WILD Bingo: Young the Giant

Check out WILD Bingo ahead of this Friday’s concert.

Make our dreams come true: Our ideal WILD picks

Here’s who we wish we could see gracing the WILD stage—take note for next fall, Social Programming Board!

More than the music: Fall WILD recap

After a particularly tumultuous lead-up and some ominous afternoon rain clouds, this year’s fall WILD stubbornly opened its doors Friday night to crowds of students.

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4 tangible suggestions on how SPB can fix WILD

here are four suggestions to fix WILD, or, you know, at least make it a little bit less of a perpetual controversy.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Lil Dicky for fall WILD uninspired, problematic headliner

The big secret is out—the headliner for 2017 fall WILD is rapper Lil Dicky. With all the expectations surrounding WILD, its not surprising that reactions to Lil Dicky are mixed.

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Derulo better WILD choice over rumored A$AP Rocky pick

Social Programming Board announced Jason Derulo as the headliner for April 28 with Natalie La Rose as the opening act. With at least eight well-known, easily recognizable hit songs, Derulo is by far the better pick for spring WILD and represents what all students should want: a high-energy, outdoor party to blow off a full semester’s worth of stress.

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What pairs well?: Who SPB should bring for WILD and comedy

Social Programming Board recently released and closed the second survey gauging student interest in comedians and potential WILD artists. It renewed a debate within Cadenza over which comedian and which WILD artist should be chosen. Below are our dream teams for the semester.

Q&A with the All-American Rejects

Before the spring WILD opener went on Friday, I sat down with the founders and frontmen of the All-American Rejects, singer Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler.

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Cadenza’s picks: Spring WILD and comedy surveys

On Sunday, Social Programming Board released its Spring Talent Survey for WILD and the semesterly comedy show. Here are Cadenza’s favorites from the survey.

Exclusive interview: SPB brings the magic to WILD

Cadenza spoke with Alex Caplow and Sam Lee, the two members of WILD opener Magic Man.

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