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‘A Star is Born’ burns bright on the silver screen

Though the film is titled, “A Star is Born,” it is the fiery burning out of a star that takes center stage.

Jaden Satenstein | Staff Writer

‘Netflix and Chills’: Spooky fall break picks

October is the month when goblins and ghouls crawl out of the woodwork, because it’s the month that signifies one thing and one thing only: Halloween.

Sabrina Spence | Staff Writer

Pranaya’s Picks: ‘Brick’

“Brick” succeeds in large part because watching this experiment unfold with reckless abandon is exhilarating.

Pranaya Pahwa | Film Editor

Campus Movie Fest showcases student short films

For those of us who aren’t in the movie loop, Campus Movie Fest is a week-long event which provides students with all the equipment required to create said film: microphones, cameras and even a laptop loaded with editing software. And on Sept. 26, these films premiered in Tisch Commons.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Campus Movie Fest: The trials, triumphs and tears

CMF is as fun as it is stressful, heartbreaking and every emotion in between. Making a short film in a week is no small feat. Add Washington University’s hefty workload on top of that, and it’s practically heroic.

Gabrielle Gasser | Contributing Writer

Pranaya’s Picks: ’99 Homes’

Ten years and three days ago, Lehman Brothers collapsed. People around the world woke up the next day to the start of the one of the largest global financial meltdowns in history. In the United States, millions of Americans lost their homes, their jobs, their sense of security and their faith.

Pranaya Pahwa | Film Editor

The A24 intrigue: The men behind the mysteries

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching A24 films for a while without realizing it.

| Senior Editor

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ excels, if you’ve paid attention

It’s finally here. I have been waiting for “Avengers: Infinity War” since Thanos was introduced in the first Avengers movie in 2012.

Matthew Wallace | Contributing Writer

A brief history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Part Two

And we’re back! This is part two of my review of each Marvel Cinematic Universe movie before “Avengers: Infinity War.” We left off on the top-tier “Guardians of the Galaxy” and we continue on with the second big team-up.

Matthew Wallace | Contributing Writer

Which stream(ing service) deserves your green?

Cable is dying, internet speeds are a hot topic for all and sharing your Wi-Fi password is a public symbol for who you actually love. With the massive success of Netflix, many streaming services have sprung up in order to capitalize on the growing market.

Matthew Wallace | Contributing Writer