‘Indiana Jones’ and the spring break concert adventure

This concert—a showing of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with the St. Louis Symphony playing the score by John Williams live—was an honest to god dream come true.

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Alum’s political satire documentary premieres at Tivoli

“Tickling Giants”—written, directed and produced by Washington University alumna Sara Taksler—premiered at the Tivoli and other theaters nationwide Tuesday. The film follows Egyptian political satirist through his turbulent journey from heart surgeon to successful late night host to expatriate living in exile from the Egyptian government.

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Who asked for a TV show about the 2016 elections? And other concerns

Last month, Ryan Murphy announced that the upcoming season of the television anthology “American Horror Story” will be election-themed. That is, this time around the horror will be about the 2016 United States presidential election. The news came less than a month after Donald Trump took office.

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Interview with WU alumni writers of hit comedy ‘Fist Fight’

Washington University alumni Van Robichaux and Evan Susser recently had their names grace the big screen during the premiere of “Fist Fight,” a comedy released last month that follows two public high school teachers the day before an epic showdown.

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True/False Film Festival: Documentaries in our backyard

The 14th annual True/False Film Festival wrapped up this past Sunday in Columbia, Mo. A short two-hour drive from St. Louis, the festival screened upwards of 40 documentaries to an audience of about 15,000.

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The audio philes: This week’s top three see old friends step back into the spotlight

Last week the music forecast was brewing one major storm of new hits for the music industry early Friday morning, including Ed Sheeran, Lorde and Sylvan Esso, a bundle of very familiar names resurfaced onto the new music stage with content this week, proving that in their spotlight hiatus they have been hard at work.

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‘Logan’: High quality suffering in the superhero universe

I saw “Logan” over two weeks ago. At the time, I was tempted to hand in a two-sentence review: “They went there. Period.”

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A superstar in disguise: Rapper Noname hits St. Louis stage

Noname is her own kind of superstar. The absence of glitz and flare onstage is replaced by a refreshing, laidback comfort that the rapper exudes in her music, her presence and her audience.

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‘Macbeth’ delivers intimate reflection upon contemporary morality

The story of Macbeth has been passed down and performed through generations, most recently in the current Performing Arts Department play, directed by Henry Schvey, a professor of drama and comparative literature.

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Comedies to procrastinate with instead of studying for midterms

There’s no better way to procrastinate than by starting your latest Netflix binge—especially if your new go-to show is a comedy. Here’s a list of five must-sees to chase away academic woes:

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