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Bookflix: A guide to summer binge reading

‘Star Trek,’ ‘Firefly’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ read… ‘Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas’ by John Scalzi Scalzi is one of my favorite authors because of his offbeat, hysterically funny approach to the genre of science fiction. “Redshirts” is a stand-alone novel that satirizes the tropes of “Star Trek” in a brilliant and sneakily existential way.

Street Style No. 3: Danielle Leventhal

Name: Danielle Leventhal Year: Sophomore Majors: Art and Art History Hometown: Westchester, NY As cliched as it is, fashion functions as a means of expression. Research suggests that dressing well—or at least, wearing something that you think looks good—increases your confidence and academic performance. So whether you wake up walking on sunshine and radiating glitter [...]

Bazaar showcases south asian culture on campus

Colored cloth, streamers and balloons covered the better part of Tisch Commons on Friday evening as Ashoka held its annual “WUrld Bazaar” event. This year’s Bazaar was even more expansive than usual, with Ashoka collaborating with other cultural groups like the Association of Latin American Students, African Student Association and Hindi Student Association.

It was all Greek to me: What we discovered about sororities by joining them

As the semester comes to a close, hundreds of Washington University women are completing their first semesters as members of the Greek community. Joining a sorority, though a common choice on campus, often brings with it unexpected elements. It seems that many women don’t know what to expect from their experience.

At long last: My parents’ first visit to Wash. U.

Throughout this year, my first at Washington University, it has been difficult to fully share my experience with my parents. They’ve never met the friends whose names I mention, attended the classes I discuss or known the pain of working in the B-stacks at 3 a.m.

Pre-frosh on the Scene: Two takes on the hosting experience

Having a pre-frosh stay with you comes with not only a sense of bittersweet nostalgia but also the desire to impart all of the wisdom learned during your freshman year onto this metaphorical newborn who is standing in your shoes, one year back.

Street Style No. 2: Marilla Havens

Those of us who didn’t receive a nice sheet of paper detailing the exact definition of “business casual” upon our enrollment at Washington University—so those of us not in the business school—have absolutely no idea what to wear to events with dress codes. Without Olin telling us what’s appropriate and what isn’t, students in other [...]

Street Style No.1: Nay’Chelle Harris

In the wake of spring, many students find themselves struggling with the newfound freedom to expose their ankles without being struck by hypothermia.

Whispers etiquette

Maybe you fear the silence of the A-stacks. Or perhaps you want to eat a delicious chocolate-chip scone without worrying about your noisy chewing or that crackling noise of the paper bag. Maybe you just want to do some people-watching while attempting to read a chapter from your psychology textbook. Whatever the situation, you find yourself in Whispers Cafe.

Taxi trapped: Unfortunate cab rides

When you think about it, riding in the back of a taxicab is quite an intimate experience. There aren’t all that many people we know with whom we would trust our lives or choose to be locked in a room—and yet that’s exactly what we do with cab drivers.

Student Life | The independent newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis since 1878