The failings of WU’s health care system

“WUPD isn’t going to take me to the hospital any more.”

| Staff Writer

What Wash. U. can do better: An absolutely comprehensive list

Please fix the Wi-Fi. I really don’t care which one it is—WUSTL 2.0, WUSTL encrypted 2.0, WUSTL Guest—just make one of them work.

Out damned Canon! Out, I say.

It’s Wednesday, April 22, and I’m sitting in my English major advisor’s Mallinckrodt office for my exit interview from the major. The interview, I’m told, is to help the department assess what’s working in the major, what isn’t and what it can do to better serve the next generation of Washington University’s literary scholars.

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The smear campaign has started

Earlier this week, an opinion—“To Be Middle Eastern at Wash. U.”—was published in Student Life. The letter begins by announcing the start of a smear campaign, but it was the false, unclear and misleading allegations that appeared within the letter itself that were both offensive and deeply disturbing.

Kaity Shea Cullen | Class of 2016

There’s more to Writing 1 than meets the eye

As an instructor of Writing 1, among other courses, I firmly believe in the benefit of my profession to the students whom it is my job and my privilege to teach. As another academic year wraps up, I’d like to address some common misconceptions about CWP 1 in recent Student Life editorials, which represent opinions that I hear more generally.

Michael O'Bryan | Writing 1 Professor

Keep WILD weird, but always ask consent

These are aspects of the WILD experience that we simply must accept. Here is what we won’t accept this year: weird WILD touching.

| Managing Editor

Mac Miller a logical choice, but time to shift priorities

We don’t envy the task of the WILD director. Faced with a student body marked by diverging tastes and a budget too limited to afford an artist with ubiquitous appeal, each semester is a delicate balancing act between maximizing the headliner’s popularity, promoting genre diversity and finding a performer engaging enough to convert newcomers. This can amount to something of a zero-sum game.

Point: Without consistency, Writing 1 is irrelevant

One such view is that Writing 1 is not an enjoyable class but still necessary in the college education framework. Another such view—my view—is that the entire course is irrelevant and should be done away with entirely.

| Senior Forum Editor

Counterpoint: Writing 1 is flawed, but necessary

However, in practice, College Writing 1 has become a pariah of subjective grading scales and teachers with terrible reputations. As someone who has now taken the class, I would argue against the stigma and say that the class actually benefits the majority of students by giving all students valuable writing experience.

| Staff Columnist

The liabilities of a tradition

With yet another incarnation of the ThurtenE Carnival in the books, Wash. U. students are once again left with more questions than answers, more gripes than good feelings about the whole event.