For Andrew Martin, an academic journey comes full circle

Andrew Martin’s academic career has always led him back to Washington University.

| Associate Editor

Get WILD: How to mix up your style (or not) for WILD 2018

WILD usually brings out a variety of outfits, ranging from Coachella-esque looks to the typical brightly colored jersey. Scene’s here to tell you what we’re thinking of wearing!

Matt’s Morsels: Here to spice up your life

Meals are made by the spices. It’ll turn your bland “three dates and get ghosted” chicken into “I’m gonna marry this person” chicken. The right spices in a dish will let whoever you’re feeding get to know you on a much deeper level than any conversation can.

Matt Wallace | Staff Columnist

Post-graduation life seems scary, but here’s some tips to make it easy

You’ve successfully braved the wild that is undergraduate life at Washington University. From learning how to order at each food station on campus, to planning how to run out of meal points, Bear Bucks, and notebooks by your last final, you have come a long LONG way for today. As you transition into the professional world, there are some tips I wanted to share with you from my own experience of stepping out of the Wash.U. bubble.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

The 8 kinds of people you’ll meet at WILD 2018

WILD is coming. The barrage of abnormally drunk people wandering Kingsbury Avenue, the demolished pairs of white Converse, the painstakingly picked “festival” outfits and the awkward eye contact you make with the administrators who volunteered to check your ID as you walk in.

| Senior Scene Editor

Pow Wow showcases dedication to cultures

This year, first-year Leah Thompson founded a new cultural group on campus, NASA (Native American Students Association). NASA helped to advertise for the 28th Annual Wash. U. Pow Wow, which was held this Saturday in the Athletic Center.

Whitney Call | Contributing Writer

Too few or too many: What to do with your meal point dilemma

Towards the end of every semester, Washington University students continually face a meal point epidemic. Some students have an excess of meal points and need to somehow dispose of them before the semester ends. Others, like yours truly, are low on meal point funds.

Tom Ratts | Contributing Writer

9 things you should be doing instead of studying for finals

Washington University is a hard school. You’ve worked the entire year and you’re probably feeling burned out. While it is extremely difficult to maintain healthy habits at college, your mental health is important and it has to be a priority. That’s why I planned what your reading period can look like so you don’t have to.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Reporter

‘Dating’ apps: Where social media requires social interaction

Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg predicted the rise of Tinder, too. After all, he invented FaceMash, a website that allowed you to compare the physical attractiveness of women for fun.

Isabelle Gillman | Contributing Writer

How to interview your way into everyone’s hearts

Hey there, hi there! Instead of food, today I will give you some advice on how to improve your chances when you are job hunting in college.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer