From Yung Lean to Avril Lavigne: Artist playlists on Spotify

On one of my frequent quests to find new music, I realized that I could go straight to the source to find things to listen to: the artists I already like.

| Managing Editor

The Snapchettes seek to popularize active listening with ‘60s-inspired funk

Still fairly new to the scene, having only formed at the beginning of last semester, the Snapchettes’ high energy and kitschy music has only just begun to grace KWUR parties and various other venues around St. Louis.

Quincy Schmechel | Contributing Writer

Meet Reverb: Wash. U.’s newest co-ed a cappella group

Reverb hit the a cappella scene last semester as a group of self-defined “comeback kids.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

The sound of punk to come: 5 songs that show us where heavy music is headed

Check out these picks for the future of heavy music.

| Staff Writer

SALES brings energy and finger-wiggling to the Duck Room

SALES, the Florida-based project of Lauren Morgan and Jason Shih, played their first St. Louis show Tuesday at Blueberry Hill. Hana Vu opened up the night with her bright, punky, garage band-style music, starting the night with infectious energy by dancing and jumping until she played her last song.

Bee Phelan | Contributing Writer

American Poetry Club aims to create music to define the ‘sound of self esteem’

If one were to fit APC’s music into a more cemented genre, it would probably fall into categories like bedroom pop or emo but fitting into a box was never what the band—which Weinstock describes as being more of a club, really—has ever been about.

Quincy Schmechel | Contributing Writer

Waiting to ripen: Ripe’s musical journey to maturity

You wouldn’t expect your average band to wait almost seven years before releasing their debut album, but Ripe is no average band. I caught Robbie Wulfsohn, Ripe’s frontman, on a 20-hour drive from Coos Bay, Ore. to Boulder, Colo., and while dealing with spotty cell service and a lit gas light in the middle of nowhere, Wulfsohn never let worry get the better of him.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘Thinking Out Loud’ about Ed Sheeran at Busch Stadium

After a two-hour wait, a familiar tune resonated in Busch Stadium. Ed Sheeran stepped in as he sang “Castle on the Hill,” a single from his popular 2017 album “Divide” (stylized as ÷).

Bright Chong | Contributing Writer

R.I.P. LouFest 2018: So, that’s why I didn’t get a press pass

A tweet by St. Louis comedian Angela Smith sums up the situation perfectly, drawing a parallel to Joe Edwards’ Loop Trolley disaster: “#LouFest is the Loop Trolley of music festivals.”

| Senior Cadenza Editor

It’s the end of the album as we know it, and I feel fine

As streaming increasingly eclipses music purchasing, many artists are beginning to move away from releasing their music in album format, opting instead to release singles upon singles. All this change in the music industry begs the question: Are albums dying out?

| Senior Cadenza Editor