Katy’s Korner: Stop outing sexual assault survivors. Sincerely, Survivors

What do I do if my friends keep outing me as a sexual assault survivor? It’s something that takes me a lot of time to be comfortable telling people, so I’m not okay with it being talked about before I’m ready. I don’t want to lose friends over this, but I also don’t want to have to sacrifice my anonymity.

| Senior Scene Editor

A fantasy world where frat formals aren’t scary

‘Tis the season, baby. The time of year when some fraternities have out-of-town formals in places like Chicago and Nashville, Tenn., and non-fraternity members are generally asked to come with. It’s a weekend of sight-seeing, drinking, dancing and fun times, or so I’ve been told.

| Senior Scene Editor

Wake me up when September ends

If you look at me and say, “I get 10 hours of sleep every night,” rest assured you’ll find me following you around because you’re my next case study.

You look tired too, you conniving snake

“You look tired” really means “You look worse than usual, and I can say this under the guise of concern.”

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I love you, IUD

Sup Katy, what the hell is an IUD???
—Cervically Challenged Chad

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Kat’s declassified — heavily specific — date survival guide

I don’t often go on dates, but I think the best relationship advice always comes from the friends that absolutely don’t date.

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Red-Green Colorblindness

First of all, your friend sounds like a jerk. Green Dot is a bystander intervention training program backed by research and used by colleges across the country.

| Senior Scene Editor

Katy’s Corner: That guy that just won’t stop

Dear Katy, How do I keep these peeps from constantly blowing up my phone, asking to hang out and giving me hugs when I see them on campus?

| Staff Columnist

Katy’s Korner: How does dating as a freshman girl work?

My advice to you is to catch feels. Cultivate those heart sparkles.

| Staff Columnist

Katy’s Korner: A smelly situation

Katy’s thoughts on a roommate with unbelievably stinky feet.

Katy Hutson | Staff Columnist