Mayoral Profile: Lyda Krewson

Lyda Krewson is the alderman for the 28th Ward of St. Louis, which covers much of Forest Park and the Central West End. She entered the mayoral race in June of 2016, and has led a valiant front.

| Staff Writer

A new satire for a new era

I read the newspaper and occasionally turned on NBC (and once, accidentally, C-SPAN), but most of my exposure to politics was through comedy. For me, politics and satire have always gone hand in hand. But lately, satire has started to feel a little different.

Jen McLish | Staff Writer

Keep SU accountable, pay attention to upcoming elections

SU officials have failed to fulfill their obligation of accountability to the student body through their conduct and their work ethic. But no one has posted in outrage on social media. No conversations are calling for change.

Breaking barriers: Establishing the Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund is a student-led initiative that aims to reduce the financial barriers faced by undergraduates of lower socioeconomic backgrounds, provide a source of reliable funding for extracurricular activities and thereby empower students with the opportunity to attain an equitable and fulfilling college experience.

Opportunity Fund Task Force

SU wants you; Wash. U. needs you

The 2017 Spring Elections are coming up and we would like to encourage all students to run for Student Union. Now, more than ever, there is a need for passionate student leaders to serve in the Student Union to help drive positive change both on campus and in the greater Washington University community.

Kenneth Sng | President of Student Union, Class of 2017

Staff editorial: Budget prioritizes student experience, hurt by apathy

Despite standing for nearly 16 hours, senior and Vice President of Finance Vikram Biswas has finalized and balanced Student Union’s 2017-2018 budget, which includes a 100 percent increase in Trending Topics funding and the return of two WILDs. Our editorial board commends SU for increasing their focus on enriching the student experience inside and outside of the classroom.

The need for politicization in entertainment

Whether it’s Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl half-time performance or Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech at this year’s Golden Globes ceremony, the minute entertainers begin to be political, the event becomes alienating to certain groups.

Michael Iannaconi | Contributing Writer

Letter to the Editor: Programming for the students

In response to your piece from last Thursday’s edition of Student Life, we want to capture this moment to increase transparency about our organization. While we appreciate your feedback and suggestions, Social Programming Board believes that many of the expressed concerns are mitigated by a better understanding of our processes.

Op-ed submission: Love in Christ

I am a student leader in progressive organizations on campus, former president of Wash. U. for Bernie and a queer woman. I am also a sweet-tea drinkin’, y’all sayin’, church-goin’, Arkansan founding president of a Christian Campus Ministry.

Deborah Rookey | Class of 2018

Mayoral Profile: Lewis Reed

After announcing his candidacy in August 2016, Lewis Reed made his platform abundantly clear: economic growth. Since 2007, Reed has served as the president of the Board of Aldermen—the first African-American to be elected to this position—and has worked to expand everything from anticrime policies to bike trails on his path to spur growth in St. Louis.

| Staff Writer