Turn off your phone and live your life

As a new chapter begins, I challenge Wash. U. students to consciously unplug from social media on a regular basis in order to create space in their own lives.

Ballpark Village dress policies deserve (further) criticism

Major League Baseball is back in St. Louis for 2014, and Busch Stadium has new neighbors. Ballpark Village, a new district in downtown St. Louis for dining, drinking, shopping and partaking in St. Louis sports culture, represents the completed first step in developing land left over by the 2006 construction of Busch Stadium III.

| Charlie Beard | Class of 2015

Alumni: Divest from Wash. U. until Wash. U. divests from Peabody

As alumni, we write to express our support for the student movement demanding that Washington University break ties with Peabody Energy. Despite a dirty reputation of social injustice and scientific misrepresentation, our alma mater continues to propagate the myth of clean coal and Peabody’s CEO Greg Boyce continues to sit on the University’s board of trustees.

Kady McFadden, Todd Zimmer, Jennifer Marienau (2010), Jeremy Pivor (2013), John Delurey (2012), Rachel Binstock (2013), Alex Kaufman (2013), Amy Plovnick (2012), Dan Cohn (2013), Adam Hasz (2012), Frank Bergh (2008), Rachel Lyons (2008), Henry Ordower (1967), Irene Ordower (1967), Martin Witchger (2011), Patrick O’Brien (2008), Joe Thomas (2007)

Why everybody wins if Washington University divests

As the movement to divest from fossil fuels and cut ties with Peabody Energy gains popularity, the University and the board of trustees must acknowledge not only the social importance of moving away from fossil fuel, but also the tremendous potential this movement has to improve the appearance, influence and popularity of the University.

| Michael Mazza | Class of 2016

Alumni perspective: Why I support the Brookings sit-in

On April 30, the United Nation’s International Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the best available scientific report on global warming and the likely consequences of continued carbon pollution.

Todd Zimmer | Class of 2010

Don’t give up on online education

Recently, the faculty of Arts & Sciences voted to terminate the Semester Online program for undergraduates. We are the three Washington University professors who actually taught courses in this program. We write not to restart the debate over this program but rather to continue the discussion of online teaching in general. Hopefully, such discussion will continue.

Bill Lowry, Michael Wysession and Scott Krummenacher | Professors

Calling on Wash. U. to cut ties with Peabody Energy

In light of recent behavior by Peabody Energy, we are disappointed to see this corporation continuing to act in its own self-interest, in staunch opposition to the will of the people and at the expense of the public good. We are calling on this university to end its partnership with Peabody Energy. On Feb.

Rachel Goldstein, David Binstock, Madeleine Balchan, Jamal Sadrud-Din

In defense of biotechnology

When asked what they think is the most evil corporation in the world, many people immediately point to our very own Monsanto, a company which even has its name on a building on our campus. Amid growing support for organic agriculture, biotech companies such as Monsanto face a growing resentment, fueled by a public distrust of science.

Evan Witt | Class of 2016

Why we’re running for Student Union Exec

In light of Student Union elections this coming Wednesday and Thursday, we wanted to introduce ourselves and share why we decided to run. Our slate, Elevate!, is Emma Tyler, Nick Palermo, Vivek Biswas, Brian Benton and Laura Roettges, and together we hope to represent the student body as Student Union Exec for the 2014-15 school year.

Elevate! for Student Union Exec

Connection 2014 on why we must connect

A disconnect exists between Student Union and the student body, and within Student Union itself. We seek, as Connection, to connect these separate pieces, and, in doing so, create a more cohesive student body and a more effective student government. We have based our platform on eight core ideas, or puzzle pieces: Advocacy. Transparency. Diversity. Inclusion.

Connection SU Exec 2014