Op-ed: Tyrin Truong is a hypocrite

Tyrin Truong clearly has nothing better to do with his time than attack people over an election he’s already won.

Jada Gardner | Class of 2021

Op-ed: Student Union launches Opportunity Fund

Student Union believes that socioeconomic status should not prevent students from having a complete undergraduate experience.

Sydney Robinson | SU President

Op-ed submission: The proof is in the pudding, Mia Hamernik is no saint

[Gregg] Adams deserved to be exposed, and some may argue that he should have expected it, by posting it in a public group chat, but Hamernik exposed him for the wrong reasons.

Tyrin Truong | SU Senator

Op-ed submission: Do you dream of a better world?

To find a path to a better, more just society, we must first learn from those who have tried to build it in the past.

Jose Madero | Ph.D. Candidate

Op-ed submission: Connecting the dots

2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of the East St. Louis race riots, targeted at the African-American citizens of the city, which destroyed hundreds of homes, took hundreds of lives and forced thousands of citizens to flee.

Allie Liss | Partners in East St. Louis

Op-ed submission: Addressing sexual misconduct

The University is as determined as ever to build on the progress we have made since 2010 and to continue to intensify our focus and strengthen our Title IX processes and programs.

Jessica Kennedy and Kim Webb | Title IX coordinator and Director of RSVP Center

Op-ed submission: Propaganda and fear tactics

In true authoritarian fashion, the administration has taken advantage of its ability to communicate directly with the whole University in an attempt to sway students into voting against unionizing.

Jose Madero | Ph.D. Candidate

Op-ed submission: Our needs cannot be overlooked

Mental health resources are severely lacking and are made even more inaccessible by restrictions set in place by Washington University.

Carolyn Perlmutter | Class of 2020

Op-ed submission: An appreciation for observant teachers

From just that one email checking in with me, I told him everything that was going on, and we met for an hour in person over coffee later that week to discuss how I was feeling.

Sofia Miranda-Fred | Class of 2020

Op-ed submission: Wash. U., we need to talk

The black community has waited far too long for this conversation, but it is not our duty to begin your racial education.

Wash. U. Black Organizers