Op-ed: To our fellow peers

Before the individuals involved in the triggering event were seen as students of Washington University, they were seen as People of Color. No degree or red and green color scheme could protect them from the injustices that plague people like them every day.

The Diversity Affairs Council

Letter to the Editor: Safety in sovereignty: The necessity of Israel

While the current situation between Israel and Palestine seems to be a modern singularity, it is, in fact, the culmination of thousands of years of methodic anti-Semitism.

Tyler Orden | Class of 2019

Op-ed: A message from the WUGWU-SEIU Local 1 Organizing Committee

ver the course of a single semester, graduate workers organizing with the Washington University Graduate Workers Union (WUGWU) have won subsidized dental care, lower out-of-pocket healthcare maximums and guaranteed summer funding.

Miranda Popkey | WUGWU Organizing Committee

The Palestinian Nakba: ‘48 and now

May 15 this year marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Nakba (the Arabic word for catastrophe).

Anjali Vishwanath | Contributing Writer

Op-ed: J Street U WashU to Congressman William Lacy Clay: Speak out about demolitions

As students at Washington University and leaders of the pro-Israel, pro-peace, anti-occupation organization J Street U, we strongly appreciate Congressman William Lacy Clay’s record as a longtime supporter of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and for human rights for all people in the region.

Michael Berkowitz | Class of 2020

Op-ed: A system where you can’t win

The system is broken every step of the way, and a complete rethinking of the Title IX process and how the school supports survivors—even beyond reporting—is needed.

Maddy Yaggi | Class of 2020

Op-ed: Let’s talk about due process after Title Mine

Due process is not a code word for the patriarchy or white supremacy. It is not for wrongdoers to get away with hurting others, or a shield for the privileged.

Victor Wang | Law School Class of 2018

Letter from the editor

Today’s newspaper includes an op-ed piece entitled “Victim of the ‘gray area,’” written by an anonymous Washington University student.

| Editor-in-Chief

Op-ed: Victim of the ‘gray area’

I hope that in the future students of this University will understand that this behavior will not be tolerated, and the lackadaisical way consent is treated will change. Consent matters and consent should be explicit.

Anonymous Student

Op-ed: Graduate union wins summer pay

We will continue to watch Wash. U. to make sure it follows up on these promises and continue fighting in the future for financial stability for grad workers at Wash. U.

JB Duck-Mayr | WUGWU Organizing Committee