Op-ed: Survivors are students, too

As both students and survivors, we have had enough. Incredibly brave survivors have added their voices to an ongoing effort to hold Washington University accountable for ensuring students’ safety in regards to sexual violence on this campus.

Anonymous Student

Op-ed: On staying quiet

After a night of remembering nothing between pre-gaming a fraternity mixer with my friends and waking up to many texts asking if I made it home, including one that said, “Do you think you were drugged last night?” I stayed quiet.

Anonymous Student

Op-ed: American foreign aid to Israel

On May 14, 1948, Israel declared its independence. The day had come for the Jewish people to be liberated from the anti-Semitism rampant in the Jewish Diaspora which existed for more than two millennia.

Julia Greensfelder | Class of 2021

Op-ed: Divesting is a wise choice for the University

Responding to calls from students and faculty to have the school divest from companies that profit from fossil fuels, Chancellor Mark Wrighton of Washington University said, “our position has long been that our investment policy will not be…used to support political, social or other agendas.”

Eric Zencey | Former Visiting Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Op-ed: The process is not ideal, an open letter to Jessica Kennedy

I am writing to you today not as a member of Leaders in Interpersonal Violence Education (LIVE), nor as a facilitator for the Date, but as a student who has been consistently disappointed with Washington University’s response to sexual assault accusations

Thomas Van Horn | Class of 2018

Op-ed: Consider this a warning

I sat in one of the desks of a Seigle Hall classroom. It felt so public; anyone could have walked in and seen me crying as I told my story to the fraternity leadership.

Anonymous Student

Op-ed: My heart sank…because I understand

When I read the op-ed in Student Life from a student sharing that she had been physically assaulted by a fellow student and suggesting that other students may have been sexually assaulted by the same student, my heart sank.

Lori White | Vice Chancellor for Students

Op-ed: ‘Not a threat’

I’ve tried doing this the right way, I really have. There has to be a way the University can keep students safe from known threats.

Anonymous Student

Op-ed: Graduate workers and students put administration on notice

This past Saturday, we, the Wash. U. Graduate Workers Union (WUGWU), took action with Fossil Free WashU at ThurtenE Carnival to demand that Washington University stop its exploitation of graduate workers, St. Louis and the planet.

Wash. U. Graduate Workers Union

Op-ed: Remembering Dean McLeod

Our greatest resource as a University remains in special individuals and relationships that affect positive change. One special person who changed my life and many others was Dean Jim McLeod.

Zach Linneman | Class of 2011