Staff editorial: Student Life’s ideal registration worksheet

It’s that time of year again! Time to perfectly line up your classes, check your registration time and realize you have some reorganizing to do.

Staff Editorial: Take your parents on a real St. Louis tour

These tours—especially those to less frequently visited areas of the city—are a concrete, constructive effort on the part of the University to introduce not only students, but also the loved ones who support them, to St. Louis outside of the “Wash. U. Bubble.”

Staff editorial: Board of trustees lacks transparency, in excess of authority

The board of trustees is perhaps the most consequential institution in determining the direction of the University. The people who are the most directly affected by this direction—the students—should at the very least be informed how these decisions are made.

Staff editorial: The conversation doesn’t stop with apologies

Offensive ideas are not new to campus. Communities of color deal with problematic comments and behaviors constantly. Why does it take one of those comments going viral on campus to get a response?

Staff editorial: Let Kavanaugh be a wake up call

It hurts to feel ignored, and it hurts even more to feel ignored and not have the ability to do anything about it. Even though as voters, we may not have the ability to directly influence Supreme Court decisions, there are other ways to fight for what we believe in.

Staff editorial: Midterms matter

As undergraduates at Washington University, we are plugged in to national politics in a variety of ways, including student publications, courses and various on-campus events. With the upcoming midterm election quickly approaching, it is important that we transfer this same level of enthusiasm to state and local politics.

Staff editorial: WU doesn’t just have a crime problem, it has a communication problem

Not only should the University alert the student body when these crimes occur, many would appreciate continual updates afterward.

Staff editorial: Support WU sports

Attending a collegiate athletic event, then, is as much about community and a sense of belonging as it is about cheering for first downs. That’s uniquely true at Washington University, where by nature of size, we share a far more intimate setting than that of a 100,000-seat stadium.

Staff editorial: Uber service further improved due to student requests

Following a string of violent crime in the neighborhoods around Washington University, administrators announced a partnership with Uber to provide free rides to students for the fall semester.

Staff editorial: If at first you don’t succeed, join a club

If, like most freshmen, you signed up for dozens of email lists at various activities fairs and have been putting the subsequent email blasts in your spam folder ever since, now would be the best time to give one a chance.