Student Technology Services to move to Ursa’s Stageside

A plan to move Student Technology Services into a renovated Ursa’s Stageside is in preliminary stages, according to Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Rob Wild.

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House 5 opens as Hamsini Living Learning Community

Hamsini Living Learning Community—a new residential space dedicated for upperclassmen interested in exploring issues related to the African diaspora—will open in House 5 for this semester.

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Black students receive House 5 bid

After Phi Delta Theta’s permanent suspension from campus last month, Washington University accepted black students’ bid for their former house on Upper Row for fall 2018.

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Housing options available for second round of housing selection

Students who were not assigned a time slot for the first round of housing selection through Washington University’s Office of Residential Life will now go through a second round to be placed in housing March 19.

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Residential Life implements new housing application process that will open Jan. 29

Residential Life changed the housing application and room selection process from a lottery-based system to a time slot system for the upcoming 2018-2019 application, which opens Jan. 29.

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ResLife to begin new housing software, late housing resolved

Washington University’s Office of Residential Life will unveil a new software system to be used during the housing assignment process during the next academic year.

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ResLife housing to stay open for winter break at no additional cost

Students who live in Residential Life housing no longer have to pay a fee in order to stay in the dorms over winter break.

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Luxury student apartment building set to open in August

A new luxury student housing complex—complete with a rooftop pool and a yoga studio—will open on the east end of the Delmar Loop just prior to the start of the fall 2017 semester.

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Residential Life removes lowest-cost apartment options due to lack of demand, maintenance

The Office of Residential Life announced that three off-campus apartments previously offered by Washington University for student housing would not be available in the coming academic year via email on Friday.

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New CS40 Exec hopes to increase visibility

Freshmen Kyle Jeter and Daniel Grossman prevailed Friday in contested elections for Congress of the South 40 speaker and director of finance, respectively.

Jeter narrowly edged out freshman Natty Bernstein, garnering 51.5 percent of the vote to Bernstein’s 47.6 percent.

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