Date a Wash. U. student (we’re all there is)

In our last issue, we highlighted an OkCupid analysis that ranked users from Washington University highest in confidence and dating message quality. We at Student Life are pleased that the sexual prowess of our fellow Wash. U. students is finally being recognized—it’s about time.

Point: Yik Yak fosters hate, not laughs

My first encounter with Yik Yak was when I was accepted to Washington University and decided to visit here. I was sitting in an anthropology class when some guy in a turtle costume got up mid-lecture, yelled a fraternity name, shot a NERF gun into the air and ran out.

Michaela Lange | Contributing Reporter

Counterpoint: Yik Yak fosters campus community

Don’t ride a skateboard around campus if you’re gonna fall off every 5 seconds.” “You used to call me on my shell phone.” “Biden/Knope 2k16.” What do these seemingly random statements have in common, you ask? All of them were famous Yaks, and all of them were posted by me.

Ella Chochrek | Contributing Reporter

Why college rankings are irrelevant

With another year’s release of the U.S. News & World Report college rankings, our Washington University finds itself ranked in a tie for 15th, one spot lower than its position on last year’s list.

| Senior Forum Editor

A farewell to a singular politician

As you’ve often heard me say, this isn’t about me. It’s about the people. It’s about the institution,” John Boehner said last Friday, following the announcement of his resignation as congressman and speaker of the House. His personal epigram indicates his core political ideology: He always puts the United States and its citizens above party-line politics.

Ethan Kerns | Contributing Writer

WU assault stats show need for mandatory prevention training

Last Monday, Student Life published an article detailing the results from the Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct. We at Student Life feel that the numbers were both alarming and unacceptable and call for a larger, unified initiative on campus to decrease instances of sexual assault and violence.

Uber breaks monopoly, legitimizes city

After months of deliberation, calls for action from frustrated St. Louisans, a satirical app mocking the lack of ridesharing services and aggressive opposition from cab companies, it’s finally here. The vicious battle between the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission (MTC) and Uber ended last Friday after Uber sued the MTC for violating the Sherman Antitrust Act, a legislative piece designed to combat artificial or constructed monopolies of an industry.

An open letter to the chancellor

Washington University changed my life. The three years I spent at Washington University studying literature and finance prepared me for my doctorate work in philosophy of religion at the University of Chicago, as well as careers in academics and business. As an alumna of this fine university, I would like to give back, but I cannot in good conscience.

Jennifer Schuberth | Class of 1998

Trolley invokes nostalgia, trivializes everything else

“F— this trolley,” a friend said as we turned onto Delmar from Skinker, passing cars practically scraping side mirrors. The five lanes of Delmar have been condensed to two as construction for the coming Loop trolley makes its way down the street.

Clark Randall | Staff Writer

Wash. U. gave us more winter break, now help us use it

With the new school year comes a number of changes, one of which might be particularly exciting to students: Washington University’s winter break has been extended to one month and three days, eight days longer than last year’s three-week-and-five-day winter break. A longer winter break opens up a number of previously unrealistic opportunities for students, but the University has yet to add resources to coincide with our lengthened free time.