How to celebrate the holidays in St. Louis before break starts

Take a break from your study schedule to venture out into St. Louis for a fun, festive time.

| Editor-in-Chief

Thirsty Thursday: A guide to St. Louis’ independent breweries

Everyone knows about Schlafly, but you might want to check out Urban Chestnut, Civil Life, Perennial Artisan Ales and 4 Hands.

| Staff Writer

Which campus library should you study in?

Sometime all you need is the right atmosphere. Take this quiz to find out what’s the right Wash. U. library for you.

| Senior Scene Editor

Late nights and pizza pies: Get the most out of delivery

Pizza is the great equalizer of foods. Which of Dominoes, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut strike your fancy?

| Senior Scene Editor

Study with enemies, let the haters motivate

Maybe this should be an article about strategies to improve self-control and tips to stay motivated while studying. Alas, I do not have those answers. I’m here to give advice for what to do and where to go when it’s 11 p.m. and you’ve done absolutely nothing.

Katy Hutson | Staff Writer

Thirsty Thursdays: Stagmosa

Behold, the Stagmosa. One part Stag Beer, one part orange juice, all parts perfect for the shower.

| Staff Writer

‘I be on my suit and tie’: Chancellor Wrighton’s style evolution

Mark Wrighton’s taste in fashion and style have remained rock-solid throughout all these years, as you will see from these carefully sourced pictures of Wrighton dug up out of the Student Life photo archives.

| Staff Writer

Which of Dean Jen Smith’s dogs are you?

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Aspen or Juneau, know that they share the approximate size, color and fur density of polar bears.

| Senior Forum Editor

Bananas and laptops: Instagram accounts of Wash. U.

From Facebook group “Eclipse Memes for Post-Totality Tweens,” to Snapchat, to the world of Instagram, social media is helping to redefine students’ experiences of being a part of the Wash. U. community.

| Staff Writer

Halloween events near you that aren’t trick or treating

Here are the best, scariest, probably haunted events with a promise of candy (or other treats) in St. Louis this week.

| Senior Editor