All-American to ‘Highland’: An interview with Margaret Cho

There are few people who can say that they’ve had a stand-up comedy career spanning over 30 years. Margaret Cho, however, is one of them.

| Senior Scene Editor

No Whispers, no problem

It’s a shame that the ongoing construction at Olin Library has forced the closing of Whispers Cafe this semester, but don’t worry: You still don’t actually have to leave the library to get sustenance. Here is your complete guide to whipping up a delicious five-course gourmet meal using items available for purchase in the Olin Library vending machines.

Grace Haselhorst | Contributing Writer

The myth of ‘Top Floor Lien’

One floor has a nickname or—in classic Washington University fashion—an acronym: TFL. Top Floor Lien—the kids right above me.

| Contributing Writer

Controversy at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

The opening of “Kelley Walker: Direct Drive” at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis on Sept. 16 and the associated artist talk the following evening have prompted a complex and troubling controversy over the racially and sexually charged exhibition and the responses of the artist and the museum since.

Frieda Curtis | Contributing Writer

A liberal hellscape: A reluctant tour of Hillary’s House of Horrors

This weekend’s presidential debate was characterized by media swarming around campus, students holding up Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (or Krusty Krab Unfair) signs and protests forming on and off campus. You would think that after stepping off campus, you’d be able to escape the mass of chaos.

| Senior Scene Editor

Living inside the perimeter

When I signed up last March to live in my fraternity’s on-campus house, I could not have even imagined that I would be living through the 2016 presidential debate on campus. But in the first weeks of classes, news began to trickle in that Upper Row would be within the security perimeter.

| Forum Editor

Economic counselors for each candidate hold a debate and (almost) resort to personal attack

Before the candidates took to the stage last night, their economic counselors—Gene Sperling for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Peter Navarro for Donald Trump’s campaign—participated in a debate of their own.

| Staff Writer

Varsity Band performs on national news networks’ debate coverage

Although fall WILD concert was canceled, in part due to Washington University hosting a presidential debate on campus, undergraduates were still involved musically in the fall semester’s biggest event.

Hanusia Higgins | Staff Writer

Art Council, Sam Fox bring student art to debate-dominated campus

It was impossible not to notice the swarms of media groups covering campus this weekend. But between the madness of students and reporters alike are seven politically informed art installations.

Frieda Curtis | Contributing Writer

No country for ignorant men

It’s not every day that you eat a cupcake topped with a golden uterus. It’s even more rare that you get to pose on a mock red carpet with intrauterine device sunglasses in one hand and a cardboard cutout of Missouri State Rep. Rick Brattin in the other.

Victoria Albert | Contributing Writer