Students negotiate with administration on racial inequality

The demands identified three areas of focus for the administration to modify: improving the experience of people of color on campus, developing a culturally conscientious campus population and repairing the University’s relationship with the St. Louis community. While students and the administration did not come to any official agreement from the conversation, both sides were optimistic about future discussions.

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University announces plan to increase Pell-eligible numbers

With tuition on the rise once again for the 2015-16 school year, Washington University administrators unveiled a new official commitment for increased socioeconomic diversity on campus, specifically through the acceptance and support of more Pell Grant-eligible students.

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University announces official commitment for increased socioeconomic diversity

The new plan announced by the University on Thursday evening calls for an increase in Pell-eligible students on the Danforth campus to 13 percent by 2020, with $25 million to be devoted annually toward achieving this goal.

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University assessing animal-based program policies for next semester

Following last year’s rabies scare, Washington University administration is currently assessing a potential policy change for student programming that might limit the organizations through which student groups can bring animals to campus

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WU/FUSED makes photo campaign, petition for socioeconomic diversity

A WU/FUSED petition asks that Washington University bring its Pell Grant-eligible student percentage up to par with peer institutions by 2020, release information about different strategies for reaching that goal, increase support for students in St. Louis Public Schools to apply and attend, and increase financial aid to cover additional expenses.

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Forum discusses tuition, financial aid

Washington University’s 3.6-percent tuition increase from the last academic year to this one was the lowest in 60 years, Barb Feiner, vice chancellor of finance and chief financial officer, said at Monday night’s Tuition Forum.

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Soh’s family pursues settlement a year after son’s death

The manner of death for Washington University senior Yongsang Soh, who fell from a 23rd-floor balcony last year, has been changed to “undetermined” after originally being ruled a suicide.
Soh fell from an apartment in The Dorchester on Forest Park on the morning of Oct. 26, 2013. His parents soon opened a private investigation into his fall, which has turned up evidence they think suggests the University played a part in Soh’s death.

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Yongsang Soh’s family seeks settlement from University for son’s death

A year after their son died from falling off a 23rd-floor balcony, the parents of Washington University student Yongsang Soh are pressuring the University to take responsibility for their loss.

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University hopes to sustain size of freshman class in expansion

Bigger may be better for Washington University: administrators recently revealed plans to admit classes the size of this year’s 1,765-member freshman class for the next several years until the undergraduate population reaches a total enrollment of 7,000.

Noa Yadidi | Contributing Reporter

Carnaghi’s departure spurs SU alumni concerns

A letter from alumni expressing concern about Jill Carnaghi’s June 2014 departure from Washington University has received a response from administrators, but no details about whether Carnaghi was forced to resign were provided.

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