WUStock Decision 2012

A very important decision is coming up for Wash. U. students. No, I’m not talking about choosing the president of the country. I’m talking about voting for the WUStock headliner. The poll is already open online, so read our informative guide to each option and exercise your electoral rights! Vote early and often, by following the QR code at the end of the article or visiting https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/M2G33HF

Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors is a New York-based experimental indie rock band currently on tour for its sixth album, “Swing Lo Magellan.” The group melds traditional indie rock with an electronic feel and beautiful vocal harmonies (the voice of front-woman Amber Coffman is especially heavenly) for a style that falls somewhere between tUnE-yArDs and DEERHOOF. Many of the group’s albums, especially its 2009 release “Bitte Orca,” have received great critical acclaim. The band’s vocal harmonies in a live setting are really something else, and it’s renowned for its energetic live shows. I saw them this past summer, and they were incredible. Plus, Coffman is quite cute. Unfortunately, you’ve probably never heard of them, so they probably won’t be winning this vote. –Paul Marsh


GROUPLOVE’s particular brand of upbeat and catchy indie pop would be a perfect fit for a spring day on the Swamp. The New York-born five-piece band specializes in sunny musical landscapes backed with drumbeats and sugar-tinged keyboard melodies (see its most successful single, “Tongue Tied,” which you might have also heard covered on “Glee”). Opportunities for synchronized crowd handclapping abound. Additionally, the band has been a festival darling since its formation in 2009, with appearances at Coachella, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch and many others under its belt. GROUPLOVE’s experience at working up crowds should fare well during the daytime festival atmosphere of WUStock. However, there has been very little visible support for the Manhattan band compared to the other options. Add to this the fact that the act has made two appearances recently in St. Louis, and it seems fans may have already gotten their GROUPLOVE fill. So while GROUPLOVE might be an excellent choice, it certainly seems unlikely. –Kayla Hollenbaugh


In what may be a shock to many people, Macklemore has been making music since before the video for “Thrift Shop” was released on YouTube. The Seattle-based rapper has been finally getting his just reward after a number of years of operating on the fringes of the industry. This year, his first major album, “The Heist,” became the first album to reach number one on the iTunes “Top Albums” chart as an independently produced project. He’s sold out shows in cities across the country, not including St. Louis, so he would be the timeliest of the options for WUStock. Not all of his music is particularly suited for dancing, but given his recent surge in popularity, he would draw an excited crowd. Bringing Macklemore would be a triumph for WUStock—let’s hope we get a chance to “wear [our] granddad’s clothes.” –Trevor Leuzinger


Probably the most famous option (although recently Macklemore has been catching up) is Santigold, a singer-songwriter out of Philadelphia. Some people dismiss her as M.I.A.-lite, but she’s much more than that. She is equally comfortable with upbeat dance tunes and slower soundscape songs. Santigold has collaborated with artists as diverse as Kanye West, The Lonely Island and Beastie Boys. She is a music festival veteran who puts on an amazing live show too, with two crazy backup dancers who never stop moving. She even invites people on stage during her song “Creator,” so if you want your WUStock experience to be extra-interactive, Santigold is the choice for you. –Georgie Morvis

Tegan and Sara

These cute, Canadian identical twin sisters may not be the most obvious choice for WUStock after previous acts like Gym Class Heroes and Matt and Kim, but they’d be a worthy one. Let’s be real: who hasn’t cried to “Nineteen”? And anyone who is afraid Tegan and Sara might be too quiet need only listen to their new material—it’s much more pop and synth-based than their old material. Their next album is coming out in January, so they might be too popular or too busy touring to stop by for WUStock. But I certainly hope they do.

–Georgie Morvis

  • PorygonMaster

    Ben you do not hate WashU now :)

  • Ben Haggerty

    If it’s not Macklemore, this school is officially the worst. Seriously don’t make me hate you WashU.

  • wowwww

    Absolutely fantastic. Can we have 4-5 WUStocks this year?

  • Russell

    Could the Macklemore video be changed to something other than their album announcement? But these options look really promising.

  • Ha.

    WUStock >>>>>>>>>>> WILD.