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‘Friday Night Lights’ Season Five

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Courtesy of Justin Stephens | NBC
The fifth and final season of “Friday Night Lights” is premiering Friday on NBC at 8 p.m. EST. Well, ‘premiere’ isn’t actually the right word. The final season has been airing since October on DIRECTV, but now it has come to a channel that everyone can see.

Obviously, “Friday Night Lights” has a unique airing situation. The fabulous show doesn’t get many viewers, and NBC was on the brink of cancelling it after its second season. Thankfully, they struck this deal with DIRECTV instead.

The show is about the town of Dillon, Tx., whose residents care about nothing other than the high school football team, the Dillon Panthers. Most of the characters are players on the team, but “Friday Night Lights” also focuses on Coach Eric Taylor, his wife, principal Tami Taylor, and their daughter, Julie. Unlike most shows centered around high schools, “Friday Night Lights” actually graduates its characters when they should be graduating. Unfortunately, this means that about half the cast left after season three, and the producers had to come up with some creative ways to keep the show going.

Enter East Dillon High. The town council decided to redistrict the town and reopen the dilapidated school on the eastern (read: poorer) side of town to prevent school crowding, but they also moved State Championship-winning coach Taylor to the new school after he made the father of the freshman quarterback wünderkind, angry.

The new school gave “Friday Night Lights” an ample set of new characters to work with and breathed new life into the show.

Season five promises to offer many more moments that will make viewers cry (in ways both good and bad), especially considering last season’s emotional ending. Panther star Tim Riggins went to jail after taking the blame for his older brother’s chop shop. Tami quit her job as principal of West Dillon High to go work as the guidance counselor for East Dillon High, avoiding getting fired for giving a student information that caused her to get an abortion. The East Dillon Lions beat the now-evil Panthers in a football game, and everybody rejoiced.

“Friday Night Lights” produces more emotion for me than any other show on television, and I love it for that. Hopefully, season five will continue to do the same. I know I am going to be a wreck when the finale airs over the summer, but I cannot wait to see where this season takes me.

  • Janelaine

    We have Direct TV so I got to watch the final season of FNL already. You won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t. Except for the fact that it’s over. Much like the TV show “24”, it kept me wanting more. I looked so forward to each week. The surprising thing about the show was, it just wasn’t about high school kids and football. There was SO much more. I absolutely loved this show.

  • rylee

    Tami did not give the student information directly, but referred her to an organization that could. She was true to her training as a guidance counselor and the misperception is what caused her to quit her job under duress, not unlike real life. Misperceptions, whether or not they are intentionally crafted by others,can kill careers. Again real life.

  • Prince Larry

    The reason the show is not getting enough viewers is because no one knows when it comes on. I use to follow this show religiously, but I didn’t know when it comes on each year and when it goes off. I definitely will be watching the finale tonight now that I heard about it on the radio.