Speaking up for your student activities fee

There has been a significant amount of back and forth over the past couple of days between members of Student Union that includes, but is not limited to: budgets, WILD, the 2016 presidential debate and issues of transparency. The debate has energized some, but the details have gone over the heads of many.

Student Union Senate

WU panel on climate change timely and necessary

The recent panel on the health impacts of climate change—headlined by Harvard scientist Dr. Joel Schwartz—underscores the need for our University to recommit itself to a truly sustainable future.

Eli Horowitz | Class of 2016

Working to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics

So many people, particularly my friends, have asked me doubtfully, “Do you think that’s really going to work?” I asked myself the same thing every time I went out to petition. Standing out in the cold October morning in front of the farmers market, I wondered if my work was really achieving anything.

Ingrid Archibald | Class of 2018

WPA and IFC oppose the Safe, Fair Campus Acts

Washington University in St. Louis Women’s Panhellenic Association (WPA) and Interfraternity Council (IFC) commend National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) for withdrawing their support for United States House Bill, H.R. 3403—Safe Campus Act of 2015.

Ally Brabant and Julian Clarke | WPA, IFC Presidents

LIVE Greek speaks out against the Safe Campus Act

We have been hearing a lot of buzz around the Safe Campus Act recently. So what is problematic about this bill and why should Greek life especially care?

LIVE Greek | Leaders in Interpersonal Violence Education Greek

A refresher on the First Amendment

Throughout the recent social unrest at both Yale University and the University of Missouri, it can be hard to remember one of the founding principles of our country—freedom of speech. However, the right of an individual to speak freely is to be in no way infringed upon by the federal or local government.

Edward Larkin | Class of 2019

We can learn through our differences

These past few weeks have seen numerous examples of student activism on university campuses around the country, including universities very close to our own. The events at the University of Missouri, Claremont McKenna College and Yale University remind us all of the importance of our college education, more so due to the exposure to differing identities and viewpoints, than anything that can be learned in the classroom.

Jordan Finkelstein | Class of 2016

Small Pre-O’s help with college adjustment, open doors for freshmen

Little did I know, when I chose to participate in the “World of Politics” Pre-Orientation program, how much that experience would improve my experience as a freshman. Unfortunately, due to the new 20-participant rule put in place by the First Year Center, future freshmen may not have the same opportunity as I did.

Scott Solomon | Class of 2019

Every student, same story: The demise of pre-orientation at the hands of the First Year Center

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: You can imagine my surprise when I heard that my Bear Beginnings, my foundation for a successful collegiate experience, is threatened by the First Year Center, which announced last week that any pre-orientation program with fewer than 20 students enrolled by June 15 would be cancelled.

| Class of 2014

How WU fraternities and sororities are supporting rape culture

Last June, Republican representatives Matt Salmon of Arizona and Pete Sessions and Kay Granger of Texas submitted a bill into the United States House of Representatives that has been deemed the Safe Campus Act. This bill, if passed, would prevent college campuses nationwide from investigating sexual assault cases unless the police are also involved in the investigation.

Cameron Kinker | Class of 2016