Op-ed submission: On last week’s shooting, and how to move forward

In the wake of last week’s shooting, I have heard a lot from students about preparedness on the part of Washington University, communication to students and staff from emergency personnel, varied reactions by professors who were in class when the safety warnings were issued and protections in place to help prevent another situation like it. Thankfully, the University acknowledges these issues and has already begun to improve on all levels.

Robert Mark Morgan | Senior Lecturer

Meal point policy only hurts students

With the year drawing to a close and finals stress descending, there’s an anxious buzz around as students prepare for summer, say goodbye to their friends and still try their best to pass their classes. Piling on top of the dozens of other worries students carry with them is a new uncertainty created this year by the revised meal plan policy.

Reflecting on the past year: We regret everything

As the school year comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect. Seeing as we are all college students with questionable foresight, the shameful things we have done are more likely to occupy the forefront of our collective hive mind.

Forum Staff

Letter to the Editor

An anthropology professor wrote a letter advocating for increased measures by the University to keep students informed during emergency situations.

Glenn Stone | Professor of Anthropology

Op-ed submission: After the shooting, a question worth asking

Mark Zaegel, campus minister, comments on the gun violence that occurred on Forsyth Boulevard earlier this year.

Mark Zaegel | Campus Minister, Catholic Student Center

Not all legends are heroes

Kobe Bryant is one of the most skilled, competitive and hardworking players the NBA has ever seen. Even after a series of debilitating injuries, he dropped 60 points in his last game ever against the Utah Jazz—quite the way to go out.

| Staff Writer

Student Union needs to reorganize speaker funding, selection

Every year, Student Union puts aside an inordinate amount of money to give students the opportunity to hear from a wide range of speakers on a number of topics—from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights to feminism to global health.

Registration nightmare for freshmen, better than alternatives

While final papers are soon due and exams are just around the corner, Washington University students are first faced with another stressful (and perhaps more daunting) task: course registration for fall 2016.

| Staff Writer

University emergency alerts leave students confused and underprepared

It has become abundantly clear over the past few weeks that Washington University is a long way from being fully prepared for a campus emergency.

Wash. U. needs to better prepare us for active shooting situations

A Washington University student argues that the University needs to better prepare students to deal with active shooting situations.

Thomas Van Horn | Class of 2018