Letter to the Editor: Programming for the students

In response to your piece from last Thursday’s edition of Student Life, we want to capture this moment to increase transparency about our organization. While we appreciate your feedback and suggestions, Social Programming Board believes that many of the expressed concerns are mitigated by a better understanding of our processes.

Letter to the Editor

We read Aaron Brezel’s Sept. 8 column about the St. Louis Garlic Festival in Carondelet with interest. As residents active in Carondelet’s community development efforts and not so far removed from college life ourselves, we thank Mr. Brezel for making the journey down Highway 55.

Haden M. Smith & Sophie Zavaglia

Letter to the Editor

An anthropology professor wrote a letter advocating for increased measures by the University to keep students informed during emergency situations.

Glenn Stone | Professor of Anthropology

Letter to the editor: In response to the presidential profile series

Student Life’s decision to profile the prominent candidates for president was a terrific way to inform Washington University students—most of whom may soon be voting for the first time—of their options. But the tones of the profiles have been at times disappointing and potentially damaging to our reputation as a university.

Sam Klein | Class of 2018

Letter to the editor

Edward “Tad” Foote, former vice chancellor and general counsel at Washington University passed away this week.

Doug Loewenstein | Class of 1973

In response to Wash. U. AD Josh Whitman leaving

The recent article announcing the relocation of athletic director Josh Whitman to the University of Illinois quoted a few student athletes who were overcome with a sense of abandonment and doubt. Specifically, a feeling that the “We. Us. Our.” mantra Whitman employed was somehow fabricated and will leave with him. I believe what Whitman did here cannot be forgotten. He accomplished more in 18 months than any of us could have imagined, including increased fan attendance and a newly generated sense of pride for Washington University athletics.

Annie Pitkin | Class of 2016

Letter to the editor: In response to ‘Physics department looks to add female faculty’

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, I spent two years taking undergraduate upper division classes, several more years studying for my Ph.D. and then almost three years as a post doc researcher in the Washington University physics department. It was a good place to be a woman.

Lilly Canel | Class of 1992

Re: ‘Missouri History Museum stops panel including Palestinian presence’

I am puzzled and concerned that in a recent article Student Life senior editors Zach Kram and Megan Magray referred to the Occupied Palestinian Territories as “contested land.”

Henry Clements | Class of 2014

Letter to the Editor: Neutrality is a fallacy

Chancellor Mark Wrighton released a statement on the Wash U Voices website Friday with the message, “we agree.” The Washington University contingent of STL Students in Solidarity is hesitant to accept that claim. We thank Chancellor Wrighton for accepting our demand for a meeting in January to discuss more detailed and tangible demands with the Washington University administration. However, we find the Chancellor’s response to the protest on campus last night to be inadequate.

STL Students in Solidarity

Letter to the Editor: Bike-riding students must prioritize safety

When it’s dark and rainy, cyclists are nearly impossible to see until they’re a few yards away. Traffic around Forest Park Parkway and Skinker is already wild as it is, especially with the lane shifts and changes from Forest Park Parkway to Wydown Boulevard. I’ve been a part of a lot of close calls, and I imagine those close calls would be potentially fatal with drunk drivers or people who aren’t already watching for cyclists.

Johnny Buse | St. Louis Resident