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The truth behind male enhancement

While women can find reason for insecurity in their breast sizes, men can feel the same way about their penis sizes. My point here is that penis enlargement is something many men seek.

L . Moore | Sex Columnist

Condoms: Latex vs. non-latex

While idly browsing the family planning section of Walgreen’s one morning, I found myself rediscovering all the fabulous varieties of condoms. Next to the Mint Tingle Trojans and Assorted Durex Pleasure Packs stood Lifestyles’ “Skyn” non-latex polyisoprene condoms and Naturalamb non-latex lambskin condoms.

| Sex Columnist

Foot fetishes: Fun or freaky?

Foot fetishism, otherwise known as podophilia (not to be confused with pedophilia), is defined as an intense sexual interest in feet.

| Sex Columnist

To queef or not to queef

Vaginal flatulence, popularly known as “queefing,” is the phenomenon that occurs when excess air is pushed out through the vagina; it’s like a fart but without the expulsion of odorous gases. Queefing normally occurs during intercourse, as arousal causes a vagina to expand and the entrance of the penis causes air to be pushed inside. […]

L Moore | Sex Columnist

HPV: The Facts

I grew up knowing all the facts about STDs. Before they became STIs, the most common STDs identified by my high school and middle school counselors were gonorrhea, chlamydia and genital herpes.

L Moore | Sex Columnist

The hair down there

We’re all too familiar with the hair “down there.” You know, the stuff that wasn’t there when we were kids. The hair that makes you think twice before you put on a bathing suit, and—hopefully—makes you think three times before you decide to participate in a naked run. That’s right: pubic hair. Whether you have […]

L Moore | Sex Columnist

Mile High Club Etiquette

Say you’re sitting next to a hunky gentleman in a tie. He’s reading some fiction piece from the New Yorker behind almost-hipster glasses. His perfectly-muscular forearm brushes against yours, as you both move for the shared armrest. You’re in seat 14E, and he’s 14F—and all you can think about is how he might be secretly […]

L Moore | Sex Columnist

Three’s Company: Or is it?

The “threesome,” typically thought of as the sexual scenario of two women, one man and one bed, seems to be the go-to fantasy of the everyday male in the United States. I mean, if I were one Javier Bardem surrounded by the passion-gripped bodies of Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz, it would be mine, too. […]

| Sex Columnist

Explorations in genital piercings

While most Washington University students cringe at my mention of genital piercing, offering a “No comment” or an “Ew!”, these piercings are a common form of physical expression, whether for decoration or to enhance physical pleasure. In fact, genital piercing dates back to 19th-century England, when Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert allegedly pierced a ring through his penis to emphasize the bulge in his pants.

L Moore | Sex Columnist