Manufacturing emotions: The overlooked art of film scores

Film scores are the “background” music that plays during action sequences or emotional moments, as well as the more memorable theme music. Every Hollywood movie has a score these days, specifically composed for the film.

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Religious film series spotlights covert religious themes in films

The Religious Studies program created the film series this semester as a way to build community, both within the program and beyond. The series also offers students a chance to apply the skills they learn in Religious Studies courses to films in popular culture, whose themes aren’t always obviously religious.

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St. Louis Film Festival celebrates independent, international cinema

The 25th Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival wrapped up its 10-day celebration of cinema on Sunday. It was a unique opportunity for students and community members alike experience unusual films and to learn about filmmaking beyond a typical America-centric lens.

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Film review: Jun Bae wants students to burst the bubble

For many students, stepping out of the “Washington University bubble” means leaving campus for a few hours to explore any adjacent neighborhood. For Jun Bae, it means making a documentary about the historic segregation of St. Louis.

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Doctor Strange and the state of the Marvel cinematic universe

The Marvel cinematic universe takes another leap forward this Friday with the release of Doctor Strange, their 14th film. With its mystical themes, psychedelic imagery and relatively obscure main character, the film is one of their biggest risks the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) has taken since initiating this multiphase, interwoven universe back in 2008.

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The great unknown: ‘Def by Temptation’ and black horror B movies

It has always been a pervasive trope in the horror genre that African-American characters in films never make it to the end alive.

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Previewing the St. Louis International Film Festival

This Thursday, over 20,000 filmmakers, cinephiles and everyday moviegoers will descend on St. Louis for the Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival.

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The rise and fall of a hero

Recent discourse about “The Birth of a Nation,” one of the most acclaimed film during this year’s Sundance Film Festival, has steered away from the story of Nat Turner, the film’s protagonist, and towards the story of Nate Parker, the film’s director.

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The highs, the lows and the super weird at Campus MovieFest

While Wash. U.’s film program might not be as acclaimed as the University of Southern California’s or New York University’s, there’s still a small, but active, film scene right here on the Danforth Campus—and CMF gave our student filmmakers a chance to explore their passions and show off their talents in a less formal setting.

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‘Ayanda’ brings magic to African Film Festival, exposure to cinema

Washington University’s African Film Festival celebrated its 11th year of spotlighting African cinema and transporting American audiences to the beauty of Africa.

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