“The Wanted” | The Wanted

for fans of
David Guetta, Katy Perry
singles to download
“Chasing the Sun,” “Glad You Came”

Just in case you thought one British-Irish boy band wasn’t enough, meet The Wanted. Formed around the same time as One Direction and also hailing from the U.K., The Wanted try to emulate the other group’s stateside success with an imaginatively named debut U.S. release, “The Wanted,” out this week.

The album is actually a medley of songs chosen from their two U.K.-released albums and several new songs written specifically for U.S. audiences. This means most are suitably catchy and radio ready. The first single, “Glad You Came,” already covered by the hit TV show “Glee,” has a chorus that you won’t be able to stop singing (ever) and should be a big summer dance hit. “All Time Low,” the single that rocketed The Wanted to popularity in the U.K., showcases the members’ voices over epic violin-backed verses and an explosive ending. In fact, the best songs on the album are the most upbeat tunes which would feel most at home on the dance floor; see “Chasing the Sun” or “Lightning.”

Inevitably, comparisons must be made to One Direction, the boy band whipping up a tween frenzy here in the U.S. The Wanted’s members are older, and it shows in the tone of their music. The album leans more toward electro than bubbly pop, and there are less impossibly infectious hooks present. The production seems pretty generic, causing a lot of songs, especially the slower ones, to sound exactly the same—it takes a couple of listens to distinguish a lot of the songs. It seems that by trying to appeal to an older audience, The Wanted have lost some of the classic cheesy boy band charm, but this may have been what the band was going for. Listeners will have to judge for themselves if they are wanted.