Recognize the gesture, focus on the cause

As football fans across America can attest, the tone of the 2016 season has changed the precedent for social commentary in relation to the sport.

Swetha Nakshatri | Contributing Writer

Election issue profile: Gender issues

Over the next 8 weeks, the Forum section will be profiling the most pressing economic, political and social issues of the 2016 presidential race. We will examine the views of the top three candidates: Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Donald Trump—to give students an inside view on who and what we will be voting for (or against) in the upcoming election.

| Staff Writer

‘Ride Wit Me’ and just keep streaming

Before you read any further, log onto your Spotify account. Search Nelly and play through his top 10 songs from his long career.

Lizzi Kehoe | Contributing Writer

I *don’t* want to ride my bicycle

A Forum writer argues that riding a bike around campus is akin to a death wish.

Lauren Alley | Contributing Writer

Election issue profile: Economic growth

Economic growth. Perhaps the biggest buzzword in the 2016 presidential race. It influences everything from our personal political affiliations to America’s global interests, such as finding ways to keep manufacturing jobs on American soil and gaining access to rare Pokemon only available outside the U.S.

| Forum Editor

Campus TVs need more channel diversity: Some suggestions

Most Washington University students are probably familiar with the TVs that are constantly showing sports games and news channels in the Danforth University Center and Bear’s Den. There’s ESPN, Fox and Fox News, and the occasional NBC channel shown…but what else?

Forum Staff


After a great Convocation night of school spirit, speeches and Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, I felt ready to get college started. That is, until night number two rolled around, along with the infamous—or perhaps not-so-infamous—WashU Ultimate Floor Challenge, otherwise known as WUFC.

| Contributing Writer

Point: Trigger warnings can do more harm than good

While UChicago’s blunder may loom over the university for years to come, their logic is not far off: the trigger warning tends to do more harm than good in the classroom.

| Forum Editor

Counterpoint: By condemning content warnings, UChicago hinders free speech

The University of Chicago recently released a letter to incoming freshmen that champions the idea of free speech while slamming the use of “trigger warnings.” It, regrettably, rests on an assumption that content warnings and free speech are mutually exclusive.

| Senior Forum Editor

The Invincible Ryan Lochte

The coverage of Ryan Lochte’s alleged robbery demonstrates the sheer scale of Lochte’s privilege as an American athlete.

| Forum Editor