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Needy Tween

White musician wins Grammy for best black musician of all time

The 59th annual Grammy Awards, a yearly event to celebrate music only loved by SiriusXM listeners who drive a Buick, recognized a new class of white artists for their efforts in being white and musicians.

Scrappy Doo | Director of Fake News

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Student Libel Staff

A Q&A with St. Louis rap sensation Chance the Wrighton

Known for his often unapproachable profile and slick, wavy hair, St. Louis rapper Chance the Wrighton agreed to an exclusive interview with Student Libel to talk about his inspiration and relationship with the Washington University community.

Tracy Lindsay | Czech Porn Star

Devin and the Atmospheres to play Drumpf’s impeachment party

As yet another month of disastrous domestic and foreign policy draws to a close, calls for the impeachment of President Donman Drumpf have reached the House of Representatives.

Scrappy Doo | Director of Fake News

Wanting a normal college experience: WU needs to get over sports

If there’s anything longer than Washington University’s full name, it’s the line it takes for me to get to our auspicious, historical Olympic bleachers on a Sunday.

I. Preferin Tramural | In the Bear Costume

A Seven step guide to starting your own secret society

Sup f—ers.

Seven Pancakes in a Trenchcoat | Totally Hypothetical Situation Creator

The case for a drunker Washington University in St. Louis

College is all about finding yourself—finding your future, yes, but also finding out who you are. In my opinion, Wash. U. students need to redirect where they are looking for themselves.

Nathaniel Light | Staff Frat Star

‘A Modest Proposal’ for our parking problems

I won’t waste time with the pageantries folks. We’ve got a parking problem on our hands.

Red Parking Pass | The Spaces Are Always Empty, Dammit

A(n) __________ (STRONG ADJECTIVE) case against __________(COLLEGE-RELATED NOUN)

Campus has been buzzing over the recent __________ (NOUN) that __________ (VERB) last week. __________ (EXCLAMATION)!