‘The Imitation Game’

“The Imitation Game” is the latest in a long line of airbrushed cinematic biographies so enamored of its subject’s significance that it fails to pair a great story with great storytelling.

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Wash. U. alum Sara Taksler and the ‘Egyptian Jon Stewart’

There’s still hope out there for all the comedically inclined psychology majors at Washington University. Sara Taksler, a 2001 graduate and psychology major, is a senior producer at “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and the director of the upcoming documentary “Tickling Giants.”

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Cadenza picks the Oscars: Who will win, who should win?

As usual, there is much speculation about who will be taking home the trophies come Sunday evening, and Cadenza’s staff is here to throw in its own two cents (about the big five categories at least) about who will be up on stage giving that teary-eyed speech and letting you know if we think it should be someone else.

The Master: Appreciating Paul Thomas Anderson’s rare genius across the years

Precious few filmmakers would dare attempt it; fewer still could execute it. Leave it to Paul Thomas Anderson, compulsive daredevil and artistic genius of the first order, to once again venture into uncharted territory and emerge unscathed.

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What the Oscars got wrong

This year, Cadenza picks the worst mistakes from 2015’s Oscar nominations.

What to watch this holiday break—and with whom

ooking for something to do this holiday season? When you’re bored in your respective hometowns, heading down to the movies is almost always the popular option, partly because you can feel social while sitting in silence in the dark. And with Oscar season rushing upon us, winter break is usually filled with a wide array of movies for every type of audience member.

Movie Review: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’

From the opening scene of the rubble previously known as District 12, to the characteristically cliff-hanger end only two hours later, “Mockingjay—Part 1” grips its audience in intrigued suspense for its entire duration, relenting not for a bathroom run or even a two-second glance at a watch.

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Remembering Robin Williams

The world lost one of its greatest comedic legends with the news of Robin Williams’ passing last week. Cadenza remembers five of Williams’ most impactful films.

How truthful are the movies?

Here’s a quick guide to what your favorite movies have depicted correctly and what should actually be treated as fiction.

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Summer movie preview

On hot, humid summer days, there’s often no better relief than sitting inside a dark, cool movie theater and enjoying the latest blockbusters, indie films and everything in between. Check out what Cadenza thinks you should—or shouldn’t—see this summer! May “X-Men: Days of Future Past” One of the first big summer blockbusters is “X-Men: Days of Future Past.