‘Good Omens’ trailer is a good omen for the quality of the series

It’s creepy, it’s funny and Crowley and Aziraphale’s millennia-long friendship is every bit as antagonistic as I could have hoped for.

Isabella Neubauer | Contributing Writer

‘Big Mouth’ season two shines a light on Planned Parenthood

The long-awaited second season of “Big Mouth” came out October 5 on Netflix, and it’s meeting all expectations.

| Senior Editor

‘Netflix and Chills’: Spooky fall break picks

October is the month when goblins and ghouls crawl out of the woodwork, because it’s the month that signifies one thing and one thing only: Halloween.

Sabrina Spence | Staff Writer

‘BoJack Horseman’ season five: How to get better

Warning: Major spoilers for the first four seasons and minor spoilers for the fifth season of “BoJack Horseman” lie ahead.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Cooking and chill: Netflix makes food the only romance you’ll ever need

The anxiety of watching the time run out and not knowing whether the chef will get everything plated in time is a rush that “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” could never provide during their weekly catfights.

Sabrina Spence | Contributing Writer

Fall TV roundup: What’s coming out that you should watch

There’s no doubt about it: in recent years, Netflix and other streaming services have significantly shaken up the TV landscape. But when it comes to traditional, over-the-top network providers, the annual pilot circus continues.

| Staff Writer

Which stream(ing service) deserves your green?

Cable is dying, internet speeds are a hot topic for all and sharing your Wi-Fi password is a public symbol for who you actually love. With the massive success of Netflix, many streaming services have sprung up in order to capitalize on the growing market.

Matthew Wallace | Contributing Writer

Rewind: This season of ‘the Bachelor’ before hometowns

As I am sure you are dying to watch the last moments of this average season, here is a quick rewind for you on the major moments and characters that have defined this season.

Alana Raper | Contributing Writer

What to watch: What Cadenza binged over break

The Crown and The Handmaid’s Tale highlight a full docket of binge-worthy content.

See these instead of ‘House of Cards’ to avoid supporting Kevin Spacey

If still yearn for TV politics, check out “Scandal,” “Veep,” “The West Wing” and “Madam Secretary.”

| Staff Writer