Do we need more live-action films? And other concerns

Let’s whine about live-action features.

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Let’s get into the film industry’s international coproduction

A few months ago, I was asked if “Star Wars” was an American franchise. It was a fascinating question and my reply via text was novel-length.

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The great 21st century blockbuster diversity arms race

If there’s one thing Hollywood learned this winter, it’s that diversity sells. It sells well.

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‘Wildcats everywhere’: Which High School Musical was the best?

Disney announced that it’s making “High School Musical 4,” to be released in 2018, but Cadenza simply cannot wait until then to express our Wildcat fever. To pass the time, we’ve been arguing amongst ourselves about which “High School Musical” is the best and why:

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Screw escapism: The emotional resonance of film

A big talking point in film journalism lately is escapism: According to many writers, audiences go to movies to escape their real life, and both box office and awards shows reflect this.

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How to talk about the Oscars without watching any film

If you make the calculations, you would need to dedicate approximately 4,952 minutes to watch almost all films nominated for an Academy Award this year. Luckily, you do not need to waste your time watching these films because I have created a thorough guide on how to successfully navigate conversations about the Oscars.

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Movies to catch up on from break

Over Cadenza’s month and a half hiatus, there has been an excess of film releases. As the student body gets back into the swing of the semester, we know it’s hard to find time to squeeze in all of them.

Manufacturing emotions: The overlooked art of film scores

Film scores are the “background” music that plays during action sequences or emotional moments, as well as the more memorable theme music. Every Hollywood movie has a score these days, specifically composed for the film.

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Religious film series spotlights covert religious themes in films

The Religious Studies program created the film series this semester as a way to build community, both within the program and beyond. The series also offers students a chance to apply the skills they learn in Religious Studies courses to films in popular culture, whose themes aren’t always obviously religious.

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St. Louis Film Festival celebrates independent, international cinema

The 25th Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival wrapped up its 10-day celebration of cinema on Sunday. It was a unique opportunity for students and community members alike experience unusual films and to learn about filmmaking beyond a typical America-centric lens.

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