Tell us your: Worst Valentine’s Day Experience

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, and unless you’ve lived a fairytale life up until this point, you probably have a V-Day horror story to share. For example, last year, Senior Cadenza Editor Georgie Morvis spent his Valentine’s Day alone with his brand new Neopets account. And Managing Editor Sahil Patel spends every Valentine’s Day with his floormates watching “Love Actually” and eating ice cream.

Tell us your Worst Valentine’s Day Experience and you might make it into the next issue of Student Life!

  • Henry Palmer

    I wonder why Georgie Morvis spent his Valentines Day alone…

  • Forever Alone

    I’ve spent five years here, and I can’t remember a single Valentine’s Day. It’s usually just me, myself and I spending some quality time with a some Smirnoff and wine #foreveralone

  • anonymous

    Last year, I was ditched the day before Valentine’s Day by this guy. So me and my friends went to Ibby’s as a group to celebrate with each other. Guess who I saw there with some skanky brunette. It’s all right because I had sex with his roommate in his bed a week later though.