Ezra Bell: The best indie folk band you’ve never heard of

The first time I heard Ezra Bell was completely by chance. The strings, piano, horn and vocals came together in an eerie and stunning way to create a unique sound that has stuck with me ever since.

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Artists’ showcase: A look at Post Malone’s musical career

Hailing from Grapevine, Tx., Post Malone is one of the newest sensations in modern music.

Steven Yang | Contributing Writer

Musical events to help clear up your post-LouFest blues

Now, all of the grass in the general vicinity of LouFest has been suitably trampled, students have successfully caught up on all the homework they put off and fabric wristbands everywhere, hanging by a thread, have finally fallen off—so you must be hankering for a new show to attend.

| Managing Editor

LouFest Sunday: And that’s a wrap

If you’ve never boarded a Metro-Link bus while listening to a drunken warbling of “Say it Ain’t So” you have not truly lived.

Such was the scene as LouFest closed Sunday night, and festivalgoers suddenly became painfully aware they had work/school in the morning.

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LouFest Saturday doesn’t disappoint—if maybe lacking grass

The guitarist tucked his sweater into his pants, the lead singer wore no top but a bolo tie. We all stood on parking lot asphalt and LouFest just felt a bit too much like Warped Tour.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

New LouFestU initiative presents fun possibilities for WU students

In a new initiative geared toward showing St. Louis college students what all the city has to offer them, LouFest will be launching LouFest U this Friday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., the night before the festival’s official start.

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Battle of the Headliners: Weezer or Snoop?

It’s that time of the year again: LouFest is taking over Forest Park this weekend for the city’s biggest music festival.

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But what about the small print?

LouFest has, to be honest, fluctuated in quality quite a bit over the past few years, and although this LouFest may not have a lot of big names (other than the headliners of course), it does have a handful of my favorite artists and bands on the undercard.

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Summer Songs 2(017)

So just like Lil Yachty has his Summer Songs collections, here are my Summer Songs 2(017).

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To the afterlife and back: How America killed Kendrick on ‘DAMN.’

“DAMN.”—in addition to the quality of the music itself (which is amazing)—is so full of symbolism and metaphor that each song could have an entire paper written about it.

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