On the Grammys: Have a cigar

Did Bruno Mars really deserve more recognition than Kendrick Lamar? “24K Magic” over “DAMN.”?

Tyler Sabloff | Staff Writer

Op-ed: Proud to be feminists and pro-Israel

Angela Davis’s comments in her speech connected feminist causes with Palestinian struggles, yet the comparison was unfair to the conditions in Israel.

Kayla Steinberg and Julia Greensfelder | Class of 2020 and 2021

The unique horror of watching a Trump State of the Union

After a year marked by bigotry and incompetence—and probably felonies—Republicans still stand by President Trump.

Sean Lundergan | Staff Writer

Staff ed: Small choices can bolster socioeconomic diversity

Wash. U. Student Union’s changes to Bear Bucks may be a small change, but every little bit helps.

Op-ed: Dr. Angela Davis should be welcomed and criticized

In 1984 and in 1988, she ran as the vice presidential candidate of the United States under the banner of the Communist Party.

Luke Voyles | Class of 2018

A note to artists

There’s nothing worse than creating your own masterpiece … only to find that others don’t see what you see.

Kya Vaughn | Staff Writer

Staff ed: WashFlu

According to the CDC, the U.S. is experiencing widespread flu for the the first time since monitoring began.

Housing applications require clarity

Changes to the WUSTL housing system include a new portal website, a time slot-based system and alterations to the group formation process.

I am Black, not African-American

To me, African-American is a way to quietly forget the hundreds of years of torture Black Americans have suffered in America.

Matthew Wallace | Staff Writer

Leaving room at the table

I watched exactly nine people walk into the Orchid Room, look around and walk out. Why don’t any of them ask to sit down at my large, welcoming table?

Sabrina Sayed | Contributing Writer