TV Review: Marvel’s “Daredevil”

While there is a new movie (“Avengers: Age of Ultron”) on the horizon, there is yet another exciting addition to this ever-expanding universe: the new Netflix series “Daredevil,” whose first season was released in full on April 10.

Jake Lee | Contributing Writer

‘Louie’ ages, graceless as ever

“Louie” is hitting middle age. Season five of comedian Louis C.K.’s television opus premiered last week, and the second episode will air tonight. It’s striking just how much the show has gone through in its five years since turning the autobiographical sitcom on its head.

| Associate Editor

That show was still on? The rise and fall of ‘Glee’

Last week, “Glee” aired its series finale. Confused because you didn’t know it was still on? I know that I was.

| Film Editor

Why you need to watch ‘Broad City’

I fell for “Broad City” during the fifth episode of its first season in the midst of a sidewalk conversation between 20-something best friends Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana (Ilana Glazer).

| Music Editor

March Madness: 5 TV events to finish out the month

Luckily for procrastinators, there are still almost two weeks of March left, and that fortnight is filled with exciting television events to keep you occupied and away from the books. Here are five of the best.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Sugar, spice and everything nice: ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ comes back

If you don’t already feel old, just remember: the series premiered in 1998 and was taken off the air in March 2005—almost a full decade ago. In the ultimate throwback, it has been announced that Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup will return to the screen in all of their evil-fighting glory.

| Staff Writer

Doomsday cults come to Netflix

Now, we may not be getting “30 Rock” back (we can only dream), but Fey and fellow co-creator Robert Carlock have gifted us with what looks like a promising new series, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” which premieres March 6 on Netflix. Hope you didn’t have any big spring break plans.

| Senior Scene Editor

5 winter TV shows that should be on your radar

Although there may not be as many shows starting their run in the winter, there is some real quality hidden among the deluge of shows like “The Bachelor.” Here are five of the best new shows airing or about to air this winter that you should have your eye out for.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Jump right in: “The Walking Dead”

With the midseason premiere coming up this Sunday, it’s important to go back to the first half of the season and lock down the events in our memories because it’s going to be an intense ride for the rest of the season. Or if you’re behind and just couldn’t find the time to finish off those last episodes before the show’s winter break, you can easily catch up with these key plot points (spoilers ahead, obviously).

| Contributing Writer

The ultimate ranking of Matthew McConaughey’s legendary Lincoln commericals

The existential prophet of the automotive world is back. Lincoln Motor Company has blessed us with a new Matthew McConaughey-led TV spot to add to its growing pantheon. In past outings, we’ve seen McConaughey encounter a rouge bull, ride the city streets and dine alone.

| Senior Scene Editor