Tennessee Williams and Interpol: The playwright Henry Schvey

I met Henry Schvey because of our shared passion for Tennessee Williams, an American playwright born in 1911. I enrolled in Henry’s American Culture Studies course on Williams’ work, although he was understandably wary of allowing a freshman into his 400-level reading-intensive course, but eventually allowed me to enroll.

Elizabeth Phelan | Contributing Writer

For Andrew Martin, an academic journey comes full circle

Andrew Martin’s academic career has always led him back to Washington University.

| Associate Editor

Meet the President

When Sydney Robinson talks about SU, she’s regal, serious. When she talks about schoolwork, she’s optimistic, idealistic. The first sophomore to assume the presidency since 2003, she recognizes the responsibility of the position she’s taking on.

| Senior Scene Editor

A fashionable exit: How Armour’s seniors rebranded their story

Armour has evolved quite a bit in the last six years. Read about their total rebranding.

| Senior Scene Editor

A portrait of Kenneth Sng: Student Union, failed driver tests and the Singapore military

Student Life profiles Student Union President and junior Kenneth Sng.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Next to a Ficus: An interview with Matthew Herman

This is the first installment in a series of hard-hitting exposes on Washington University student figures. This week I sat down with junior Matthew Herman, who opened for B.J. Novak at the Social Programming Board spring comedy show and performs with K.A.R.L. Improv! and Kids On Campus.

| Senior Scene Editor

Behind the scenes of OWN IT with co-founder Ellen Kaushansky

The inaugural OWN IT summit at Washington University will be taking place November 7th—co-founder and current senior Ellen Kaushansky has been extremely busy finalizing all the details of the summit for women’s empowerment.

| Staff Reporter

Aarthi Arunachalam: A Wash. U. legend

You might not know her personally, but you must have at least heard of the “pink scooter girl” on campus. That’s graduate student Aarthi Arunachalam, who has been on and around Washington University campus for 10 years.

Momo Hu | Contributing Writer

Sophomore Andrew Glantz begins first course of business

While other business students may wear button-downs day-to-day to enhance their overall professional persona, Glantz was preparing to make a pitch to a restaurant loved by many Washington University students: Seoul Taco.

| Staff Reporter

Nikki Metzger: Ups and downs in a serious skating career

Last winter, while most Washington University students who visited the skating rink in Forest Park bundled up in several layers of clothing, anticipating various falls, sophomore Nikki Metzger was getting asked if she was Olympics-bound.

and | Staff Writers