Three Dog Bakery drives paw traffic to the loop

When it comes to retail, foot traffic is an essential part of doing business. But at Three Dog Bakery’s new location on the Delmar Loop, owner Kathy Caton is relying on another kind of business: paw traffic.

| Senior Editor

Portobello mushrooms and pole dancing: A look at a new health-focused spot on the Loop

As a new combined restaurant and fitness center, It’s A Wrap on the Delmar Loop aims to make local residents healthier, fitter and happier. I went there for the first time this past Sunday, excited to see what owner Chris Alexander was doing to make his vision for the community a reality.

| Staff Writer

A road trip to nowhere: My 5-hour journey on the Circ

All in the name of journalism, I decided to spend five long hours on the Circulator from 9 p.m. Saturday to 2 a.m. Sunday, traveling in 15 loops around the Washington University campus in more time than it would have taken to get to Chicago.

| Contributing Writer

Around the apartment in 60 minutes: Escape the Room combines teamwork and brainwork to create a unique game experience

Last Thursday evening, Congress of the South 40 organized a trip to Escape the Room, an interactive adventure game in downtown St. Louis.

| Culture Editor

A portrait of Kenneth Sng: Student Union, failed driver tests and the Singapore military

Student Life profiles Student Union President and junior Kenneth Sng.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Art in the Lou: Contemporary art and drone warfare at the Kemper

The Kemper Art Museum’s current special exhibition, “To See Without Being Seen: Contemporary Art and Drone Warfare,” includes pieces from international artists that critique drone warfare. Through the use of videos, photography, online art and installations, the artists share their distressful findings on this secretive practice by our government and military.

| Art Editor

Wash. U. alum, deputy press secretary talks about White House experiences, offers guidance for job-seeking students

Eric Schultz’s political career began with a series of small, seemingly anonymous steps: planning Washington University’s Residential College Olympics, answering phones in the office of an unknown freshman U.S. senator and following around a campaign opponent, as a self-described “18-year-old punk.”

| Staff Writer

Through the city by metro: Taking a day trip to Soulard

d has much more to offer than cheap beads, and it’s easily accessible for anyone with a U-Pass. As the oldest neighborhood in St. Louis, it’s a mix of historic red brick residences and thriving nightlife.

Hanusia Higgins | Staff Writer

A comprehensive guide to St. Louis’ parks

We all know that Forest Park is one of the best parks in the country—and, to have it in our front yard as Washington University students, the park can more than satisfy us. However, there are many other prominent parks in the St. Louis area that provide many opportunities to get away from the Wash. U. grind, so here’s a guide for just a few of those parks, in addition to Forest Park.

| Senior Scene Editor

From food truck to restaurant: Guerrilla Street Food successfully offers original, Filipino-inspired dishes

Student Life’s food editor explores Filipino-inspired dishes at Guerrilla Street Food.

Brock Workman | Food Editor