National Kale Day with Kale Day gets leafy outside of Greenleaf

Superfood. Lettuce. Arugula. Veggie-Head. Cabbage-Head. Cabbage-Patch. Leaf. Kale Chip. These are some of the many nicknames that have been given to freshman Kale Day, who celebrated National Kale Day on Wednesday.

Jaden Satenstein | Contributing Writer

Parades, food, hayrides, a 5k and art: Do it all in St. Louis this weekend

This weekend is one for the books. With a variety of events happening, you might as well close your eyes, point at this list, and you’ll find a good one! Or just go to each one for half an hour, whatever works.

| Senior Scene Editor

What to do on a sunny Labor Day

Since we all get a three-day weekend, and planned Welcome Week events only last six days, Washington University students have to make some hard decisions in the following days, like what to do on Labor day.

‘I broke the bed:’ Awkward sound bites for an awkward week

A few notes: My roommate and I had chosen random. Neither of us were active on social media. We had texted one another only twice: once for brief introductions and once to coordinate dorm shopping.

Jonah Goldberg | Freshman Press Writer

‘Dating’ apps: Where social media requires social interaction

Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg predicted the rise of Tinder, too. After all, he invented FaceMash, a website that allowed you to compare the physical attractiveness of women for fun.

Isabelle Gillman | Contributing Writer

How to interview your way into everyone’s hearts

Hey there, hi there! Instead of food, today I will give you some advice on how to improve your chances when you are job hunting in college.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Calling on all activist scholars: Let’s edit Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the first sites to pop up for just about any Google search. We all know not to cite it as an academic source, but we still treat it as a pretty reliable source.

| Senior Editor

Spring has sprung: Events to ring in the new season

Despite what it might feel like outside, it officially became spring in St. Louis almost two weeks ago.

| Managing Editor

Matt’s Morsels: Steak

Steak is iconic; steak is immortal; steak is love. Instead of shelling out more money than you would on a new pair of Jordans, you can pick up a nice, $30 steak and make someone fall in love with you.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Columnist

I tried to exercise and this is what happened: A Yoga Sculpt class review

This class is not about finding your breath. It’s more about losing it.

| Staff Writer