Weekend Matinee: Sundance Ignite Fellowship

Alex Kamb had no idea that the Sundance Ignite Fellowship existed until a friend texted him shortly after the submission period opened.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Improv group breaks convention with charitable event

This year, a more universal casting is coming to Wash. U. as well, in the form of Mama’s Pot Roast’s “Miscast,” based off of the Broadway version, but donating all the proceeds to a St. Louis-based HIV/AIDS-focused organization.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Reflections on ‘The Serpent’: A play asking the hard questions

A few weeks ago, Thyrsus performed “The Serpent,” a 1968 play developed by Jean-Claude van Itallie that juxtaposes scenes from the Bible’s Book of Genesis with various modern experiences.

Erica Sloan | Staff Writer

Audio Philes: Music to celebrate National Record Store Day

Just in time for National Record Store Day Saturday, this week saw not one but TWO days of quality releases.

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To the afterlife and back: How America killed Kendrick on ‘DAMN.’

“DAMN.”—in addition to the quality of the music itself (which is amazing)—is so full of symbolism and metaphor that each song could have an entire paper written about it.

| Staff Writer

Weekend Matinee: ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ on Netflix

When Netflix released “Abstract: The Art of Design” with the first episode dedicated to Niemann’s illustration, I was hooked. The show, which profiles designers of all fields—from illustration to shoes, theater sets to photography—combines stunning cinematography with shockingly genuine stories.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

From Comic Con to Emerson Auditorium, the Aristocats are charging ahead

Comic Con came to St. Louis two weekends ago, bringing TV stars such as Michael Rooker (“The Walking Dead”) and Evan Peters (“American Horror Story”) alongside its usual slate of cosplay, superheroes and video game enthusiasts. However, a slightly more unconventional guest also made an appearance: the Aristocats, Washington University’s Disney-themed a cappella group, who performed four 30-minute sets over the course of the weekend.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Joint concert brings ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ with a side of gender politics

Switching spots with The Pikers and The Greenleafs taking the stage, this bouncy and excited mood took a turn in the most beautiful of directions. Kendall Spina, co-music director of the group, introduced the Greenleafs performance of “Quiet” by MILCK, a song that has gained national attention over the past few months around Women’s Marches following the presidential election of Donald Trump.

| Staff Writer

The Moth Wash U turns ordinary stories into something extraordinary

For the past two years, The Moth Wash U has given students of all majors and backgrounds the opportunity to stand up in front of a group of their peers and tell a true story about themselves.

| Theater Editor

Audio Philes: Music to chill out to

Now that it’s getting warmer out, there are two things that you’re going to want to do more and more: relax and keep cool. In that spirit, this week’s picks center around new, and relatively new, music that you can chill out to. All three of these songs carry a “chill” feel with them through their lyrics and beats.

| Staff Writer