Claudia’s Council: “Is it better to make some compromises and be in a relationship or date around to find the perfect match?”

I personally think it is better to continue dating until you find the person you believe to be the best possible fit for you. This is idealistic, and I understand that not everyone may believe in the concept of “soul mates,” but I also do not believe that you should settle for a person who only half clicks with you.

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St. Louis Fashion Week comes to Sam Fox School

You may have noticed a slew of high heels and designer purses around the Sam Fox side of campus this past Saturday. No need to worry—there was no explosion in the design studios. However, the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts did host Saint Louis Fashion Week’s Midwest Fashion conference.

Maisie Heine and Lindsay Tracy | Contributing Writers

Best ways to celebrate the end of midterms

While your exams may have been last week or more still might be around the corner, everyone deserves a break. Scene staffers certainly had plenty of exams this week. With fall break this weekend, it’s the perfect time to embrace the “play hard” ethos that is so often missing from our campus come mid-October when classes start to get a little too real.

An insider’s guide to senior trip in Kansas City

You had your weekend in Chicago—complete with booze cruise and Instagrammed pictures with the Bean—all planned out, and then you heard the news: the senior trip is in Kansas City, Mo., this year. Fortunately, Student Life’s got you covered with a must-see list of destinations no matter your tastes.

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Fall break: St. Louis edition

While many students like to take advantage of Fall Break (regardless of it only consisting of one extra day off) by travelling to a large state school like Mizzou to experience Division I college football or returning home to visit family and friends, there are also several interesting day-trip options for students who decide to stay in the St. Louis area. Here are five excursions that can enhance any boring Fall Break, for those who want to escape the Washington University bubble and experience the Midwest.

| Staff Writer

Popping the Bubble: The Bumbershoot Aerial Arts studio

The Bumbershoot is a studio dedicated strictly to aerial arts, which they describe as “physical movement, often dance-like or acrobatic in nature, performed while suspended in the air.” The Bumbershoot, located on Gravois Ave. downtown, offers classes and workshops on a variety of apparatuses including trapeze, silks, rope and hoops.

Jessie Bluedorn | Contributing Writer

Your guide to this year’s Parents’ Weekend

Whether your parents will be attending Parents’ Weekend or not, the couple of days tend to offer a respite from the few downsides of college. You trade in ramen for a nice dinner out, and if you don’t have a car, it generally provides a chance to get out and see some more of St. Louis. Here, Scene staff will offer their best tips for making the most of Parents’ Weekend.

Joe Edwards and the Peacock Diner, a lifelong neon passion

At last, the Peacock Diner will be opening its doors on the Delmar Loop. The first day of business is tentatively set for Parents’ Weekend, Oct. 10.

| Senior Scene Editor

How to make your fall less ‘basic’

Yes, last week I wrote about where to find all the pumpkin treats that your basic heart desires. However, this week I will take a reverse stance. Here are some suggestions to keep yourself from falling into the basic trap.

| Senior Scene Editor

QUESTION: “I’m new to Wash.U. How do I show that I’m likable and get people to be my friend?”

This week on Claudia’s Counsel: “I’m new to Wash. U. How do I show that I’m likable and get people to be my friend?”

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