Mayoral Profile: Lewis Reed

After announcing his candidacy in August 2016, Lewis Reed made his platform abundantly clear: economic growth. Since 2007, Reed has served as the president of the Board of Aldermen—the first African-American to be elected to this position—and has worked to expand everything from anticrime policies to bike trails on his path to spur growth in St. Louis.

| Staff Writer

On being an ally to the people who support our livelihoods at Wash. U.

The food service workers here are a consistent positive presence in the Wash. U. community. For some students, a smile from a food service worker is one of few positive interactions they have in the daily grind that is high pressure higher education.

Matthew Wallace | Contributing Writer

The Solo cup dilemma

Last week, a group of undergraduate students announced that they would be piloting their recycling initiative on Fraternity Row. When you begin to dig into the issue (and live it firsthand), you realize that there is more to this dilemma than meets the eye.

| Senior Forum Editor

The Engineering School’s emerging diversity problem

Last week, as I ate my usual chocolate chip scone during my usual Tuesday office hours (11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Jolley Hall Room 409, if you’re in CSE 240: Logic and Discrete Mathematics) with my usual female co-teaching assistant, a male engineering student walked into our room and asked, “Are you two the only TAs scheduled right now?” We were, as only two TAs are required to help the one—or two, if we’re lucky—students that come in per session.

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The college patron’s guide to dining out

As a formerly shy and awkward customer at restaurants, here are my tips for how to be the best damn patron in the dining room:

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Should you punch a Nazi?

After a televised assault on white nationalist leader Richard Spencer, social media users, pundits and ethicists are all asking the same question: Is it OK to punch a Nazi?

Jen McLish | Contributing Writer

In defense of the coyote

Canada Goose coats are known for their luxurious fur trim, which comes directly from wild coyotes.

Lauren Alley | Staff Writer

You can’t do it all

Here at Washington University, we’re tired the second we step on campus in August. At some point, we have to ask, should we be this tired?

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Counterpoint: Admissions volunteers cannot be paid

I have been working for the admissions office since my freshman year, starting as a prospective student host and a Bear Lunch Bunch guide, now a regular student presentation partner. I am not paid (or rewarded) for my work in presentations.

| Forum Editor

Trump’s comments on climate change are worth talking about

Many people are worried about what Trump means for America, but one thing we have not been worrying enough about is what Trump means for the environment.

Lauren Alley | Staff Writer