Speaking up for your student activities fee

There has been a significant amount of back and forth over the past couple of days between members of Student Union that includes, but is not limited to: budgets, WILD, the 2016 presidential debate and issues of transparency. The debate has energized some, but the details have gone over the heads of many.

Student Union Senate

Clinton: Emailing in her acceptance of the Democratic nomination

With Washington University hosting the presidential debate next fall (R.I.P. fall WILD), Forum staff has decided to profile each of the leading presidential candidates. This week we turn to Amy Poehler’s lookalike, Hillary Clinton, after breaking down the chances of Jeb! and Marco Ru-bae-o.

| Senior Forum Editor

SU and SPB forgot to focus on the students

Last October, Student Life wrote a staff editorial arguing that Social Programming Board and Student Union, both of which vowed increased communication with students in the 2015-2016 school year, owed students more transparency, because of the large amount of funds that go toward its programs.

WU panel on climate change timely and necessary

The recent panel on the health impacts of climate change—headlined by Harvard scientist Dr. Joel Schwartz—underscores the need for our University to recommit itself to a truly sustainable future.

Eli Horowitz | Class of 2016

Counterpoint: No WILD, no tradition, no transparency

Come fall of 2016, students will congregate on Kingsbury Avenue, in South 40 common rooms, at various other quasi-contained arenas, hoping in vain for the electric WILD atmosphere. Yeah, the concert series is pretty overrated, but, honestly, who cares? It’s a fun day to hang out and pretend our lives don’t revolve around academics.

| Senior Forum Editor

Point: Canceling WILD might not be a bad thing

Facing pressure from the administration and the immense scheduling challenges that will be presented by the presidential debate, SU and the Social Programming Board made what was likely the only logical decision.

| Staff Writer

Without WILD, the Gargoyle needs more love

The Gargoyle is one of the most underappreciated spaces on campus, only used for the semesterly concerts put on by Social Programming Board. Other than that, the venue sits empty in the Mallinckrodt Center basement, save for a few WU-SLam or Kuumba events here and there and SPB’s Happy Hour. We at Student Life feel that this is a shame.

Letter to the editor: In response to ‘Physics department looks to add female faculty’

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, I spent two years taking undergraduate upper division classes, several more years studying for my Ph.D. and then almost three years as a post doc researcher in the Washington University physics department. It was a good place to be a woman.

Lilly Canel | Class of 1992

Rubio: The Republicans’ electable dark horse

Every Monday before Super Tuesday on March 1, Forum will be running a profile of a leading presidential candidate. Last week, we met Jeb!—everyone’s favorite exclamation point. Today, we are taking a closer look at Marco Rubio, arguably the most attractive remaining potential nominee.

| Staff Writer

Wash. U. needs change now, not when it’s comfortable

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a university in possession of an economic diversity problem must be in want of a task force. Washington University is one such university, and it has responded to the increasingly unflattering spotlight on its diversity shortcomings accordingly. These task forces have been assembled, and they have spoken.