studying for. So, let’s dissect your argument together, shall we?

Let me start by strongly condemning Gregg Adams. What he wrote was offensive and absolutely disqualifies him as a candidate. You also condemned Gregg, didn’t you, Tyrin? Except, you didn’t actually because you wrote an entire article about how mad you were that someone exposed his misogyny, suggesting that you’re more upset about the fact that he was called out than you were about the fact that he was being a sexist pig on a public forum.

So, let me follow up on condemning Gregg by condemning you. You didn’t even check your facts before you wrote that article. Yes, Mia Hamernik posted Gregg’s comments in the girl’s chat (and yes, those women deserved to be informed), but she didn’t send the article to Student Life—another candi date did. Interestingly enough, that candidate’s name never showed up in your article, perhaps because he’s a man? After all, you seem to be more interested in complaining about women exposing sexism than you are in addressing sexism—so, maybe you have your own biases.

Mia didn’t send anything into Student Life—but you did, didn’t you Tyrin? It’s a little hypocritical, don’t you think? You blasted Mia about how wrong it was to expose another student in Student Life, claiming she had ill intentions (with an argument full of logical fallacies, speculation, false information and grammatical errors, I might add). And yet, you’re doing exactly what you claimed she did. Wasting your time, completely missing the issue at hand here, which is that someone, who intended to represent our student body, showed very little respect for roughly 53 percent of our population (that’s the percentage of women at our school. Unlike you, I check my facts). So, what are your motives, Tyrin? Your article talked about your intentions as a senator, but I don’t see how you can carry out any of your proposed actions when you’re busy falsely accusing women like this is Salem, Mass in 1692. Your intentions were to start a conversation about Mia, but instead, you made yourself look foolish. In trying to expose someone else, you exposed your true character. You couldn’t care less about sexism, just women that (you think) are exposing it to the students who deserve to know. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, sweetie.

This article is in no way an attack on you, Tyrin, but rather a means of holding you accountable.