Dealing with debt—federal government edition

If you’ve been following this election cycle (or American politics ever), chances are that you’ve heard someone mention the national debt. It may have been in the context of a balanced budget amendment—the idea wherein Congress would not be allowed to pass a budget which contributed to the national debt—or it could have been used as an arbitrary measure of how well a president grew the economy.

Wash. U. College Democrats

Op-ed Submission: Why Wash. U. needs graduate workers to unionize

But the fact of the matter is that without a union, which legally requires the University to listen to our concerns and come to agreements with us, Wash. U. graduate workers have no real power.

Carolyn Barnes & Natalia Guzman Solano | Department of Anthropology Ph.D. Candidates

Op-ed Submission: The cost of universities hurts both students and teachers

Higher education in the U.S. has become an ugly simulacrum of an educational system for most students and faculty.

Cody Burleson | Third-year Neuroscience Ph.D. Student

Op-ed Submission: On communication between parents and students

My suggestion to students is simple: Provide your parents with a balanced view of your realities, so that they can be confident that you are simply learning how to manage life on your own.

Rabbi Hershey Novack | Chabad Director

Op-ed submission: On last week’s shooting, and how to move forward

In the wake of last week’s shooting, I have heard a lot from students about preparedness on the part of Washington University, communication to students and staff from emergency personnel, varied reactions by professors who were in class when the safety warnings were issued and protections in place to help prevent another situation like it. Thankfully, the University acknowledges these issues and has already begun to improve on all levels.

Robert Mark Morgan | Senior Lecturer

Op-ed submission: After the shooting, a question worth asking

Mark Zaegel, campus minister, comments on the gun violence that occurred on Forsyth Boulevard earlier this year.

Mark Zaegel | Campus Minister, Catholic Student Center

Wash. U. needs to better prepare us for active shooting situations

A Washington University student argues that the University needs to better prepare students to deal with active shooting situations.

Thomas Van Horn | Class of 2018

Op-ed submission: The reasonable reality of being an adjunct

Given the controversy that ebbs and flows as the semester goes on that is adjunct faculty pay, we the College Republicans feel it would be valuable to enter into the discussion with an opposing (and we imagine not-so-popular) take on what is going on.

Wash. U. College Republicans

Op-ed Submission: Wash. U. must turn attention toward underpaid adjuncts

After years of earning negative press as “the nation’s least economically diverse top college,” Washington University has recognized that increasing socioeconomic diversity is both integral to fulfilling its mission and good for its student body.

Erik Strobl | College Writing Instructor

Op-ed submission: WU IFCMA condemns intolerance and incendiary language against Muslims

Washington University’s Interfaith Campus Ministry Association (IFCMA) is comprised of a number of faith groups on campus, congregations and organizations serving the spiritual, religious and cultural needs of our campus community.

Troy Woytek | WU IFCMA Chair