6 spinoffs that should happen

| Cadenza Reporter

“The Office”’s Dwight K. Shrute (Rainn Wilson) will be starring in his own spinoff on NBC.Courtesy of NBC

“The Office”’s Dwight K. Shrute (Rainn Wilson) will be starring in his own spinoff on NBC.

Just as they did with “Friends” and “Cheers,” NBC is considering taking a semi-lead character from “The Office” and giving him his own vehicle. Despite the fall from grace that the show has experienced since the departure of Steve Carell, the peacock network has begun developing a spinoff centered on Dwight Schrute and his quaint agro-tourism attraction, Schrute Farms. Could it be the next “Frasier”? Maybe, but it sounds like it’s a “Joey” in the making. Here are six ideas for spinoffs that would actually be worth making.

“Entertainment 720” (“Parks and Recreation”)
Ben Schwartz and Aziz Ansari reprise their roles as obnoxious financier Jean-Ralphio and master of swagamonies Tom Haverford to create the best parties in all of Indiana. Jean-Ralphio has dragged the company out of bankruptcy thanks to a cash infusion from a sexual harassment lawsuit against a coworker who said his butt looked weird in jeggings. The boys are now taking clients due to the expert advice of Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, and they spend each week planning the greatest events in the state. Look out for a crossover episode when Entertainment 720 returns to Pawnee to throw Leslie Knope a congratulations party for her victory in the city council elections.

“Kim and Khloe Take Kourtney’s Babies” (“Keeping Up With the Kardashians”)
Those Kardashian sisters have already taken so many things: Miami, New York, hours of my life. This time, the two sisters in the big three that haven’t been paired together for a spinoff will come together to teach Kourtney a lesson. Khloe’s been sick of her sister’s baby daddy Scott from the beginning, so it’s time for that ultimate standoff. Will Kourtney accept the ultimatum and finally ditch her alcoholic boyfriend in return for her son Mason and future child, or will she let her sisters take the hassle of two children off her hands?

“The Warblers” (“Glee”)
I’m getting so sick of those kids at McKinley High. They used to be so lovable when they were the underdogs. Now, they just sit around whining. Even Sue Sylvester got bored and stopped making fun of them. It’s time to give a show to the talented a cappella fellas of Dalton Academy. Blaine Anderson, a former Warbler and the only character that’s still good on “Glee,” will transfer back, and we’ll get to see the trials and tribulations of the all-boy ensemble. As long as they don’t pull the same crap as “Glee,” “The Warblers” could be a hit.

“How I Met Your Father” (“How I Met Your Mother”)
Ted Mosby will eventually meet his future wife and his bored kids will no longer have to listen to him jabber on. At that point, as the title would imply, the show will end. However, they don’t need to give up on the universe. If they pick a relatively unknown mother, the writers could reboot the series from the beginning with Lady Mosby as the new protagonist and narrator. Ted has already mentioned that there were moments of crossover that they didn’t realize, so they could revisit the St. Patrick’s Day Party and Ted’s first day as a professor for some fun cameo appearances.

“Guido of Love” (“Rock of Love”/“Jersey Shore”)
Vinny Guadagnino is put in a house with 16 “ladies” and puts them through challenges to become his guidette match. The best parts are the challenges, which include the girls trying to impress Vinny’s mother, cooking a full Italian meal for Vinny, showing off their wingman skills for Vinny’s BFF Pauly D, and having a GTL-off. Notice: All girls must be tan. Tattoos preferred. No grenades.

“A Rise to the Throne” (“Game of Thrones”)
Spoiler alert! Although it was clearly going to happen from the moment the show began, it still sucked to see Ned Stark (Sean Bean) get his head chopped off near the end of season one. The prequel takes you back to Ned’s younger days, when he helped Robert ascend to the throne over the Mad King. Don’t worry. There is a part in there for Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage).