‘Get Out’ screening encourages dialogue before Stockley ruling

Washington University students, faculty and community members gathered in the School of Law for a screening of Jordan Peele’s 2017 social thriller film “Get Out,” followed by a discussion panel on Thursday night.

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Embracing the imperfect romantic comedy heroine

A heroine from off the beaten path provides a brighter and more entertaining alternative to the stereotypical rom-com narrative

Lily Hamer | Contributing Writer

The Tivoli, ‘The Room’ and the director, Tommy Wiseau

It was 12:41 a.m. when we finally caught a glimpse of him through the forest of star-struck fans, merchandise tables and Tivoli employees. Tommy Wiseau was in the building.

Aiden Blinn | Contributing Writer

Weekend Matinee: ‘The Room’ at the Tivoli

It’s not often I get to recommend one of the worst films ever made as an enjoyable weekend pastime, but here we are.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Meet me at the midnight movies

Nowadays, the flick is the longest-running midnight movie of all time, and the Tivoli screens “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” four times every October leading up to Halloween.

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A Conversation With Niki Caro, director of ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’

Niki Caro’s new film “The Zookeeper’s Wife” came out over the weekend. Based on the bestselling book by Diane Ackerman, the film tells the true story of Antonina Zabinska (Jessica Chastain), who sheltered Jewish people in her Warsaw, Poland zoo during World War 2.

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African Film Festival continues its mission in its 12th edition

In its twelve-year run, the African Film Festival has carved out an important place in the St. Louis’ and Washington University’s film scenes. This year, the festival will continue its traditional three-day programming of contemporary African films starting March 31.

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Alum’s political satire documentary premieres at Tivoli

“Tickling Giants”—written, directed and produced by Washington University alumna Sara Taksler—premiered at the Tivoli and other theaters nationwide Tuesday. The film follows Egyptian political satirist through his turbulent journey from heart surgeon to successful late night host to expatriate living in exile from the Egyptian government.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

True/False Film Festival: Documentaries in our backyard

The 14th annual True/False Film Festival wrapped up this past Sunday in Columbia, Mo. A short two-hour drive from St. Louis, the festival screened upwards of 40 documentaries to an audience of about 15,000.

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‘Logan’: High quality suffering in the superhero universe

I saw “Logan” over two weeks ago. At the time, I was tempted to hand in a two-sentence review: “They went there. Period.”

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