Class shopping period needs a shift

Regardless of how you approach course registration and the initial shopping period at the beginning of a semester, the system here needs tinkering.

We are all Washington University: Thoughts on discourse, privilege and responsibility

We are the lifeblood of this University, and we need to remember that fact when our University responds to challenges.

| Staff Writer

An open letter from Wash. U. College Republicans to Provost Holden Thorp

Wash. U. College Republicans believes that open and candid discourse on these matters is crucial to making progress toward a solution. But to truly take steps towards mutual understanding, it is important that all perspectives be presented, heard and validated.

Wash. U. College Republicans

Racism in Ferguson should matter to Washington University community

We ask the University community to recognize that Michael Brown’s death was not an isolated incident, but the result of a broken system.

Diversity Affairs Council

Feeling like a failure? You’re not as alone as you think

I felt a lot of pressure. It wasn’t just a pressure to get good grades, although that was certainly part of it. It was, for lack of a better way of describing it, a pressure not to “fail.”

| Managing Editor

Internet vigilantes: With great power comes great responsibility

While the legal system in place is almost certainly flawed, too much power in the hands of common people can create chaos. Everybody wants to become a hero, but a self-proclaimed protector of people can create victims as well.

| Staff Writer

Hands down, don’t shoot

If society can only mobilize over the Trayvon Martins, Eric Garners and Jordan Davises of the world, we are living in a time when absolute innocence is the one condition that demands we value black life.

Clark Randall | Class of 2016

Bear Beginnings schedule was over-packed and stressful

While the FYC has good intentions of providing freshmen with a memorable and educational orientation experience, freshmen tend to be overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of Bear Beginnings, and there isn’t enough time to recover for the first day of classes.

Bigger isn’t always better

After the last crisp, clean sheet is stretched onto the bed and all the appliances find their own little corners to nestle, the place starts looking less like a dorm room and more like a home. The family has nearly an entire moment to appreciate their creation before a yell rings out through the hall. “Yo bro, can you help me with this box?”

Jacob Shapiro | Contributing Writer

Michael Brown: A victim of a racist system

Michael Brown died because police forces are not designed to protect people like him. They are designed to imprison people like him.

| Senior Forum Editor