“Girls” Season Two: The Remedy for Senior Angst?

Jamie Gottlieb | Cadenza Reporter

I am a second semester senior and couldn’t be more terrified of the future, which at this point I can only imagine as living in a literal cabinet in New York City, hopefully employed. Yet between the stress of schoolwork, job applications (read: me going on websites of companies I want to work for, writing down application due dates, and then biting my nails while fantasizing about what my cover letter should be but never actually writing it), and trying to “live up” my last semester (which last week consisted of being sick and watching acclaimed depressing movies, such as “The Pianist”), a higher power tells me that it’s going to be OK. This voice from above happens to come from the hit HBO show “Girls.” Despite my mother’s beliefs when she walked in on me watching, it is not some sex show but rather is the only televised roadmap to my future and a pretty hopeful one at that.

Photo courtesy of Lawrence K. Ho | Los Angeles Times

Aside from those two episodes when Hannah (Lena Dunham) lived out every girl’s fantasy by dating a student played by Donald Glover (have you ever looked at him?), the characters on “Girls” aren’t necessarily ideal role models. They didn’t get killer jobs right out of college, nor are they happily immersed in the NYC dating scene, a la “Sex and the City.” They have dorky karaoke parties and solo dance parties to Robyn. And they sometimes aren’t even the most likeable characters— Hannah dumped Sandy for his political beliefs, despite being seemingly perfect otherwise. Regardless, the girls are getting by. Maybe it’s just the soundtrack (which includes Grouplove, Icona Pop and Santigold) at the end of the show that turns everything optimistic, but there’s undeniably a comfort that comes from turning on my computer, getting on HBO GO and hitting play. My future isn’t for certain—and neither is theirs—but at least I know there are people, albeit fictional, out there doing alright.

Season two of “Girls” premiered two weeks ago and continues Sundays at 8 p.m. CST. All episodes can be found at hbogo.com.