Letter to the editor: In response to Nov. 11 op-ed

Graduate workers, housekeepers, food service workers and all campus workers need your support.

Nathan Walsh | Ph.D. Student in Physics

Letter to the Editor

I applaud the authors of these articles for speaking to these truths. Yet, to me, there are a couple of pieces that these Student Life articles got utterly, fundamentally wrong.

Rebecca Shaevitz | Class of 2020

Letter to the Editor

This past Saturday morning, in Hillel’s egalitarian minyan (prayer service), when we returned the Torah scroll to the ark, as we do each week, we chanted together, “[the Torah] is a tree of life for those who hold fast to it.”

Hani Fish-Bieler | Class of 2022

Letter to the Editor

American Jews, throughout history and especially today, have been at the forefront of supporting some of the most marginalized communities worldwide, especially through tragedies and horrors. Make no mistake, Jewish communities in America and worldwide support other marginalized communities during tragedies which make the news, but also during daily struggles which do not necessarily make the news.

Nate Turk | Class of 2019

Letter to the editor

I am a retired college professor who, over the course of years, has changed goals many times.

Harry Toder, Ph.D.

Letter to the Editor

It is easy to call upon the University to make things safer because they have the money, resources and concerned parents to make things happen. However, I challenge my peers to think outside of the Wash. U. bubble.

Madeline Alburtus | Class of 2021

Letter to the editor

Mr. Lundergan’s editorial on the “deification” of Senator John McCain is simply lousy. Mr. Lundergan’s concern is not with the praise for Senator McCain; it’s with celebration of someone who he disagrees with.

Michael Rosengart | Class of 2013

Letter to the Editor: Safety in sovereignty: The necessity of Israel

While the current situation between Israel and Palestine seems to be a modern singularity, it is, in fact, the culmination of thousands of years of methodic anti-Semitism.

Tyler Orden | Class of 2019

Letter to the Editor: In response to ‘Do you dream of a better world?’

I would argue that the key to a better, more inclusive and equitable future does not rest solely in looking backward throughout history for concrete evidence that revolution toward societal betterment is possible, but in combining our past knowledge with imaginative thinking.

Ayanna Harrison | Class of 2019

Letter to the editor

And please do not repeat my mistake of blaming yourself for it. You did NOT do anything to bring on that predatory behavior or to encourage it. It was NOT your fault.

Stew Epstein | Former SUNY Brockport Professor