What we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means that final exams are approaching and stress is gradually building. Though the rainy and snowy weather hasn’t done anything to brighten the mood, it’s time to take a step back from our concerns and recognize what we’re thankful for this year.

ResLife takes a step forward with gender-neutral housing

Good job, Residential Life. We give that office a lot of grief in this space throughout a given school year, from criticizing its strange enforcement of alcohol policies to discussing problems with its placement of students. But much to our delight, Residential Life recently acted swiftly and decisively in enacting a new policy allowing for gender-neutral housing across all ResLife properties.

Response to grand jury shouldn’t distract from larger issues

An announcement about charges facing Darren Wilson is expected any day now. It’s highly probable, based on recent news leaks and indications from every official ranking all the way up to Gov. Jay Nixon, that Wilson will go free without being indicted.

Spring 2015 course recommendations

It’s registration time, and that means it’s a time of sadness as you watch your preferred classes’ seats fill up with upperclassmen before you get the chance to register. Now it’s time to rely on alternate plans and change your mind if that schedule isn’t looking so great anymore.

MSU newspaper changes focus to self instead of racism

Students at Missouri State University picking up a copy of their student newspaper, The Standard, in late October were in for somewhat a shock: expletives and a racial slurs printed, uncensored, in large white font on a black background above the fold. Phrases included “I don’t care about n——. They’re just n——,” and “F— you all!”

Missouri’s same-sex marriage ruling a step in the right direction

A day after midterm elections drastically altered the makeup of the national legislature, a substantial judicial decision hit Missouri: St. Louis Circuit Judge Rex Burlison overturned the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, adding to a wave of similar rulings nationwide.

Student Union elections are on Tuesday, and you have a voice

Raise your hand if you know that midterm elections are on Tuesday. Keep your hand raised if you’re planning on voting, whether in Missouri or your home state. Congratulations—you’re one of just 37 percent of people who are of voting age in our country, if 2010’s turnout data carries over to 2014.

Leave the Ray Rice jerseys, racial costumes at home this weekend

It’s 2014. Somewhere a misguided someone is heralding the end of racism and the beginnings of a post-racial society in which no one sees color. And somewhere, an equally misguided someone on Instagram is posting a photo of a young white child clad in a Ray Rice jersey, face smeared with brown makeup, a baby doll dragged behind him by the curls of her hair. It’s 2014 and apparently blackface and domestic violence are appropriate subjects to mock via a child’s Halloween costume.

With expansion of Wash. U. class sizes, bigger isn’t always better

For many applicants to Washington University, the school’s small-to-medium size is a huge advantage on the college pros and cons list. Smaller colleges offer more individualized education—you aren’t just a face in the crowd. You have the advantage of taking smaller classes, knowing your professors personally and getting opportunities for a customized education. At a smaller college, you are part of a community—even though it’s impossible to know everyone at Wash. U., you will see lots of familiar faces walking around campus.

Go crazy at WILD, but keep these guidelines in mind

It’s that time of the year again—when you can drink in the daytime and feel like you go to a state school for a fleeting afternoon and evening.
WILD is an event that comes with abundant anticipation, and as midterms wind down, it’s a perfect moment for students to let loose. Even while making the day live up to its acronym, keep in mind the following guidelines for remaining a responsible human being.