‘Nothing but bangers': Chiddy Bang leaves it all out on Mudd Field

Social Programming Board took over Mudd Field in preparation for hip-hop star Chiddy Bang’s performance on the stage where just a few weeks ago Fox News broadcasted during the second presidential debate.

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‘Oh My My’: Is OneRepublic in the middle of an identity crisis?

OneRepublic’s latest album “Oh My My,” which released worldwide on Oct. 7, boasts an eclectic selection of tracks in its over-an-hour-long series of varied tunes that don’t really conform to any particular genre. Unlike their other albums, which were a clear fusion of pop and rock with a distinctive touch that stood out among others, this album feels like a potpourri of styles, heavily leaning toward new age music.

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Lewis Del Mar, a two for one in music

Industrial folk duo Lewis Del Mar, who visited Blueberry Hill on Oct. 14, is the product of best friends Danny Miller and Max Harwood.

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Just ‘My Type’: Saint Motel plays Delmar Hall, talks about rise

Saint Motel is one of the biggest names on the indie scene, described as being anywhere from adventure-rock to dream-pop, not exactly fitting into a specific genre, but has managed to carve out their own niche.

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Chiddy Bang uninspired, Mudd Field move questionable

We don’t need to be reminded that this semester we did not get to partake in WILD. Yet, with Social Programming Board’s announcement yesterday of the changes to the fall concert, I can’t help but feel that they are attempting to replace the void left by the absence of one of the most-beloved Washington University events.

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The Saint Johns play Blueberry Hill

The Saint Johns, a Folk/Americana duo named for the river that runs through member Jordan Meredith’s home town, has been making music together for nine years now. Jordan Meredith met the other half of The Saint Johns, Louis Johnson, at a party and the two had an immediate chemistry–not a romantic chemistry but a musical one.

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Tennessee-raised Colony House brings family rock ’n’ roll to the Ready Room

Colony House, formed in 2009 as the project of Caleb and Will Chapman, comes to St. Louis tomorrow night to perform at the Ready Room a year after performing at LouFest and Blueberry Hill. The band itself consists of Caleb (vocals and guitar), Will (drums), Scott Mills (guitar), and Parke Cottrell (bass).

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Ruby The RabbitFoot and of Montreal

What began as a quiet evening ended in an explosion of sound and color, as artists Ruby The RabbitFoot and of Montreal took the stage at the Ready Room this past Thursday night.

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A convergence of well…everything: Murmuration Festival 2016

“In nature, a murmuration is a flock of starlings that produces intricate patterns during flight.” The Murmuration Festival is, in its own words, “the convergence of art, music, science and tech.”

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St. Louis Symphony kicks off new season with a free concert in Forest Park

The St. Louis summer drew to a close last Wednesday night as several hundred St. Louisians piled in to enjoy the St. Louis Symphony give its first free performance of the 136th season. The evening’s program included an eclectic but familiar blend of music, with a lineup that included a couple of patriotic classics, a popular spiritual hymn, one of Mozart’s most recognizable tunes and “Raider’s March” from “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Grace Haselhorst | Contributing Writer