Weekend Matinee: ‘Narcos’ on Netflix

Pablo Escobar, as played by Wagner Moura in Netflix’s “Narcos,” was killed by the Drug Enforcement Administration in the finale of the show’s second season. Yet, Netflix went and re-upped “Narcos” for two more seasons, leaving everyone to wonder: What does a show based around the life of Pablo Escobar become with a dead Pablo Escobar?

| Senior Cadenza Editor

But what about the small print?

LouFest has, to be honest, fluctuated in quality quite a bit over the past few years, and although this LouFest may not have a lot of big names (other than the headliners of course), it does have a handful of my favorite artists and bands on the undercard.

| Staff Writer

The Tivoli, ‘The Room’ and the director, Tommy Wiseau

It was 12:41 a.m. when we finally caught a glimpse of him through the forest of star-struck fans, merchandise tables and Tivoli employees. Tommy Wiseau was in the building.

Aiden Blinn | Contributing Writer

Summer Songs 2(017)

So just like Lil Yachty has his Summer Songs collections, here are my Summer Songs 2(017).

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What’s true about the new depiction of the Lake of the Ozarks on ‘Ozark’

This summer, the Lake of Ozarks got its big break when “Ozark” debuted on Netflix.

Kelly Wiesehan | Contributing Writer

Weekend Matinee: ‘The Room’ at the Tivoli

It’s not often I get to recommend one of the worst films ever made as an enjoyable weekend pastime, but here we are.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Meet me at the midnight movies

Nowadays, the flick is the longest-running midnight movie of all time, and the Tivoli screens “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” four times every October leading up to Halloween.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Weekend Matinee: Sundance Ignite Fellowship

Alex Kamb had no idea that the Sundance Ignite Fellowship existed until a friend texted him shortly after the submission period opened.

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Improv group breaks convention with charitable event

This year, a more universal casting is coming to Wash. U. as well, in the form of Mama’s Pot Roast’s “Miscast,” based off of the Broadway version, but donating all the proceeds to a St. Louis-based HIV/AIDS-focused organization.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Reflections on ‘The Serpent’: A play asking the hard questions

A few weeks ago, Thyrsus performed “The Serpent,” a 1968 play developed by Jean-Claude van Itallie that juxtaposes scenes from the Bible’s Book of Genesis with various modern experiences.

Erica Sloan | Staff Writer