Why you should skip the new series ‘Little Evil’ on Netflix now

“Little Evil,” despite it’s experienced comedy cast, is a campy horror flick you can skip.

| Staff Writer

Movie review: ‘Hail Caesar!’

Films by the Coen Brothers—the directing and writing team of brothers Joel and Ethan Coen—fall into two rough camps: the goofy ones and the existential ones. Of course, the lines between the two aren’t firm. Each has a little of the other, but you can often sense a leaning towards one side.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Movie review: Junun

The documentary filmmaker, even when trying to remain passive, cannot help but comment on the action. How he captures, chooses and arranges the moments that comprise his film creates a tone, an attitude toward his subjects. Of a nearly infinite number of possibilities, he chooses one.

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Movie review: ‘Bridge of Spies’

“Bridge of Spies” begins as a quiet film of footsteps and misdirection as we watch a game of cat and mouse between FBI agents and a Soviet spy. Edited with the patience of a ’70s espionage thriller, it dares to make you wait. Dialogue and music are replaced by the patter and bustle of streets and subways.

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Movie review: ‘Black Mass’

Whitey Bulger is not the average gangster, so it’s fitting that “Black Mass” is not an average gangster film.

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‘End of the Tour’ doesn’t do justice to late author’s memory

In the seven years since David Foster Wallace’s death, the author’s legend has grown to immense proportions. Known for his dense, hyperactive essays and novels, Wallace has become an archetype of the tortured genius.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Movie Review: ‘Furious 7′

Action sequences in “Furious 7” follow the series’ recently developed tradition of physics-defying car actions.

Jake Lee | Contributing Writer

‘American Sniper’ preview

Deemed the most lethal sniper in American history, Chris Kyle embodies the most patriotic and heroic values central to any famous war hero. Yet, as director Clint Eastwood is determined to show, he is not without his demons.

| Contributing Reporter

Hollywood’s miracle men: How Phil Lord and Chris Miller manage to continue turning garbage into gold

Phil Lord and Chris Miller don’t make movies; they make miracles. Taking Hollywood’s most cynical, profit-driven ideas and injecting them with undeserved doses of wit and humanity, they violate every maxim that relates art and commerce in Tinseltown.

| Music Editor

Review: ‘Interstellar’ fails to reach cosmic expectations

What fills Christopher Nolan’s mind when he looks up at the stars? We know Kubrick ponders the nature of existence; Ridley Scott has nightmares of spacecraft turned to death traps; Michael Bay dreams of robots.

| Music Editor