Staff editorial: Both SU and students should work to improve election turnout

Ultimately, it is important that turnout is as high as possible in these elections so that the bodies are as representative of the students’ wants as possible. After all, everything SU does is funded by money that students have already paid.

Policy confusion in light of WPA results

When an attention-grabbing event happens, such as a fraternity being placed on social probation, a natural increase in discussion follows. With more awareness of accessible information, however, a more consistent discussion can be fostered within and between chapters. The goal is clear: Fraternity parties, and our campus as a whole, need to be safer for students.

Olivia Quinn | Contributing Writer

It’s Black with a capital B

Capitalizing the word “Black” is in many ways the lowest of low-hanging fruit for justice for oppressed people. It doesn’t require any new thinking; just add another little loop on top. Black is not a color, it is a people.

| Staff Writer

The real work just started

Your duty does not end at the ballot, it begins there.

| Staff Writer

Staff editorial: One more plea

You’ve probably read posters, heard friends and seen Facebook posts begging you to please vote tomorrow. Here it is again: Please, please, vote tomorrow.

Vote yes on Prop B to fight poverty in Missouri

Prop B would begin a gradual increase in the state’s minimum wage to bring it to $12 by 2023. Right now, the minimum wage in Missouri is $7.85 per hour, a poverty-level wage that would give a full-time worker about $16,000 yearly pay.

| Staff Writer

Why the term ‘Third World country’ needs to die

The acceptance of this term is disturbing and the time is long overdue for us all to see it for what it really is and eliminate it from our vocabulary completely.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

Voting in the Show-Me state: Your ballot, explained

For those of you who are voting in Missouri for this upcoming midterm election and feel overwhelmed by the amount of amendments and propositions, look no further!

| Managing Editor

Staff Editorial: Our votes for midterm measures

If you’re voting here in Missouri this Tuesday, you’ll find several amendments and propositions on the ballot—including three measures relating to medical marijuana.

WU sprinklers guarantee no sunny days

Good hair day? Well, not anymore, so long as the sprinklers have it their way, and they always do.

Kya Vaughn and Mimi Shang | Digital Contributors