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‘One Tree Hill’ ending Tuesday night, finally

Pictured (left to right): Lee Norris as Marvin ‘Mouth’ McFadden, Antwon Tanner as Skills, Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis, Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott, Hilarie Burton as Peyton Sawyer, James Lafferty as Nathan Scott and Bethany Joy Lenz as Haley James Scott in “One Tree Hill.”Andrew Eccles | The CW

Pictured (left to right): Lee Norris as Marvin ‘Mouth’ McFadden, Antwon Tanner as Skills, Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis, Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott, Hilarie Burton as Peyton Sawyer, James Lafferty as Nathan Scott and Bethany Joy Lenz as Haley James Scott in “One Tree Hill.”

“One Tree Hill” will end tomorrow night after a nine-season tenure. It premiered on the WB on Sept. 23, 2003. Yes, 2003. As in one year before “Lost” premiered and a year in which I, now about to graduate from college, was still in middle school. That is a really, really long time ago. Think about all the better shows that have come and gone in that time. Are you thoroughly depressed now?

The WB-turned-CW show is about the town of Tree Hill, N. C. When it began, it starred Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott, an unpopular (yet incredibly attractive) kid raised by a single mother, even though his father lived in the same town, raising his other, legitimate son, Nathan (James Lafferty), who happens to be the same age as Lucas. The boys rarely interact, but that all changes when Lucas gets a coveted spot on the high school basketball team, which Nathan happens to be captain of. Their rivalry grows when Lucas becomes interested in Nathan’s girlfriend Peyton and subsequently when Nathan falls in love with Lucas’ best friend, Haley. The first season ends with the half brothers in a truce and with the Nathan, having achieved emancipation, marrying Haley so they could live together.

I’ll admit that that’s where the show lost me. The characters, who were probably sophomores in high school (but might have been juniors), got married. Even 14-year-old me recognized how ridiculous that was. I stopped watching about halfway through season two, because I just couldn’t deal with the absurdity of it all. I tuned in again during season five when the writers’ strike of 2007-8 left me with little else to watch and when the show had fast-forwarded through the characters’ college years so that they were 22—finally, a respectable age for how they acted.

But then the writers’ strike was resolved and the rest of my shows came back. I forgot about “One Tree Hill” show, only to be reminded a few weeks ago that it was ending. I couldn’t believe it was still even on, and, like I mentioned earlier, it got me thinking about all the shows that have come and gone in its wake.

Here are three of my WB/CW favorites that should have lasted longer, just to show how “One Tree Hill” should have ended years ago. (And yes, I’ll even leave out “Buffy” because that’s such an obvious choice it’s not even worth talking about.)

1. “Gilmore Girls”

Sure, this mother/daughter dramedy had a great run at seven seasons, but that’s still two fewer than what “One Tree Hill” has received. The story of Lorelei and Rory Gilmore was completely delightful, and, it would have been nice having two more seasons focusing on them, rather than on Christopher and April.

2. “Veronica Mars”

Probably the most underrated show on the UPN/CW network, “Veronica Mars” featured Kristen Bell as the title character, a teenager who solved crimes with her private-eye father. The show had wit and charm out the wazoo, and the relationship between Veronica and Logan was one for the ages. Watch season one immediately. You’ll be sucked in right away, and the solutions to the mysteries are just wonderful.

3. “Jack & Bobby”

I’m probably the only person at this school who still remembers this show, which aired for one season from 2004 to 2005. It was about two teen brothers, one of whom would be elected president in 2040. (And no, it wasn’t about the Kennedys). The show flashes forward to a documentary about the president (who, surprisingly turns out to be Bobby, not older brother and golden boy Jack). It’s actually way more interesting than what I just described. And a fun fact for “Mad Men” devotees: The show starred Jessica Paré (Megan Draper on “Mad Men”) and John Slattery (Roger Sterling) as her father. Weird!

  • Carrie Jones

    like stated below…it ended WEDNESDAY not Tuesday so why dont you go write an article about something you know about…dont the three TV shows you listed above… Dont hate on someone else’s favorite TV show just because you dont like. O also ABSURD scenes? Yes they got married in high school and yes that is pretty crazy but its TELEVISION its drama, btw Veronia Mars? A TEEN solving crime? Because that happens every day right?

  • lorna

    well i didnt care much for s6,s7, or s8, and i understand that it has had a lot of silly storylines, but it also had a lot of great moments, that said, i LOVED jack and bobby, as well as gilmore girls and veronica mars, don’t forget life unexpected!

  • Helen

    Your fighting a losing battle, don’t hate on a show that is love by so many. I have nothing else to say apart from you’re wrong! This show has connected with people on a level that no other show has! And the finale was on Wednesday! Remember Love is louder!

  • lola

    You are running into a horrible conclusion that is clearly not supported seeing your lack of knowledge when it comes to the show , OTH is a great series that deserved each season it received and although yes I enjoyed Gilmore Girls their plot was as used as an old pair of jeans and it had to end OTH may have had young love but although this sounds cheesy, it was true and goes to show that when something is meant to be it is going to happen like the continuos new seasons of the show …yes now it is ending and thats sad for the actual fans of the show but it happened because it was meant to happen. In a very easy conclusion don’t hate !!

  • KJS

    First of all OTH doesn’t end Tuesday night but Wednesday. Second of all it’s obvious you’ve written this about a show that you know nothing about because you surely don’t understand that the entire show has been centered around couple that even though they did something very mature and a young age, they have conquered the battle, made it all about love and have come out on top in the most awesome ways. Third and finally, there are some people who actually love this show and while they understand it’s time to move on… they are sad to see it go.