KWUR local music showcase to progressively rock the Gargoyle

| Senior Cadenza Editor
The Gargoyle
Saturday, doors at 7:30 pm. Show starts at 8:00 pm.
Free for Wash. U. students, $10 for everyone else.

The Rum Drum Ramblers will be one of several acts featured at KWUR’s Local Music Showcase this weekend.Courtesy Firecracker Press

The Rum Drum Ramblers will be one of several acts featured at KWUR’s Local Music Showcase this weekend.

Though Wash. U. metro passes are often viewed as a godsend, they only get us to places where the public transportation reaches. When those of us without cars venture into the greater St. Louis area, it is usually with a destination in mind. This unfortunately means that many don’t get to experience the life of the St. Louis local, especially the local music scene. KWUR is trying to change that.

On Saturday night, the campus radio station is hosting its second local music showcase in the Gargoyle. The event will feature four St. Louis bands from a smattering of genres, introducing them to students who haven’t often had the opportunity to journey off-campus. The bands playing are Until Extinction (metal), Britches (noise music), Bo and the Locomotive (folk) and Rum Drum Ramblers (washboard blues). The bands will go on in that order, and the sets will get progressively longer as the night goes on.

Senior Sam Clapp, KWUR’s local music director, put together this event. Though he’s not from St. Louis, he was drawn to the local music scene because it allows for personal contact with the bands (instead of just working through promoters). Worried that Wash. U. students did not have enough exposure to the local scene, Clapp planned the local music showcase to forge a relationship between the students and the bands.

Clapp thinks the event will be a great success, even for students only interested in a specific type of music.

“The audience can expect enthusiastic performers,” he said. “Multiple genres don’t always happen in one show, so that will be exciting. In addition, the show will get steadily less heavy as the night goes on.”

Each of the bands will add a little something different. Wash. U. senior Alex Luke plays in Until Extinction, so look for him as the shows opens. Britches is a new band that has been steadily generating buzz around town. Bo and the Locomotive have just put out a new album, so even listeners who know the band will hear some fresh material. The Rum Drum Ramblers should be familiar to those who know Pokey LaFarge, who appeared at last year’s KWUR week and spearheaded the old-time music revival in St. Louis; the two bands share members. In addition, students who show up at the concert will get a special treat from the headliners.

“Rum Drum Ramblers don’t get to play together very often, so this is one of their rare shows together in St. Louis,” Clapp said.

KWUR will play a live broadcast on their website and on station 90.3 during the show, but Clapp encourages interested listeners to actually attend the show.

“I want to expose people to something they would not see otherwise,” he said. “Hopefully this will be a starting point for finding out about local music.”