Economic anxiety affects mental health on campuses

A body of evidence reveals that current economic turmoil, rising student debt and an increasingly competitive job market have a significant impact on students’ mental health.

| Staff Columnist

Course recommendations for your fall 2015 scheduling needs

Advising meetings for fall 2015 schedules are under way, and it’s time to take a look at those course listings and plan your next semester’s slate of classes. We at Student Life have some suggestions based on past favorite courses.

SAE, Greek life must address systemic race issues

Wash. U.’s chapter has a responsibility to both acknowledge and help change a culture shaped by its organization’s persistent incidents of racism, even if it’s on a chapter-specific level.

Whose history do we select?

The topic is certainly heated, but institutions must make an honest effort to handle it, and that includes Wash. U. The question is whether we are capable of listening to voices in a context that also represents their narrative.

| Senior Forum Editor

Taboo memory: The solidarity that selective history tries to erase

With growing ties between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestine, the Anti-Defamation League and other groups are reviving a deliberate campaign of selective history: relegating the solidarity between black and Palestinian liberation movements—past and present— to taboo memory.

Ayah Abo-Basha | Class of 2014

Re: ‘Missouri History Museum stops panel including Palestinian presence’

I am puzzled and concerned that in a recent article Student Life senior editors Zach Kram and Megan Magray referred to the Occupied Palestinian Territories as “contested land.”

Henry Clements | Class of 2014

Starbucks campaign wasn’t perfect, but at least they’re trying

If, last week, you were politely confused as to why your Starbucks double-tall-no-whip mocha came with a side of race theory, you’re not alone. The launch of Starbucks’ latest campaign, “Race Together,” garnered a mixed reaction among customers.

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Parallels between movements exist, despite history museum’s claims

Beyond mere optics, the museum is indeed engaging in selective history by denying a connection between the social movements in Ferguson and Mexico with those occurring in Palestine.

Shame on the Missouri History Museum

How cruelly ironic that a museum of history would deny a voice to those who have been continuously expunged from the historical record.

Henry Clements | Class of 2014

Junk food era is not coming to a close

While I would love to think that processed food could finally claim its rightful place at the bottom of the food chain, I’m highly skeptical of these results.

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