‘Stuffed & Ready’ is the best kind of exhausting album

After releasing “Wasted Nun” and “Daddi,” a surreal and jamming yet kinky lead single, “Stuffed & Ready” follows through on the quality I expect from a Cherry Glazerr album.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming events promise variety

Washington University students should see this variety of performances as an opportunity to get out into the St. Louis artistic community.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Stereotypes, After Dark bring WU flair to ICCA Midwest Quarterfinal

The competition brought a cappella groups from colleges across the St. Louis and greater Midwest region for a night of a cappella performances.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

30th anniversary of Black Anthology brings Black history to the stage

In addition to showing the stories of Black people through the ages, this year’s production of Black Anthology centered around how people choose what art to create.

Jordan Coley | Staff Writer

‘The Creation:’ Black Anthology’s 30th anniversary performance to hit the stage this weekend

Despite the publicity, no one outside of Black Anthology’s executive board knows what the show is about.

Isabella Neubauer | Staff Wri

Audiophiles: A witching hour of music

Why not make every hour the witching hour, and every age a teen age?

Elizabeth Phelan | Staff Writer

A cappella groups as told by their setlists: The Pikers

This year’s show featured 10 songs total, each embellished with the comedic flair that the Pikers are known for.

Jordan Coley | Staff Writer

‘Birdbox’ vs. ‘A Quiet Place’: Sensory deprivation showdown

Ever since “Birdbox” was released on Netflix in mid-December, people have been debating whether it holds a candle to “A Quiet Place,” which made its theatrical debut in April 2018.

Kiva Runnels | Contributing Writer

The show must (kind of) go on: ‘Rent: Live’ broadcasts semi-live

Though the production was riddled with complications, including the obvious consequences of Hunt’s injury as well as the often-overpowering screams and cheers of audience members, “Rent: Live” did an excellent job of staying true to its source material while still proving itself relevant today.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Editor

Student band Chiller Whale makes debut performance

Chiller Whale is hoping to take another step outside of performing to begin the recording process in the spring.

Quincy Schmechel | Contributing Writer