Wash. U. Cross-country teams top-five at nationals

In the cool, damp, 45-degree weather, the Wash. U. cross country teams raced in the NCAA championships at Principia College.

Benjamin Simon | Contributing Reporter

Op-ed: Check the ingredients in your pudding, Tyrin Truong

I don’t quite see why describing “James Santos” as a gay, Latino man keeps Hamernik from championing the ideals of the WashU Pride Alliance and Association of Latin American Students.

Max Klapow | Class of 2021

Former Dean of Students pleads guilty on child pornography charges

Justin X. Carroll, former associate vice chancellor for students and dean of students, pled guilty to charges of child pornography earlier this afternoon. Carroll had previously pled not guilty at his Feb. 8 arraignment.

| Senior Editor

UPDATED: University under investigation for 3 Title IX violations

Washington University is being investigated on two allegations of sexual violence by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights (OCR), the University learned this past Wednesday.

and | Senior Editors

Op-ed submission: My open letter to Washington University School of Law Dean Nancy Staudt

I am disappointed that you are unable to separate your personal views from views that you can appropriately express in your capacity as the dean of the Washington University School of Law.

Richard Kuhns | Professor of Law Emeritus

Sumers solstice: New recreation center unveiled

The pristine walls embraced the sweet scent of sweat, students wandered with eyes of wonder, and there were plenty of raffle tickets to go around. After over four years of anticipation, the Gary M. Sumers Recreation Center opened its doors to the public Saturday.

| Sports Editor

Bring more contraceptive choices to Student Health Services

Such accomplishments make it even harder to ignore that sometimes, Wash. U.’s Student Health Services lags far behind our cutting-edge research.

Op-ed submission: More than Black & White

It goes without being said that I was not surprised when I received a text message featuring an image of two female Asian students sporting modern variations of Black face with the caption, “We’re in the zulu (sic) tribe.”

Morgan Bryant | Class of 2019

Social media deepens divide

A Snapchat depicting two sophomore Asian-American students was met with criticism from members of the Washington University community and beyond this weekend. A Facebook post by sophomore Morgan Bryant on Saturday prompted the initial response, as Bryant, who is black, described her reaction to the photo. The photo, picturing the two girls wearing multi-colored face […]

| Breaking News Editor

Debate day calls for more Wash. U. spirit

Two weeks ago, the presidential debate lit up the Washington University community into an emblazoned state of spirit—students ran across campus in their Bear apparel, debate water bottles, T-shirts and pins in tow.

Emma Galasso | Contributing Writer