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Staff Editorial: Take your parents on a real St. Louis tour

These tours—especially those to less frequently visited areas of the city—are a concrete, constructive effort on the part of the University to introduce not only students, but also the loved ones who support them, to St. Louis outside of the “Wash. U. Bubble.”

Cartoon: Man vs. moth

Those stupid moths…

Henry Lin | Editorial Cartoonist

Op-ed: A call for (Asian) accountability

While I have seen much support during the aftermath of this particular incident by those in the black community, rarely do I see nearly as many Asian (especially East Asian) students come to support the black community when other students, administrators, Washington University Police Department officers and community members work to make them feel unsafe or unwanted.

Lee Steinhorst | Class of 2018

Letter to the editor

I am a retired college professor who, over the course of years, has changed goals many times.

Harry Toder, Ph.D.

Op-ed: No student in need of help should go without at a university bursting with abundance

No student in need of mental health treatment should go without at a university bursting with abundance. With this money, low-income students can request funds to cover the cost of therapy, psychiatry, testing, transportation to off-campus providers and other expenses related to mental health treatment.

Shelly Gupta, Carolyn Perlmutter and Tyler Tran | Class of 2019 and 2020

Staff editorial: Board of trustees lacks transparency, in excess of authority

The board of trustees is perhaps the most consequential institution in determining the direction of the University. The people who are the most directly affected by this direction—the students—should at the very least be informed how these decisions are made.

St. Louis Stockholm syndrome

When choosing Washington University, I never had to struggle with friends and family wishing me luck in D.C. or Seattle because Wash. U. actually has name recognition here—no “in St. Louis” necessary.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

Staff editorial: The conversation doesn’t stop with apologies

Offensive ideas are not new to campus. Communities of color deal with problematic comments and behaviors constantly. Why does it take one of those comments going viral on campus to get a response?

Politicians, stop trying to be like me

Ah, another campaign season. That special time of year where a bunch of people compete to try to convince you that they are the best person for office in a glorified popularity contest.

Tyler Sabloff | Senior Forum Editor

Senior year isn’t what I thought it would be

Senior year of college does not connote top dog status like it did in high school.

| Staff Writer