A taste of Europe in St. Louis: Exploring the STL food scene

While it is no longer owned by France, the effects of St. Louis’ French founding can be seen today. Check out Nathaniel Reid Bakery in Kirkwood.

Kayla Steinberg | Contributing Writer

Keeping it fresh: Hacks to try at Subway on campus

After countless stir-fries, bagels, burgers and salads from on-campus dining options, there is one gem we can all turn to for support: Subway.

Jillian Shah | Contributing Reporter

How to finesse the vegan game on campus

I’ve concocted vegan recipes that can be created in the comfort of your residential hall’s kitchen with the use of on-campus eatery ingredients. You know you’ve always wanted to go vegan, so why not start now?

Jillian Shah | Contributing Writer

Farm-to-table dining at St. Louis restaurant Vicia

It’s undeniable that the farm-to-table values and ideas that Blue Hill epitomizes are found at Vicia, transplanted to the Midwest and used to create the same “as it should be” food

| Senior Editor

Treasure hunt on Hampton Ave

Growing up, I had all the normal desserts in my lunch box—cookies, cupcakes, even the pre-packaged ones like Cosmic Brownies and Swiss Rolls. There was just one I didn’t have: Twinkies.

| Managing Editor

Finding hidden gems in St. Louis: Mariscos el Gato

When researching for a restaurant to review for what is likely my last Student Life review, a tiny picture on the internet of a seafood bowl caught my eye. That bowl belonged to a restaurant named Mariscos el Gato.

Brock Workman | Food Editor

We ate food in the shower (so that you don’t have to)

Food! We all eat it. Showers! We all take them. But food and showers together?

Ramen rush: A comparative look at Hiro Asian Kitchen and Vista Ramen

The past year has seen a strong push for quality ramen restaurants in St. Louis, with several new ramen restaurants opening and others expanding their ramen selections to capitalize on the increased demand. I recently visited one of each type: Hiro Asian Kitchen, a popular bar/restaurant on Washington Avenue, and Vista Ramen, a hip and cozy new eatery on Cherokee Street.

Brock Workman | Food Editor

RIB (Rest in Burrito): A eulogy for the Delmar Loop Chipotle

On Monday, The Riverfront Times reported that the Chipotle on the Delmar Loop is closing its doors at the end of the month. It’s not part of the trend of high restaurant turnover on the Loop due to financial troubles; it’s because the lease for the space is up, and Chipotle is choosing to relocate to a new more convenient space nearby.

| Senior Scene Editor

Where to get your Valentine’s Day dessert fix

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to go with your significant other, or if you’re just trying to satisfy a sweet tooth on your own, here are some places to gorge on all that sweet, sweet sugar.

| Senior Scene Editor