To the afterlife and back: How America killed Kendrick on ‘DAMN.’

“DAMN.”—in addition to the quality of the music itself (which is amazing)—is so full of symbolism and metaphor that each song could have an entire paper written about it.

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From Comic Con to Emerson Auditorium, the Aristocats are charging ahead

Comic Con came to St. Louis two weekends ago, bringing TV stars such as Michael Rooker (“The Walking Dead”) and Evan Peters (“American Horror Story”) alongside its usual slate of cosplay, superheroes and video game enthusiasts. However, a slightly more unconventional guest also made an appearance: the Aristocats, Washington University’s Disney-themed a cappella group, who performed four 30-minute sets over the course of the weekend.

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Joint concert brings ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ with a side of gender politics

Switching spots with The Pikers and The Greenleafs taking the stage, this bouncy and excited mood took a turn in the most beautiful of directions. Kendall Spina, co-music director of the group, introduced the Greenleafs performance of “Quiet” by MILCK, a song that has gained national attention over the past few months around Women’s Marches following the presidential election of Donald Trump.

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Kanye West, Crazy Genius

When a celebrity has reached the point in their career to deserve a profile story, there might not be anything more disheartening than having the opening anecdote be that of the President of the United States calling them a “jackass.”

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Mosaic Whispers’ seniors take final rose in ‘Bachelorette’-themed show

The performance, this year themed after the Bachelorette and starring senior Katie Greenberg as the Bachelorette and the other Whispers members as contestants, marks the triumphant conclusion of another successful year for the Whispers in terms of the ICCA competition.

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Audio Philes: Music for your standard spring doldrums

Just as we have seen in the weather as spring shakes off the dregs of winter, these songs carry an initial bit of gloom but an overall sound or message encouraging listeners to keep on keeping on.

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WUStock offers pleasant afternoon in spite of lackluster crowd

After months of attempted hype for Daya built up by the Social Board of the Congress of the South 40, many students still came to the Swamp for WUStock on Saturday with the perspective, “Who’s Daya?”

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Pop star, student openers drum up anticipation for WUStock this Saturday

Most students will know Daya from her empowering pop anthem “Sit Still, Look Pretty,” solo hit “Hide Away,” or as the powerful voice featured on the Chainsmoker’s “Don’t Let Me Down.”

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‘Indiana Jones’ and the spring break concert adventure

This concert—a showing of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with the St. Louis Symphony playing the score by John Williams live—was an honest to god dream come true.

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The audio philes: This week’s top three see old friends step back into the spotlight

Last week the music forecast was brewing one major storm of new hits for the music industry early Friday morning, including Ed Sheeran, Lorde and Sylvan Esso, a bundle of very familiar names resurfaced onto the new music stage with content this week, proving that in their spotlight hiatus they have been hard at work.

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