Business of Sports minor must feature social responsibility lessons

I attended Lacob’s talk eager to hear his opinion on another issue that has dominated the NBA news cycle for the past several months. I asked what impact the franchise sales of Donald Sterling and Bruce Levenson after both made racially charged comments has on the dynamic of NBA ownership.

| Senior Sports Editor

Are white liberals failing Ferguson?

Since Aug. 9, I have read hundreds of articles running the gamut from critiquing black culture to condemning police brutality and conservative racism. White liberals have somehow slipped through the cracks of criticism and escaped unscathed. I’m a part of this demographic, and it’s time we talk about how we have treated Ferguson—and better yet, what Ferguson wants from us.

Clark Randall | Staff Columnist

Leave the Ray Rice jerseys, racial costumes at home this weekend

It’s 2014. Somewhere a misguided someone is heralding the end of racism and the beginnings of a post-racial society in which no one sees color. And somewhere, an equally misguided someone on Instagram is posting a photo of a young white child clad in a Ray Rice jersey, face smeared with brown makeup, a baby doll dragged behind him by the curls of her hair. It’s 2014 and apparently blackface and domestic violence are appropriate subjects to mock via a child’s Halloween costume.

Why we need you for SU

Student Union elections are coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Student Union’s mission is to advocate for student needs and interests, allocate the student activities fee and program for the entire student body. Above all of this, however, Student Union is your official undergraduate student government.

Student Union

How to do WILD sober

While daunting, WILD is completely do-able sober. Honestly, it’s not different at all from doing it drunk. It all depends on how comfortable you are around other people who are drunk. Don’t be scared by people who only focus on the drinking. You can gain many memories even without the added alcohol.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Writer

With expansion of Wash. U. class sizes, bigger isn’t always better

For many applicants to Washington University, the school’s small-to-medium size is a huge advantage on the college pros and cons list. Smaller colleges offer more individualized education—you aren’t just a face in the crowd. You have the advantage of taking smaller classes, knowing your professors personally and getting opportunities for a customized education. At a smaller college, you are part of a community—even though it’s impossible to know everyone at Wash. U., you will see lots of familiar faces walking around campus.

Stay classy at WILD, Wash. U.

With WILD coming up on Friday, everyone on campus is looking forward to a fun weekend. But as we know, things can sometimes get out of hand. Worst of all, every year some students make mistakes that haunt them the rest of their time at Washington University.

Lora Zuo | Student Conduct Ambassador | Office of Student Conduct

My identity confession: Don’t tell me who I should be

Racial identity functions on a spectrum and is something that an individual has the power to define independently. It isn’t an absolute concept, so there’s no reason why anyone should have to live up to certain expectations about his or her race. Just because you don’t conform to those expectations also doesn’t mean that you can’t still culturally identify with it.

Rima Parikh | Staff Columnist

Go crazy at WILD, but keep these guidelines in mind

It’s that time of the year again—when you can drink in the daytime and feel like you go to a state school for a fleeting afternoon and evening.
WILD is an event that comes with abundant anticipation, and as midterms wind down, it’s a perfect moment for students to let loose. Even while making the day live up to its acronym, keep in mind the following guidelines for remaining a responsible human being.

Does our academic schedule compare poorly to other schools?

Washington University’s fall academic calendar is unique—starting a full week before most private universities, with two one-day breaks (Labor Day and fall break, which falls a week after Columbus Day), a traditional Thanksgiving break and then ending with a three-day reading week and five days of exams. In the research I have done, I have yet to find a university of the same caliber or size with a directly comparable schedule.

Peter Dissinger | Contributing Writer