Letter to the Editor: In response to Sept. 25 staff editorial

I would like to clarify any confusion and provide more context for those wishing to push back against bad policy.

Megan Magray | Class of 2017

Letter to the Editor

Too often Wash. U. students are criticized for ignoring the St. Louis community outside the 63130 bubble. Wash. U. students must show solidarity with the citizens of St. Louis by marching and protesting, by standing up to police brutality and unpunished murders by police.

Marie Bigham and Steve Frappier | Washington University Alumni

Letter to the Editor: Student Life’s calculated outrage

It was only when there was outrage on social media that Student Life published its bombastic editorial, more than one week after it first learned of the pick.

Sam Klein | Class of 2018

Letter to the Editor: Parting words

As Student Life prepares to shut down for finals, my parting words to all my admirers are that the most obvious explanations are not necessarily correct, that cherished assumptions may be invalid and that ad hominem arguments are fallacious.

Jonathan Katz | Physics Professor

Letter to the Editor: Statement by physics department faculty

We strongly disagree with the thoughts expressed by Jonathan Katz in his April 16, 2017 op-ed contribution to Student Life.

24 physics faculty members

Letter to the Editor: In response to op-ed Landman and Holloway April 20, 2017

I provided references for my statements about the reliability of published, peer-reviewed studies in my submission to Student Life, but Student Life chose not to print them. Here they are:

Jonathan Katz | Professor of Physics

Letter to the Editor

My wife was a student (undergraduate and graduate) and research staff member of the physics department for about a decade and did not find it an “uncomfortable place for women.”

Jonathan Katz | Professor of Physics

Letter to the Editor

The Donald Trump administration’s denial of climate change, gutting of the Environmental Protection Agency and intent to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement is threatening to us as students, faculty and alumni.

Ryan Kennerknecht | Brown School of Social Work Class of 2018

Letter to the Editor: Programming for the students

In response to your piece from last Thursday’s edition of Student Life, we want to capture this moment to increase transparency about our organization. While we appreciate your feedback and suggestions, Social Programming Board believes that many of the expressed concerns are mitigated by a better understanding of our processes.

Letter to the Editor

We read Aaron Brezel’s Sept. 8 column about the St. Louis Garlic Festival in Carondelet with interest. As residents active in Carondelet’s community development efforts and not so far removed from college life ourselves, we thank Mr. Brezel for making the journey down Highway 55.

Haden M. Smith & Sophie Zavaglia