College’s traditional rites of passage in need of a makeover

Rape continues to be a problem on college campuses, fraternities continue to perpetuate a dangerous hazing culture and underage drinking is tolerated at a majority of universities. Why is it that even though there are groups advocating for better sexual violence prevention and education on drugs and alcohol, American universities and colleges are plagued by these systemic issues?

Peter Dissinger | Contributing Writer

On understanding and surviving the pre-quarterlife crisis

If you’re having a good day, I’d rather you not read this. I mean, you wouldn’t want to taint your sunny morning with thoughts of the inevitable pre-quarterlife crisis. Sorry. Did that ruin your morning? Now that you’re upset, you’re emotionally ready to finish reading this.

Rima Parikh | Staff Writer

Wrighton’s new email addresses concerns, needs concrete action

On Wednesday afternoon, Chancellor Mark Wrighton sent out a campus-wide email. And unlike in previous emails that have largely ignored the issues surrounding this semester’s events in Ferguson in favor of concern for the on-campus safety of students, Wrighton finally took a stance.

Letter to the Editor: Neutrality is a fallacy

Chancellor Mark Wrighton released a statement on the Wash U Voices website Friday with the message, “we agree.” The Washington University contingent of STL Students in Solidarity is hesitant to accept that claim. We thank Chancellor Wrighton for accepting our demand for a meeting in January to discuss more detailed and tangible demands with the Washington University administration. However, we find the Chancellor’s response to the protest on campus last night to be inadequate.

STL Students in Solidarity

Letter to the Editor: Bike-riding students must prioritize safety

When it’s dark and rainy, cyclists are nearly impossible to see until they’re a few yards away. Traffic around Forest Park Parkway and Skinker is already wild as it is, especially with the lane shifts and changes from Forest Park Parkway to Wydown Boulevard. I’ve been a part of a lot of close calls, and I imagine those close calls would be potentially fatal with drunk drivers or people who aren’t already watching for cyclists.

Johnny Buse | St. Louis Resident

Op-ed submission: Bringing awareness to adjunct faculty cause

As you may be aware, the adjunct faculty at Washington University are preparing for a union election in order to collectively bargain for better working conditions. Some of you may not be aware of what an “adjunct instructor” is exactly. You may be taking classes with one, but do not realize it.

Chris Boehm | Instructor in the College Writing Program

Dialogue is welcome, but activism is not an inconvenience

With hundreds of students participating in protests responding to this semester’s events in Ferguson and police brutality across the United States, student protesters are claiming a new kind of class is in session for Washington University.

On burning and silence

In CNN’s version of Ferguson, fires erupted and glass windows shattered as tear gas clouds overtook protesters, leaving them crying and gasping for breath. All the while, news anchors yammered on about the situation to one another, running for cover when the riot police got near.

June Jennings | Contributing Writer

How to respond to common cop-killing defense arguments

In any case where a black person is killed by a police officer, some common points emerge to justify the crimes. If you find yourself grasping for evidence to oppose such claims, I hope that the following responses—more specifically tailored to the Darren Wilson case—can help.

| Senior Forum Editor

Acknowledging rape culture on campus isn’t enough

Wash. U., like most institutions of higher education in this country, has a rape problem. One woman out of four being assaulted is a problem. Assumptions of being better just because we did not get a Rolling Stone article written about us is a problem.