Washington University Dance Collective performs ‘Luminous’

After two semester’s worth of dance rehearsals, hours on end in the studio and two nights spent in the Edison Theater preparing, the Washington University Dance Collective (WUDC) finally made their debut performance titled “Luminous.”

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‘So much subtext and quintessentially British’: A Q&A with the cast of ‘Betrayal’

The Performing Arts Department (PAD) production of the classic Harold Pinter drama “Betrayal” opens Thursday, March 27. Student Life recently sat down with the cast, featuring Sarah Palay as Emma Downs, Charles Morris as Robert Downs and Connor McEvoy as Jerry, for a short discussion on what we can expect from their production.

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‘West Side Story’ at The Fox

There is nothing so tragic as a beautiful romance destroyed by ugly fact. In “West Side Story,” the lovers brim with optimism despite their squalor and the forces of identity and language threatening to crush them. This is not a happy play; its poignancy gashes hearts with a switchblade’s severity.

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Struc: An Art Exhibition on Construction/Deconstruction

Earlier this month, Residential Area Real Art (RARA) kicked off “Struc: An Art Exhibition on Construction/Deconstruction” in the DUC Visitor’s Lounge. It will stay there until the end of the year, and I advise everybody who walks through the DUC’s front doors to check it out. And yes, damn the congestion, that includes tours. It’s that good.

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Cindy Tower at Bruno David Gallery

Early this month, “Decadense,” a survey of recent paintings by Cindy Tower, opened at Bruno David Gallery. The show features nine new paintings by the former Washington University professor, all of them centered on a theme close to the heart of St. Louis: urban decay. Tower’s canvases feature scenes of dilapidated and disregarded factory interiors, forgotten and sprawling, overgrown with their own deterioration.

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Theater Review: Fabulation

Shortly before I left for St. Louis, my parents told me I had their support, provided I did not loiter at home after graduation, waiting for life and employment to happen. The dreaded “boomerang generation,” as the London Telegraph calls it, frightens even the most-confident mothers and fathers.

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Artsreview: An opinionated romp through Lockhart’s ‘Lunch Break’

Showing now at the main gallery of the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum is “Lunch Break,” a showcase of recent photographs and films by American contemporary artist Sharon Lockhart, known for her formally rich large-scale collaborations within disparate communities.

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‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’

Chances are, sometime in your life, at a bar mitzvah, dinner party or other special event, you have been a part of a mystery party. You know the one: Actors perform a murder and some of the subsequent pandemonium, and then you’re supposed to guess whodunit.

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Hotchner Playwriting Festival

The Hotchner Playwriting Festival will take place on Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Hotchner Studio Theatre. Admission is free.

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An insider’s look: The A.E. Hotchner Playwriting Festival

t in the Carson Room waiting to begin my new job as assistant dramaturg for the A.E. Hotchner Playwriting Festival, I had two distinct thoughts: “What is a dramaturg,” and “Please don’t make it as bad as it sounds.”

Emily Wasserman | Cadenza Reporter