Op-ed: Argentina: A leap of faith

In 1945, with the rise to power of General Juan Domingo Peron, the Argentinean “economic miracle” ended.

Diego Herrera | Class of 2019

Op-ed: The American Butcher’s Bill comes due

When the press agitates for another bloody Middle East war, remember Thousand Oaks, California. Remember that the people of Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq will not bleed alone.

Nicholas Gunther | School of Law Class of 2021

Op-ed: Peace, art and rockets: A story seldom told

This summer, I embarked on a journey with 24 other Washington University student leaders to explore the geopolitical complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Nate Turk | Class of 2019

Op-ed: Fight for $15: Better for all

Imagine clocking out after a 14-hour day, getting home and seeing an eviction warning on your door. For too many St. Louis working families, many of whom clean this campus, that’s reality.

Crystal Wells | Housekeeper at Washington University

Op-ed: Voting: Your right, your duty

The right to vote forms the lynchpin of democratic government; without the vote we have no way to address the issues faced by our community, state and country. Because voter turnout rates for midterm elections are abysmally low, winning politicians often don’t represent the will of the majority.

Daria Locher, Elizabeth Phelan and Connor Warshauer | The Roosevelt Institute

Op-ed: Hug your Jewish friends a little bit tighter

Shabbat is supposed to be peaceful. It is the one day of the week set aside for rest, for us and for prayer. This past week, Shabbat was about something different.

Ilan Palte | Class of 2019

Op-ed: Why I’m fighting for $15 and childcare

My own story is but one example of how the grad student model can fail to work: I have a seven-month-old child, whom I delivered during my third year in my program.

Meredith Kelling | Graduate Student in the College of Arts & Sciences

Op-ed: West Lake and the slow violence of unfounded fear

Forbearance is defined as: patient self-control; restraint and tolerance. Such a lack of forbearance has been demonstrated by those on and off our campus who casually dismiss scientific and medical consensus surrounding the effects of radiation on human health.

Suzanne Loui, Ph.D., Lee Sobotka, Ph.D. | Lecturer of Environmental Studies, Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Op-ed: A call for (Asian) accountability

While I have seen much support during the aftermath of this particular incident by those in the black community, rarely do I see nearly as many Asian (especially East Asian) students come to support the black community when other students, administrators, Washington University Police Department officers and community members work to make them feel unsafe or unwanted.

Lee Steinhorst | Class of 2018

Op-ed: No student in need of help should go without at a university bursting with abundance

No student in need of mental health treatment should go without at a university bursting with abundance. With this money, low-income students can request funds to cover the cost of therapy, psychiatry, testing, transportation to off-campus providers and other expenses related to mental health treatment.

Shelly Gupta, Carolyn Perlmutter and Tyler Tran | Class of 2019 and 2020