Now Hear This!: Nine Inch Nails

| Cadenza Writer

Where: Chaifetz Arena
When: Tuesday, October 1st 7:30 pm, doors at 6:30
Price: $37.50 and up

The band/man that brought industrial music to the masses is coming to St. Louis. After a four-year hiatus, Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor’s most famous project, came back with a new album this year, “Hesitation Marks.” In the meantime, Reznor had kept himself busy with side projects and two stellar movie soundtracks for “The Social Network” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

The opening band is Explosions in the Sky, another group that has experience in movie soundtracks. The rocking Texas four-piece, which is completely instrumental, is notable for its incredible live performances. The members’ guitars weave together to form dense and emotional musical experience, which should be a fitting introduction to Reznor’s set.

In 2009, Reznor announced that Nine Inch Nails was done touring for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, that only lasted four years. One of the most incredible live performers going, Nine Inch Nails combines a blinding light show with extraordinary musicianship that belies the harsh electronic sounds present on the albums. Reznor is often the only person working in studio, but the man brings in a variety of musicians while touring. “Hesitation Marks” is one of the best albums of the year and shows that Reznor’s short break from the Nine Inch Nails name didn’t slow him down at all. He is still making catchy music that is as original as when he started in the late ’80s, so expect his show at Chaifetz Arena to highlight all of the best facets of the band, its music and its transcendental live experience.