Saying goodbye to Stephen Colbert, America’s greatest hero

“The Colbert Report” is not a “real” news show, but nobody does political satire quite like Colbert. In fact, nobody since the writer Jonathan Swift has produced a body of work so effective at eviscerating its targets while retaining its humor.

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Spot them all: TV tropes in holiday episodes

Instead of just saying which classic episodes are our favorites, we decided to analyze some of the tropes we see year after year in these TV shows so you can start feeling academic and cultured while spotting them in all those holiday specials you’ll be using to procrastinate on your actual studying.

One-season shows that need a comeback

In honor of this beloved, satirical series “The Comeback” making its return nine years after its one-season run, Cadenza chose five other series that we think deserve a second chance.

‘The Newsroom’ returns to our screens this Sunday

“The Newsroom” is back! “The Newsroom” is back! Well, as of Sunday. Nov. 9 marks the premiere of the final season of Aaron Sorkin’s beloved (or hated, depending on who you are) cable-news drama and let me tell you guys, I am feeling emotional. Maybe it’s just the results of the midterm elections or maybe it’s the use of the recent past, but “The Newsroom” always manages to help me reflect back on earlier times.

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New TV series cashes in on superhero mania

This past week was a big one for Marvel. At New York Comic Con, Marvel Studios, which is currently behind the production of all the movies based on the hugely successful line of Marvel comics such as “The Avengers,” teased its eager following of fans with footage from its upcoming line of TV shows. The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be ever-expanding, and shows no signs of stopping

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‘Walking Dead’ premieres fifth season

On Sunday night, the most-watched cable television show in America premiered its fifth season to its usual fanfare. Despite being maligned viciously by critics over the past few seasons, we Americans still cannot have our fill of flesh-craving walkers eating slightly disheveled survivors.

Wesley Jenkins | Contributing Writer

Why is this still on? ‘The Big Bang Theory’

I used to enjoy watching “The Big Bang Theory.” I’ve seen most of the syndicated episodes that run in three-hour marathons on TBS, as well as some of the newer seasons. But somewhere along the way, I became heavily disenchanted.

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Review: ‘Cristela’ is revolutionary yet relatable

The pilot for “Cristela,” ABC’s new female-focused comedy, opens with aspiring lawyer Cristela (Cristela Alonzo) telling her mother (Terri Hoyos) that she will be interviewing for an internship at a law firm.

June Jennings | Contributing Writer

“Selfie” sure of its message, unsure of itself

ABC’s sitcom “Selfie,” a millennial-friendly riff on “My Fair Lady,” premiered Tuesday night, and the jury is still out on how successful the show will be.

June Jennings | Contributing Writer

FOX’s new show ‘Mulaney’ sets out to revitalize the sitcom

John Mulaney is stepping into a massive tradition with his new sitcom, “Mulaney,” which premieres on FOX Sunday, Oct. 5 at 9:30/8:30c. He’s a successful standup comedian who has now turned to creating his own sitcom with an eponymous title and character, as well as a multi-camera format (meaning several cameras are used simultaneously to record). That’s a lot of pressure to take on, especially with so many eponymous sitcoms featuring standup comedians as examples.

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