Our call to action: Solidarity and allyship from the Asian-American community

The model minority myth gives us this privilege but simultaneously oppresses us because we have internalized this myth; we see ourselves as the “good” minority, which prevents us from creating solidarity with other people of color. Because of this myth, anti-black racism and a strong belief in a meritocratic society permeate our community and have been used to justify our absence from this movement.

Asian Pacific Islander American Initiative

Op-ed submission: Bringing awareness to adjunct faculty cause

As you may be aware, the adjunct faculty at Washington University are preparing for a union election in order to collectively bargain for better working conditions. Some of you may not be aware of what an “adjunct instructor” is exactly. You may be taking classes with one, but do not realize it.

Chris Boehm | Instructor in the College Writing Program

Op-ed submission: The email I wish Chancellor Wrighton would send out

Yes, I know what you might be thinking: “Oh, poor millionaire white man. How hard it must be to be the figurehead of a massive amount of resources.” And you are right: feeling any semblance of sympathy for my complex job as chancellor is ludicrous. Yet I maintain it is a difficult position.

Megan Odenthal | Social Work Student

It’s on us, Wash U

Student Union and S.A.R.A.H. are proud to announce “It’s On Us, Wash U”: a campaign designed to spark conversation about sexual assault at Washington University and make a pledge to improve our campus culture. “It’s On Us, Wash U” makes the University a part of the White House’s “It’s On Us” campaign.

Libby Ward & Emma Tyler | Co-President, Sexual Assault and Rape Anonymous Helpline (S.A.R.A.H.); President, Student Union

Destigmatizing the call for equality

Beginning this past Wednesday, members of Washington University’s Representation Project stationed themselves outside of the art school, Underpass and Danforth University Center to ask passersby why they need feminism. The event aimed to correct misguided notions that surround the movement and demonstrate how feminism benefits everyone.

| Representation Project Committee Chair

Ready to vote 2014

Woody Allen, President Harry S. Truman and the ubiquitously popular President Josiah Edward Bartlet are still in a constant struggle over who coined the phrase, “decisions are made by those who show up.” Aaron Sorkin, Bartlet’s creator, “borrowed” the phrase from the fictitious president for his 2012 commencement address at Syracuse University in order to inspire graduates to be true citizens of the world.

Dan Bram | Wash. U. Students for Hillary

Why we need you for SU

Student Union elections are coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Student Union’s mission is to advocate for student needs and interests, allocate the student activities fee and program for the entire student body. Above all of this, however, Student Union is your official undergraduate student government.

Student Union

Stay classy at WILD, Wash. U.

With WILD coming up on Friday, everyone on campus is looking forward to a fun weekend. But as we know, things can sometimes get out of hand. Worst of all, every year some students make mistakes that haunt them the rest of their time at Washington University.

Lora Zuo | Student Conduct Ambassador | Office of Student Conduct

My experience with sexual harassment

He didn’t break eye contact until I did, until I had to straighten out and put the car into drive. Then I heard it again: Slut, Bitch. His voice, then two more voices.

Kea Wilson | MFA 2013

Professors’ endorsement of Israel boycott deserves condemnation

Every nation has policies that should be challenged, but holding one country to a higher standard is not legitimate criticism. A call for an academic boycott of Israel, the only free democracy in the Middle East, perpetuates an anti-Semitic double standard.

Paul Felder | Class of 2018