How many ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ covers do we really need?

There are plenty of good, modern Christmas songs and covers to play this season, so don’t waste your time listening to meowing cats or multiple versions of the same song.

Leah Hardgrove | Contributing Writer

Study playlists to help you through your finals week

If you’re like me and can’t stand to do work in silence, here are some suggestions for the soundtrack to your finals success.

| Music Editor

Coffee with Joywave: Pranks, mugs, and inconveniencing the majority

Satire synth pop band Joywave is out with a new album called Content. And lead singer Daniel Armbruster likes coffee. Let’s talk about that.

| Senior Editor

Audio Philes: songs for Thanksgiving

Lady Lamb, Ezra Bell and Motherfolk are family folk favorites. But maybe you want something more … energetic.

| Staff Writer

A ranking of the tracks on Taylor Swift’s newest album ‘Reputation’

Taylor Swift released her newest album, “Reputation,” Nov. 9, two days earlier than expected.

Leah Hardgrove | Contributing Writer

Getting the most for your money with Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium has helped me grow a lot as a music listener.

| Staff Writer

No instruments, no problem: A cappella groups shine at concert

A capella groups descended on the 560 Music Center Friday night. Here’s a taste of what you missed and when you can catch the Stereotypes, Pikers and others next.

Ali Gold | Senior Cadenza Editor

What it means when your favorite band falls from grace

With “Everything Now,” Arcade Fire tried and failed to be edgy in a frankly embarrassing way.

| Staff Writer

Going beyond: How to discover new music in 2017

The economic barrier posed by Spotify and related services prevents potentially successful bands from ever reaching listeners. Enter Soundcloud and Bandcamp

| Managing Editor

A comprehensive ranking of all 55 songs on my Spotify Time Capsule playlist

Spotify’s Time Capsule had the gall to put 55 songs in front of my face that are supposed to make me nostalgic and by god, did it work.

| Senior Cadenza Editor