Saying thanks this holiday season

Thanksgiving is upon us again, and in honor of the season, our editorial board has compiled a list of things we’re truly thankful for in our lives and at Washington University.

The degradation of quality sports journalism

Within the deluge of programming, ESPN’s content becomes endlessly repetitive and lacks quality.

Max Bash | Contributing Reporter

WPA and IFC oppose the Safe, Fair Campus Acts

Washington University in St. Louis Women’s Panhellenic Association (WPA) and Interfraternity Council (IFC) commend National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) for withdrawing their support for United States House Bill, H.R. 3403—Safe Campus Act of 2015.

Ally Brabant and Julian Clarke | WPA, IFC Presidents

Removal of one-child policy only symbolic

This October, China issued a proposal to alter its one-child policy to a two-child policy. Before it announced the new proposal, China had already been making relaxations on the policy, allowing married couples to have a second child if the father or mother is an only child. Thus, the new two-child policy can be seen as an extension of the relaxed policy.

Jeff Kang | Contributing Writer

LIVE Greek speaks out against the Safe Campus Act

We have been hearing a lot of buzz around the Safe Campus Act recently. So what is problematic about this bill and why should Greek life especially care?

LIVE Greek | Leaders in Interpersonal Violence Education Greek

Channeling the power of the student voice

Students in this day and age are taking the credo of John Lewis—“Get in the way”—to heart and it’s working. But what is it working towards?

Balancing photojournalistic rights and responsibility at Mizzou

In light of recent altercations between journalists and community members at Mizzou working to protect protesters, Student Life finds it necessary to address the differences between the rights of photojournalists and our ethical responsibilities.

KaBOOM! An embodiment of positive civic engagement

Last Saturday, the KaBOOM! organization made its way downtown, toward the Fox Park neighborhood, to build a playground for the newly established Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) Wisdom academy for elementary school students.

| Staff Writer

The real power of celebrity student athletes today

Discussing student athletes has always been a controversial conversation. I’ve personally always found it amazing that places of education give scholarships to those who are athletically inclined.

Ariel Kravitz | Contributing Writer

A refresher on the First Amendment

Throughout the recent social unrest at both Yale University and the University of Missouri, it can be hard to remember one of the founding principles of our country—freedom of speech. However, the right of an individual to speak freely is to be in no way infringed upon by the federal or local government.

Edward Larkin | Class of 2019