Counterpoint: Blackboard is fine, move on

So, Blackboard is pretty decent. Look, it’s so friendly—the homepage tab is titled “Welcome, Sean.”

| Staff Writer

Point: It’s time to trash Blackboard

As the outgoing senior Forum editor, I’ve got one more fight to pick. It’s something every student at Wash. U. has in common, and as you’ve probably noticed, our course management system is in pretty bad shape.

| Senior Forum Editor

St. Louis voters should exercise caution on soccer in St. Louis

The upcoming mayoral election in St. Louis, which will happen April 4, has largely been decided by the democratic primary that happened in March. Given the city’s history as a liberal community, we fully expect Lyda Krewson to be the next mayor of St. Louis, however, the general election will still be a crucial moment for a major economic conflict in the city: a potential St. Louis soccer team.

Op-ed submission: The unsung heroes of Wash. U.

You might not always see them, but the staff at Washington University and all college campuses allow students to thrive and do their best every day.

Jack Zuckerman | Class of 2020

Op-ed submission: ‘Enhancing Lives’ starts with valuing lives: Wash. U. worker’s right to living wage

he Student Worker Alliance (SWA) has found that the wages workers earn are not enough to cover living expenses as basic as food, rent and medical bills. At a University with one of the largest endowments in the country ($6.5 billion), the workers who maintain the campus’s day-to-day operations deserve a living wage. SWA urges Wash. U. to offer its workers the living wage they deserve.

Student Worker Alliance

The bubble gets smaller

When our administration released news on the parking changes for undergraduates last semester, the Washington University bubble got a lot more claustrophobic. Sophomores lost their rights to parking entirely and juniors will be parking on the South 40.

Lauren Alley | Staff Writer

Course listings need more substance

The editorial board of Student Life urges the Wash. U. administration to put better policies into place that require professors and departments to list more detailed descriptions of how classes will be run, whether through previous syllabi or a document outlining what the class will be structured like (effectively a less finished syllabus).

Op-ed submission: A call for sanctuary: Student letter to the administration

After a public show of support from faculty and graduate employees, students met with Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori White on Monday March 6. Our next scheduled meeting, when we expect to hear back about implementation, is March 23.

Concerned and affected students

A second look at the campus political climate

In a recent controversial New York Times op-ed, Bucknell University senior Tom Ciccotta argued that he and his fellow conservative students “have found that we can’t bring up controversial topics without being told we are fomenting hate or invalidating someone else’s existence.”

| Staff Writer

SU exec compensation needs more research, better plan

The amendment on executive compensation put forward in the Student Union spring elections became a viral issue on our campus this past Tuesday when students urged their peers to reject the amendment and condemned SU for proposing to pay their highest ranking officers.