Name and story: Abbie Harville

One of the University’s slogans is to know the community by both name and story. Name and Story, then, is a small attempt to chronicle the students who make our campus what it is.

| Staff Reporter

STL Symphony brings ‘The Godfather’ to life

The theater projects the movie on a large screen on stage with nothing changed—except that the music has been taken out. The Symphony then plays the exact score originally found in the movie, with the same timing and cues.

| Staff Writer

Spring styles to take you from snow to sun

Grab a leather jacket, boyfriend jeans, shirtdress and fun accessories so you can walk out of your dorm with confidence and style.

| Contributing Reporter

Sophomore Andrew Glantz begins first course of business

While other business students may wear button-downs day-to-day to enhance their overall professional persona, Glantz was preparing to make a pitch to a restaurant loved by many Washington University students: Seoul Taco.

| Staff Reporter

Better know an admin: Mr. Chancellor goes to Steak ‘n Shake

“I already know what I want,” Wrighton says as we open our menus at a nearby Steak ’n Shake. This is not just any Steak ’n Shake, however. It’s the one located on Manchester Avenue, where the waitress knows his name and asks as soon as he sits down whether he’ll be having regular or Diet Coke today.

| Senior Scene Editor

Mosaic Whispers take Downtown Disney

Over spring break, the Mosaic Whispers, Washington University’s oldest coed a cappella group, performed at the Waterside Stage in Downtown Disney through the Disney Performing Arts program.

| Staff Reporter

Surviving the post-spring break sadness

Life goes on after spring break, believe it or not. Here are some ways that you can make the second half of your semester even better than your break.

| Staff Writer

Branson, Missouri: It’s better than Cancun

Sometimes, you have to take the road less traveled. Sometimes, you have to look yourself in the mirror and know you took a risk. These are lessons I’ve learned from Dodge truck and Wells Fargo commercials, respectively. I try to apply them in my everyday life whenever possible.

| Senior Scene Editor

The worst summer job I ever had

The undeniable fact is that internship season is upon us. Henceforth, all free time will be spent writing cover letters, searching on CAREERlink for summer jobs and emailing “family friends” for networking purposes. The result of all of this can be an enlightening job experience or a horrifying one. Scene has experienced both, and we’re here to advise you before you finalize those summer plans.

What to do in St. Louis over spring break?

While some will be jetting off to exotic locales like Miami, Cancun or Westchester, plenty of students will be staying in St. Louis for their break. Not to fear, though, there’s plenty to do in town with a week off, and Scene’s got you covered.