Carnaval in Student Life: the crisis of representation for Latino students

Months of work putting together Carnaval were lost in a single headline as I sat in my advisor’s office, infuriated. I had devoted months of my time and energy to helping put together a show that was meant to express some of my sentiments and experiences as a Latino student on campus.

Daniel Kennedy | President of External Relations, Association of Latin American Students

The Fight for the American Dream

The Fight for $15, a national movement that led hundreds of people to a rally on Brookings steps on Wednesday, is quickly establishing itself as yet another cause clamoring for Washington University students’ attention

Say yes to peace

I wish I could focus on how great the program was, but instead I must address anti-Israel protesters who came to the event with the intent to cancel it. A member of the Washington University faculty, graduate students and others from the St. Louis community came to the event late and began yelling at the speakers.

Paul Felder | Students for Israel

To be Middle Eastern at Wash. U.

This afternoon on April 12, I and five others (all people of color) gathered outside of Seigle Hall to peacefully protest the exclusion and erasure of Palestinian voices at an event run by Wash U Students for Israel. Although we were entirely respectful and peaceful, we were immediately harassed and threatened by the event’s organizers and attendees.

Stephanie Aria | Class of 2016

Give us better options, not sterner warnings

Washington University has long touted itself as a leader in energy conservation and sustainability. Many of its programs, however, focus on the negative aspects of an action, rather than the positive.

Educating schools on the costs of education

When Washington University announced earlier this year that it would be attempting to increase the amount of Pell Grant-eligible students to 13 percent by 2020, the administration signaled a continuing commitment to expanding socioeconomic diversity on campus. Recently, however, Stanford University announced that it would be providing free tuition to families whose yearly income is less than $125,000.

| Senior Forum Editor

Let them eat cake (and steak and seafood and everything else)

Limiting the foods that can and cannot be purchased with government assistance—including cheap, “unnecessary” treats like cookies and chips—is reminiscent of a parent telling a child that they can’t eat their cake if they misbehave.

Media makes spectacle of mental illness, Germanwings tragedy

Germanwings Flight 9525 was not supposed to crash—there were no thunderstorms in the area, no unexpected missile strikes, nor international terrorists on board.

| Staff Columnist

A math class should be a math class, regardless of school

As one of its selling points on tours to prospective students, Wash. U. espouses how easy it is for undergraduates to take classes across schools and even earn dual degrees if so inclined. What Wash. U. neglects to tell those students is that, if they are in the College of Arts & Sciences, earning that second degree or major will consume any time you may have had for electives.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Homophobes

The Indiana bill, which protects the free right of religious expression for all private entities against all other private entities, is egregiously problematic. On the most basic level, it introduces a loophole into the state’s legalese allowing for any business to discriminate against other groups, most notably the LGBTQIA community, on a religious basis.

| Senior Forum Editor