Ferguson ‘Conversation Circles’ facilitate faculty, staff discussions on deeper, long-term local issues

“Conversation Circles” is a series of one-hour open discussions for faculty and staff coordinated by the Office of the Provost, the Gephardt Institute for Public Service and the Office of Human Resources to discuss issues surrounding recent events in Ferguson.

George Zhou | Contributing Reporter

Starbucks in Bauer Hall to open on Monday for start of classes

The full-service Starbucks in Bauer Hall will open on Monday, Aug. 25 along with the new Bauer Hall Cafe. The Starbucks will accept gift cards and Bear Bucks, but not meal points.

| News Editor

Center for Diversity and Inclusion opens to students

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion, housed on the second floor of Olin Library, is open for students, though the grand opening is not until Sept. 23.

Katie Marcus | Contributing Reporter

First day of classes moved to Monday, orientation shortened

For the past few years, the University’s first day of classes has been on a Tuesday following a five-day freshman orientation program. This year, however, classes will begin on Monday.

| News Editor

W.I.L.D. to feature increased security

Despite the Students Against Peabody sit-in under the Brookings Archway providing the backdrop to one of Washington University’s largest events, Social Programming Board and the Washington University Police Department expect Friday’s W.I.L.D. to proceed as planned.

| News Editor

Students speak against lack of Pell grants, socioeconomic diversity in admission rates

Students in the Danforth University Center on Wednesday afternoon were interrupted by the shouts of classmates wearing green and white T-shirts to raise awareness about socioeconomic diversity in admissions.

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Sit-in organizers reject administration’s offer, keep to their demands

With the sit-in against Peabody Energy now in its third week, Washington University officials have made their first counteroffer to the student organizers’ demands. Organizers, however, have deemed the offer, which directly addresses only one of their stated demands, insufficient, and they plan to continue their sit-in under Brookings Archway, which began April 8.

| Staff Reporter

Administration discusses potential savings from new efficiency measures

Administrators highlighted Washington University’s efforts to cut costs without affecting services at a public forum on Wednesday morning, At the beginning of 2013, the University retained the services of Huron Consulting Group to find methods to reduce expenditures in four areas where other universities have implemented similar measures.

Ineffectual meeting with chancellor fails to put end to sit-in

Students are continuing their sit-in under the Brookings Archway after Chancellor Mark Wrighton rejected their core demand to remove Greg Boyce, CEO of Peabody Energy, from Washington University’s board of trustees Saturday.

| Staff Reporter

Students sleep through a.m. tornado warnings

Although a tornado touched down in University City Wednesday night, many students slept through the early-morning alarms as their peers sought shelter. Many students woke up to tornado sirens around 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning, but the Washington University Emergency Notification System otherwise only alerted students about the tornado warning via email.

| Senior News Editor