‘Neon Bible’ turns 11: reflecting on an underrated masterpiece

Arcade Fire’s Neon Bible is a beautiful symphony of passion, pain and hope. It also contains the artistic brilliance that made “Funeral” a great album.

| Staff Writer

Sad boi playlist: this is the best music to cry to

Sad boi song (noun): A piece of music which one resorts to listening to when upset or distressed to help deal with emotions in an angsty and sometimes melodramatic way.

Tyler Sabloff | Contributing Writer

‘Whole Lotta Love’ (and hate): The Zeppelin conundrum

Beyond their musical shortcomings, the members of Led Zeppelin were, putting it bluntly, just horrible people.

Tyler Sabloff | Contributing Writer

A day in the life of Leah, as told by my Spotify playlist

An hour by hour playlist to get you through the day.

Leah Hardgrove | Staff Writer

MO and Cashmere Cat perform to lackluster Pageant crowd

Pop vocalist MO and DJ Cashmere Cat performed at the Pageant on Friday Feb. 2 to a mid-sized crowd.

Kalpana Gopalkrishnan | Contributing Writer

Love-hate: my complicated relationship with Weezer

Weezer is the perfect combination of fantastic—if not uneven—music, terrible lyrics, nostalgia and teenage (or pre-teenage) angst.

| Staff Writer

Student bands to perform at Battle of the Bands

This year’s Battle of the Bands is this Saturday, Feb. 3 at Ursa’s. Meet this year’s contenders.

Alana Raper | Contributing Writer

North of Margaritaville: Jimmy Buffett’s drummer plays the Duck Room

Everyone was either a middle-aged white man or the wife of a middle aged white man.

Jon Lewis | Senior Editor

These are the can’t-miss concerts you need to see this semester

Walk the Moon, Portugal, The Man, and Lorde highlight a full spring semester concert schedule.

| Music Editor

New year, new me: Artists who reinvented themselves

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Kesha and BROCKHAMPTON fulfilled their New Year’s resolutions by exploring new styles in 2017.

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