Why progressives should oppose the Iran deal

Although I do not personally identify with the progressive political movement, I firmly believe in the advancement of LGBT rights in America and around the world. I’ve found common ground with progressives on my belief in equal rights for all people regardless of their sexual orientation.

Paul Felder | Class of 2018

Advanced add/drop deadline puts professor interests above students

As students stream back to campus this year, they have been confronted with quite a few changes. Instead of making “Choices,” the freshmen now find their “Bearings.” Instead of living in Ruby, South 40 residents can now wax nostalgic about its heyday.

Let’s keep this between us

Fun, accessible and entertaining—that’s exactly what social media was designed to be. But sometimes, Snapchat can take “entertainment” a bit too far by adding features that hurt more than amuse its users. Enter the screenshot.

| Staff Columnist

Medical Amnesty aims for reassurance, leaves uncertainty

A step forward from Wash. U.’s traditionally ambiguous expectations surrounding alcohol, the protocol will hopefully encourage students to seek help for themselves and/or their peers when they’re in danger. However, the protocol’s vague wording leaves much to be desired.

Bearings needs to find its bearings

With another incarnation of Bear Beginnings said and done, the new members of the Washington University community can now confidently strut around campus educated on our school’s policies, but maybe not ready for the day-to-day struggles of college life. “Our Names, Our Stories” tells of our various identities, “The Date” of sexual assault and violence, and “Bearings” of…well, not much.

| Senior Forum Editor

Finding a fulfilling freshman first semester

Before coming to Washington University, I couldn’t tell you how many times an adult came up to me and said, “College will be great; you’re just going to love it.” It was nice to have those words of encouragement, but after a while I started to feel like I was being burdened with a cliche of late-adolescent life. The “college is the best, therefore you must be happy or else” mantra has become so entirely prevalent in teenage culture. If you asked Wash. U. students what their take was on their first year, I think many would tell you that being at this place is incredible. But, as you may have seen on Yik Yak, Wash U Confessions or in the New York Times, there is an element of adversity that we all have to go through.

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Freshman experience, connections should be pre-o focus

Around a third of this year’s freshman class flocked to campus four days early last week, preempting move-in day via participation in one of Washington University’s 17 pre-orientation programs.
In general, pre-orientation programs occupy the dual role of introducing new students to each other and campus as well as recruiting them to join a campus group or organization. For freshmen in the Leading Wash. U. Style pre-orientation program, for instance, the four days before orientation are a time for both making new friends and receiving an immersive experience in the world of Student Union.

Finding ‘wholeness’ during freshman year

In the Jewish tradition, the Hebrew word “shalom” is both a greeting and a blessing. The term is usually translated as “peace.” While it is commonly used as a means of saying “hello,” it can also mean “goodbye.” Implicit in the greeting is a wish for the person you are talking to be at peace, as they enter or leave.

Rabbi Hershey Novack | Director of Chabad

Looking back at Ferguson: 1 year later

Aug. 9 marked the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Mo. More than a year later, the racial tensions and injustice both in Ferguson and throughout St. Louis—including on our own campus—remain far from quelled.

The failings of WU’s health care system

“WUPD isn’t going to take me to the hospital any more.”

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